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  1. Please would you post a photo of your stowable bed and mechanism. Thanks.

    1. wandering snail

      wandering snail

      Hi. Here it is being constructed. There's a welded metal frame, pic5 shows the fixed part, pic6 shows other part which is hinged to the fixed bit and rests on top of a built in storage area on the opposite side, pic77 shows slats and specially made two piece mattress, pic81 shows it in the wall, green is the metal frame and pic86 finished result with painted panels. The mechanism is a simple rope pulley block attached to the top centre. It is a very comfy king size bed with lots of storage underneath but is quite heavy!

      005 The bedroom hinged end bed base.JPG

      006 March 04 Main part bed base.JPG





  2. Has anyone got underfloor storage similar to the photo? Is it worth it given the limited space between the underside of the floor and the baseplate?
  3. Thanks for your replies. Is your diesel gravity fed to the stove from a local fuel tank, or is it pumped some distance e.g. main diesel tank at the stern to a stove located in the front of the saloon?
  4. Does anyone have this Bubble diesel stove installed: http://www.bubbleproducts.co.uk/info--(b1-half-pod-oil).html If so how do you get on with it?
  5. Thanks for your replies. We had already ruled out the step in the gunwale for all the appearance reasons people have mentioned. It seems like raising the seating may be our best option.
  6. On most boats we have been on, the position and size of the saloon windows has meant that you can't see out horizontally when sitting down. We are about to have a shell built and are thinking of ways to improve the horizontal visibility from the saloon. We are considering fitting saloon windows that are deeper than a "standard" 21 inch window. The window frame's lower edge will be closer to the gunwale and should give some improvement in the visibility. We may have to combine this with raising the seating too. Apart from the increased risk of kicking the windows when standing on the gunwale, c
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