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  1. Hiya Gareth! I also love LED lighting but there are of course issues as there are with all the different kinds of lighting really. I think it's a good idea to try things out bit by bit like you have so you can get a better idea about things. LED's are, as you suggest, a more focused form of light and even worse they are often made up of multiple little bulbs too which can cast interesting shadows. It depends on the kind of LED bulb you are installing. Diffusion can be partly a function of the fixture in some cases. This is why some fittings have those white plastic covers that l
  2. A lot of sensible stuff being said in this thread. I would try one before you go changing out all your light fittings. Sometimes the details about these things are not entirely accurate in terms of light output etc. ...and there is the question of is it worth it and will you end up with something worse. Flo tubes are already pretty efficient. I have a friend who much prefers the blue LED lights than the yellowish ones so taste can be a factor too. You might even want different colour temps for different parts of the boat and usages etc. Personally I like all the G4 type bulbs that
  3. Yeah! Good idea, lots of them in a big circle so I can keep track of it properly.
  4. Wanted to thumb this up but not enough thumb credit left but it definitely made me laugh.
  5. Always amused when people people living aboard talk of people living in houses! Lots of people live in flats of course and a flat would be a much more sensible guess given London and the hallway has lights on 24/7. Although you would also be guessing wrong. To be fair it's more of a corridor than a hallway. Planning on fixing up a boat to stay on. Whatever I have come up with will be quite an upgrade. I'm very much enjoying chatting to people about their setups here and seeing photos of their beautiful boat kitchens and stuff.
  6. I'm not sure he is doing that much negotiating. I think the other parties just said no and that was the end of it. More like a short chat, but you are right he should get back to England and find someone who can control the weather to sort things out. To be fair to Mr Cameron he has (along with his party) been trying to discourage people from using solar power, I guess because he knew it would be this unreliable. I mean who knows when the sun is going to shine or the wind blow. (I mean other than weather forecasters and google and stuff) Personally I never would have guessed they would be
  7. Already got some although they only come on at night (which to be fair is most of the time at the moment) but it just doesn't seem to generate enough power. I'm tempted to put my panels on my door in the hallway though which is generally well lit 24/7. That might work but would probably be a bit of a give away. In any case I've not really come across lights that are as good and economical as the sun. Although the lights are handy when it is dark and you are stumbling around. Okay I'm really glad it's not just me. I had a falling out with some Sun Cult types recently and I had wonde
  8. Loafer that sounds like a great plan although it also seems like I might miss a bit of the sun coming back maybe. I know when it went away it wasn't on such an easy to remember date.
  9. I'm almost entirely reliant on Solar for power at the moment. Some time ago my solar controller suddenly went into load disconnect mode and has only just started to come out of that mode more recently which is ironic as today is the winter solstice! I realised after a while that this was because they had moved the sun and now my North facing panels couldn't pull down so much energy. This happened last year and I remember the power did come back at some point. A friend of mine reckons they will put the sun back where it should be after a while too. So I'm wondering does anyone have any
  10. Thanks for the photo Alan. That really does have a lot of style in a nice compact space! Very impressed. So the microwave is a bush. Do you know what model it is? Perhaps you just need to find a microwave with the good old analogue controls for it to work with a modified sinewave inverter.
  11. This! I would actually feel safer with the little boat on the canal or a more inland river than taking the boat too far out into the wider stretches of the Thames right now!
  12. There is a slipway nearby oddly enough. I'm not there right now but the boat is not a million miles away from Eel Pie island but it needs to move on soon.
  13. Great posting! Yes I definitely want to get everything legal and BSS compliant and get the certificate. that's basically the end goal. As to the value of selling, that is one thing but there is also the value of using it too.
  14. Yes but you make that sound easy. Even if I get hold of a trailer then there is still the problem of where the boat goes to for the time it is out of the water. I assume being only grp and small it might be possible to get it onto a trailer without a crane or anything too?
  15. Thanks for the info Paul! I've been a bit off the map so sorry for the slow reply. Not sure I'm going to get one as it seems like a fabulous indulgence but I'd like to know the make and model of microwave if you remember. Who knows I might get one (I'm worth it!)
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