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    leeds and liverpool canal.
  1. Just got back from a lovely and happy day out, and read the posts here; some wonderful and touchingly wise words. There was an interveiw with a German man who had been conscripted in WW2. This was in that amazing documentary series 'The World at War'. He was saying that before he got called up he was an ordinary citizen, and he really felt the strain of the propaganda which was pointed at him. When in the army the stress went because the soldiers never got the news/propaganda. I think it is true that being lied to is very stressful because you are having to work very hard in such a tricky situation, and this creates a stress, ie someone wanting to mislead you. For me, life is based on decisions. If I let someone else choose for me then that may not lead to me being happy. But if I make my own choice it may mean that I am choosing against the crowd and they will not like this as I am rejecting their choice, and this can then cause me trouble by the crowd. There is a pressure to conform to what is prescribed. Also the sheer weight of the masses' choice make me unsure of my own choice...it confuses me and puts me in two minds and makes me doubt my ability to go my own way. But I believe that happiness is most likely found not in the direction of the crowd, for the most part. And also I am not clever enough or informed enough or experienced enough to be certain my choices are correct, and I can't afford mistakes. But yet I have to make my own choices which will lead to happiness. It is then a constant task for me to be 'on guard', and always checking everything. The way I have found to do this is to persue Truth. If I know the truth then I am safe. There is so much of the lie in this world, crafty lies, subtle lies. This is explored well in Bacon's essay 'Of Truth'. There is a poem towards the end (it is a very short essay, maybe only three pages) which says the mattereth very well. It says that there is nothing better than standing on the hill of Truth where the air is always clear and serine, and not to be ........oh better to read it. I can't use my android well yet, but you can get the essay with a search for Francis Bacon-Of Truth-line by line meaning. The thing about this essay, and especially the poem towards the end, is that this is how I have found my happiness in this world of lies and misleadings. Truth is such a powerful friend. A film is an artificial construct, of course, from beginning to end. In a way this can be then considered a lie if it is presenting as truth to be believed unquestioningly. I think happiness is to be found by making your own choices which are measured and validated by weighing against Truth. If it is true and you are one against a million, then you are correct and should follow your own way. If you deal in lies then you can never be certain. You will enjoy that essay, I promise you. Get the one with the line by line meanings. So good.
  2. certainly, I have had problems in my life, and which I see no end of. Very sad. But I try to aleviate this with some home-spun sense and ACCEPTANCE of an inferfection perpection. This is a liberationto move. You have to be able to live with yourself. I wish to test and make strong by thnis assult.
  3. Ange, that is so spot on to what I am on about. you arte very eloquent, and I am thankful to you. This is a challenging subject, but you sum it up so well. The challenge is for the good, to make strong/affirm. You are a lovely person, and to my mind a clever and aware person. Thank you for your reply.
  4. I am groping about at this moment...behave yourself....for what it seems to be. I am from a working class background. I took a degree in media.....don't belive that urban myth about these being Mickey Mouse degrees. They are THE degree........mass mind control. It was kinda mind blowing for me to connect it all, the ideology, the psychology, the culture, the sociology, the anthropology, the politics, the geo politics, the history, the subliminal language of art.....applied art, not that gallery bollocks. And a whole bunch more. Heavy stuff. The idea was to be able to understand enough to be able to understand and monitor what was going on and how it was happening. It is a perspective to view from............to be perfectly honest with you, even if I am hated, which i surely must be for saying this.........most people seem really confused, but they don't know it. It is like they are in a chase, like ball bearings in their chase. Me? Got through this. I suppose I should really just get my coat. There is no coming back from saying this, it is that affecting. But it is in this truth that happiness can, I feel, be found. But it has to be faced......very hard. Disturbing. The happiness comes from knowing where you are and what is going on. I have spent my life facing very difficult things, very difficult situations. I have given a lot but don't get reward, but take this on the chin as a price to be paid but which is worthy and a force of good. A hard path to save souls. But I love you people so much that i have to level with you. Don't hold it against me. I'm just pushing, or trying to, push the envelope into territories which we need to go into. as we can't stand still.....not in this world. we need to be up to scratch to protect and survive.....the canals are ours.
  5. sorted it. Just have to keep switching between firefox and chrome. Probably don't, but it works.These tablets are something else, but have to be mastered.
  6. I am very very happy. I haven't always been happy, but I am now. Every day is a sheer joy. It is like some kind of drug. I am just so really really happy. Now I've begun this topic and begun to think about it more, I realise that it is/has a lot to it, how this happiness has been achieved. I will take some time to try and think how I am achieving it, as there are many factors, and each factor is a topic in itself. But in the meantime how do others achieve happiness.....beyond getting boozed up? It seems as though it is some kind of combination between knowledge and money....and of course health, which I am taking as a given.
  7. download Firefox for andriod, and then when it is installed you choose your youtube for Firefox browser, and then press home page ? This is as far as we are getting.
  8. how can I listen to youtube whilst at the same time reading here? I am using an android tablet, a Lenovo.
  9. xub1

    Washing Machine

    I am newish to boating, but I have done a lot of caravaning and camping. I am part-timing on the boat as I get used to it and get it all functioning to make the big switch to full time. So washing clothes is an important thing, and i have given some thought to the matter. The idea of having an onboard washing machine just doesn't seem realistic, to do a big domestic full load twice a week. And going to the launderette seems too impractical. I was talking to a guydown in italy or somewhere who had a campervan. He said that he merely put the clothes in a bag with water and soap and put it on the floor of his camper van and it all vibrated itself clean during a journey. There's probably something in this, but a bit of hand washing done with a dolly tub type of situation..........nope, this is crazy. I don't know the answer. But just some type of hand washing with something like a 'vibrating steep' Oooer, and then washing line the interior, hang the washing on it, stoke the stove up and go for a long walk. I'm too new to be able to say, but they used to be able to do it before spin washers.
  10. Well, another great Friday enjoyed. Sometimes it just needs a blast now and again, like a Friday night stopmper.
  11. Well, just tried those clicks but what a load of the old proverbial computer crap. i wanted to play stranglers' walk on by' because the crynig is so spot on. And why nop hanging around for good measure........I hope to God you clever enough to get it, if not then simply ask. They will see you right.Vhttps://youtu.be/d4piHt4jvG4
  12. If you have ever cried, then this is for you..https://youtu.be/jqfqVDHNW6c....I cried like this when dad died, a walk in the woods balling. Proud that Im human, This crying in the 'woods' is soooo good. It's how it is. I understand you, Walk on by.
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