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  1. Hi Bitty. Will keep a look out for you yes great engine Regards Colin & Chris
  2. Hi MP Have a good year, we will at Foxton by the summer not sure after that. Happy New Year
  3. Hi. Yes that was us on the Stratford. I remember you told me about a register for FRs or am I confused. We will be up the Stratford at the end of March via South Staffs & Worcester through to Dudley via Stourbridge Gas St and on to Stratford. Have now got straight through exhaust with a fat double skinned funnel . sounds good. Regards Colin & Chris Billingham Hi Mike Thanks for the reply see around I expect. Regards Colin & Chris Billingham
  4. Hi Everybody. Thought we should update this board. Jim Cooper the original first owner had a listing about JUDD on this forum. We Colin & Chris Billingham are the second owners of this super much loved Orion built Tug Boat. It has been improved and modified over the 3 years we have owned him "NOT A HER" Would anyone know if there is a register on the web for either Orion Tugs or narrow boats fitted with Lister Fr2s. Judd is 62ft and quite a heavy build, I see lots of enquiries on forum boards about the power of the FR2 we all know it is only a 16hp engine the point most people miss a
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