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  1. Sorry I should have said, it's not a Ruston that was my old boat it's a Gardner 2L2. I have looked all around the fly wheel no luck there I'm afraid.
  2. I will have a look at all these suggestions ASAP. Thank you Graham
  3. Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. Yes transmission works well forward and reverse. I have greased/lubricated every bearing and UJ on the propshaft and the only place The noise worse is at the drive plate area. Regards Graham.
  4. Hello, has anyone ever had a drive plate that makes a horrible whining noise. The drive plate has done about 700 hours it's on a PRM 500. 700 hours. I know when worn they make a loud rattle but the manafacturer say not a whining noise. Any input welcome thanks.
  5. Ruston2vsh

    Ram pump

    Thanks Steve, I am near Fazeley at the moment, I could remove the pump and bring it to you.
  6. Ruston2vsh

    Ram pump

    Hi does anyone know of an engineering company who can re-sleeve a ram pump. I have tried replacing the washers, ( leather and nitrile). But it continues to leak badly. Any help much appreciated.
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  9. Thank you for the feedback. I agree injectors seem most likely suspect. As for the latter prep H does not work, however a soft toothbrush with a coating of sensodyne toothpaste works miracle's. If it works don't stop using it.
  10. System is closed and exhaust smokey an grey as usual. Personal itching is constant due to nervous anxiety and misfire.
  11. Hi thanks for reply. Would this cause an irregular misfire?.loss of coolant?
  12. Hi I have Ruston Hornsby 2vsh that has developed a misfire problem. Its worse when the engine is warm,I have changed the filters and bled the system but this appeared to make no difference. Any suggestions please or has anyone else had a similar problem.
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