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  1. Just had 2 bikes stolen by the coy carp

    1  pink ladies 

    And 1 blue foldaway 

    Any sighting plz let me know....between rickmansworth and harefield

  2. Ta Lady G Tiling not a problem here...just not sure about reaction under the tile adhesive and tile....once there down i wont be able to see In my shower i have ply board on metal legs ....was hopi g to tiles direct to the base plate of the boat
  3. Ta Alan....just wasnt sure about the cold under the boat causing any sort of condensation under the tile and never being able to see if it was causing any damage eg rust Ta Alan....just wasnt sure about the cold under the boat causing any sort of condensation under the tile and never being able to see if it was causing any damage eg rust
  4. Hi Does anybody know if i can tile direct to steel floor in shower room?
  5. Your actually right there ! Thats what happens when i dont know any different. As long as it only happens every 8 years .....has you say at least i will know next time....only good thing about the dilemma is that ive learnt a few more things
  6. Finally sorted my prob....was the splitter....old alternator fine...just bypassed bt split and putting new splitter on saturday
  7. Hi Thanks for the time... Have become a bit confused myself but beginning to slowly understand.....maybe i will start with my system Beta engine 2 alternators One starter one domestic. After 5 weeks out the water was craned back in.... Had been using landline power Once back in the water o viously went back to 12v. Two days later things were fine when running engine to charge leisure batteries .Then warning light wouldnt go off nor the alarm after reving boat on start up on day 3. If i remember correctly all 4 leisure batteries were reading 12.4 and starter battery 12.1. When reved the starter still read 12.1.The alarm and light still stayed on. On the blog someone informed me how to check alternator....+ on out from alternator and - to earth. The starter battery alternator was reading 9.6 when idle and went up to 10.6 when reved. I thought must be working and enquired at boat yard....i was told that alternator should be reading 14 so alternator was no good. I ordered a new one from Beta after giving them engine details .The alternator was standard 14 amp. I fitted new one and when started alarm still buzzing and light staying on. I checked wiring where i could and fuses but no obvious signs. Today i had a friend come and look for me....he knows a fair bit. I should add here ( now what we think the problem is ) That i also have a sterling power 90amp splitter .Does this also regulate ? We placed a spare cable from the starter alternator to + on starter battery and started boat.The alarm nor buzzer came on so we assumed it was the splitter faulty.I left the boat running for nearly 2 hours to charge now near on empty leisure batteries. Thought id try start boat again after 5 mins just to make sure and nothing. Was dark now but i put meter on starter batterie and read 6.0 Leisure batteries read 12.3. Not getting new splitter till saturday so cant try that yet....friends co.ing back again in the morning.....any ideas ?
  8. Hi all....latest update ! Fitted new alternator that arrived today from beta who had all my engine details....still warning light wouldnt go out or the buzzer....took a cable from starter battery alternator to + on starter battery and alarm stopped.Thought maybe nothing wrong with the origonal alternator so put that back on. A friend of mine who has more of a clue says its the splitter(and regulator i think, by sterling power, 90 amp split because i also have a battery for bow thruster....left boat running to charge up domestics and run boat for 2 hours.....when i went to restart the boat later no power to start !!! Hope its the splitter / regulator whats the problem.That wont be here till Saturday.Would this have now drained the starter battery? Maybe its the alternator and regulator ?
  9. That was from alternator...i put meter on output from alternator and minus to earth when idle 9.6 on alternator and 10.6 when running....starter battery read 12.2 idle and when reved up.....afraid im not much good when it comes to things like this
  10. Hi all.....tested with meter and alternator was 9.6 idle and went up to 10.6....boat yard told me it should be 14 and said no good.Ive ordered a new one now so fingers crossed !
  11. Silly question.....although the alarm will still go off.....can i still run the engine to charge my leisure batteries....my engi e has 2 x alternators....will it cause any damage ? Thanks
  12. My cover has shrunk and now the zips are to far apart....anyone now if it can be restreched or another solution ?
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