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  1. For a variety of reasons I no longer own a narrowboat but a caravan instead. I stop exclusively at Caravan Club sites and then only ones with no toilet block. To date I have never found an elsan emptying point in a dirty let alone disgusting state. The Caravan Club does have live on site staff. I feel a big difference is that caravanners are hobbyists and not living in the thing. Maybe the novelty of emptying the elsan for 2 weeks or so allows people to do the job to the best of their ability.
  2. They are very well made at any price. I replaced the aerial and it works even better. As you point out Coastguard channel and 2m Amateur band. What's not to like at £21 or less.
  3. I had a Beta 43 at 8000 hrs. No leaks, started 1st time, minimal smoke on start up and none when running, no vibration and no oil usage between services. How long will it last? I don't know because I sold the boat but as far as I know it is still running sweetly.
  4. Due to the continued drawdown of the reservoirs because of prolonged low rainfall and with the forecast for further dry weather, the Trust is reluctantly implementing restrictions on the Macclesfield Canal from today, Monday 23 July. The Bosley Flight (locks 1 to 12) will be restricted to the period between 8am and 2pm. Whilst this will conserve water in the short term, we expect to temporarily close the canal at Bosley on Monday 13 August. The rest of the Macclesfield Canal (below Bosley) will remain unrestricted. It’s not clear how long the future closure will last for but it’s likely to be throughout August and potentially beyond if there are not significant and sustained periods of rainfall. While the closure will prevent through navigation of the canal by boats, the towpath will remain open for visitors and the local community to enjoy. Please note that the Marple Flight on the Peak Forest Canal is already closed due to further movement in the lock walls at Lock 11 and will remain closed until the walls can be re-built. Additionally, we are closing off access to Bugsworth Basin, commencing on Monday 13 August.
  5. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/13488/macclesfield-canal-bridge-26-and-27 Macclesfield closed at Bollington ufn.
  6. That is part of the issue but the pile of cans and other rubbish along the mile straight is hardly attractive. In fact with the ability to park anywhere there why do boats only moor at Castle Gardens or the new moorings?
  7. With thanks to this forum and a little reading elsewhere I have learnt loads about batteries since owning a boat. In an ideal world the load, battery and charging system are designed to power the load as required, not taking more than 50% battery capacity and being recharged to 100% in that cycle (24hrs). In the real world of fuel costs, running restrictions and no mains lead some compromises have to be made. I think that your requirement to not run the engine for 3/4 days is possibly the deal breaker assuming that on other days you are charging to at least 80%. Therefore if I was you I would replace the bank for 4 x 110AH (Varta, Exide or Banner) or 4 x Trojan T105 (if you are prepared to keep them topped up). On no cruising days run the engine/generator early on in the day to recharge the bulk and allow solar to top them up. In winter the power has to come from a mains lead or you accept prolonged running times.
  8. keith.

    mtb's Trojanoids

    Right now with Tayna including the carriage charges they are not cheaper. £131.85 + £37.99 for Yuasa and £139.95 + £10.38 for Trojan. I do wonder why the difference in carriage charges for essentially the same battery. Could someone post the equivalent Trojan figures to make a direct comparison please.
  9. Well, if you insist on embarrassing CRT by having the gall to move around the system. Disappointing actually as I usually find the big river locks far better maintained than the manual canal locks.
  10. You don't make money unless you get out of UK house ownership though. You merely keep pace with house inflation (which unlike RPI most people don't see as a bad thing). The conventional wisdom is to work hard at school, get good grades, get a good job, buy a house, pay into a pension scheme and enjoy retirement. That has worked well right up until my parents generation really. Then came the 80's Thatcher/Reagan, big bang in the city, red braces, VW GTI etc, etc. The new share owning democracy demanded an unrealistic return on money, so now we had to pay for University, couldn't afford final pay pension schemes, had to retire later, had to fund elderly care ourselves etc, etc. No matter how affluent the masses become the top 2% know how to stay the top 2% and it only includes most of us as a vehicle to keep them there. I am 60. Have owned and sold 5 houses, rented countless more and still own 1 narrowboat. I currently rent a house. I funded 2 kids through Uni, am having to work until I am 66 to fund retirement and don't have a single regret. The houses I have owned haven't really made me a penny. The houses that I have rented are a cost of living (like a gas bill). The cost of children is the responsibility of being a parent. The high cost of boat ownership is a discretionary spend that is giving me immense pleasure and a hobby. The O/P will have to make his own mind up but generally I would advise NO. Based on the fact that he has had to ask the question. He seems to be in the buying a house is a good thing to do camp (I have no views). Without doubt the cost of boat ownership (and depreciation) will nibble away at his inheritance. No one can forecast the future but the 2% vested interests do not see any advantage in allowing house prices to fall.
  11. Obviously not ideal but why reverse? Would it not have been better to accelerate into the lock?
  12. From this site page 24 https://www.butlertechnik.com/downloads/4110310A_Thermotop_C_E_Install.pdf it would appear that I need to cut the +15 black wire. However, reading the whole manual throws up some interesting facts. My boat is installed with 2 radiators, both fitted with TRVs. The Webasto manual advises against that so I have fully opened them. This then leads to how to control the temperature. At the moment I just turn it off when it gets too hot - any better ideas out there? As I am fitting the frost stat it would probably be a mistake to energise the 1 hour max runtime so I think it would be better to leave it in the maritime mode - again any thoughts? I have learnt so much about lead acid charging from this site, it would seem that there is a similar learning curve to Webastos!
  13. The advert would suggest it is a twin! https://www.boatshowrooms.com/boats-for-sale/london/stevens-1140-dutch-steel-cruiser/
  14. Turn on the heating once a day at 0730 and off again an hour later when I am on board. I am also wanting to buy and install the frost protection kit for use over winter when I am not on board.
  15. There are 4 wires to the controller. 2 x black, 1 x brown and 1 x red.
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