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  1. Many thanks for your replies... Weather dependent, I may head on down. We've been down twice this year already and it is pleasant. With regards the boat length on the last mooring, I think there was a sign but didn't notice it until I was almost moored up & notified by the pleasure cruiser skipper!! No worries anyway a we were the only ones in the basin for the 2 nights.
  2. Hello people... We're on the water at New Year this year. We're moored at Hill Farm Marina at Wooten Wawen and are thinking of visiting Stratford for New Year. I've read somewhere that the pontoons in the basin are given over to long term moorings in the winter months.. Is this the case? I can't find any more details about this. Feed back much appreciated.
  3. Just a quick word on this - make sure they actually do reduce the premium. This happened to me a few years ago and I didn't notice until the following year that they had actually not enforced the reduced premium and taken the original over inflated price out of my bank. Stupid of me not to check, but I pledged never to touch The AA ever again. I had no proof of the conversation with the call centre so there was nothing I could do a year on.
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