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  1. Hi Bitty. Will keep a look out for you yes great engine Regards Colin & Chris
  2. Hi MP Have a good year, we will at Foxton by the summer not sure after that. Happy New Year
  3. Hi. Yes that was us on the Stratford. I remember you told me about a register for FRs or am I confused. We will be up the Stratford at the end of March via South Staffs & Worcester through to Dudley via Stourbridge Gas St and on to Stratford. Have now got straight through exhaust with a fat double skinned funnel . sounds good. Regards Colin & Chris Billingham Hi Mike Thanks for the reply see around I expect. Regards Colin & Chris Billingham
  4. Hi Everybody. Thought we should update this board. Jim Cooper the original first owner had a listing about JUDD on this forum. We Colin & Chris Billingham are the second owners of this super much loved Orion built Tug Boat. It has been improved and modified over the 3 years we have owned him "NOT A HER" Would anyone know if there is a register on the web for either Orion Tugs or narrow boats fitted with Lister Fr2s. Judd is 62ft and quite a heavy build, I see lots of enquiries on forum boards about the power of the FR2 we all know it is only a 16hp engine the point most people miss about this engine is the torque power if set with the correct size prop will haul in excess of 50 tons all day long. I do a bit of boat moving with Judd and it performs very well. Last February we towed ex-British Waterways Butty Barnes to Gailey total weight was close on 50 ton and we had over one inch of ice did not take us much longer than normal. That's it for now Merry Christmas to all.
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