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  1. Well I'd say that settles things in my mind.... Thanks everyone....
  2. Thanks for all of the info and advice. A few asked about my work.. I work, on average, 2-3 days a week, all over the UK. My partner will not be working by the time we move aboard. We are toying with the idea of home schooling our daughter but, for now, plan to leave her in the school she is at. Finding time to move along shouldn't be an issue. And of course school holidays will be ideal to get out of the S&W T&M SU 'Triangle' and explore a bit further afield. ? 12 Weeks ish for each term, moving slowly from Stone to Norbury. Then each full term to explore. Ending at Stone to start again... else boat schooling it is.☺
  3. Thanks for the reply Southern Star, could you point me to where these moorings may be found?
  4. Hi All, I know this is a question that has come up many times before, here and elsewhere, but I am hoping that if I am unambiguous about my plans on how to approach this ambiguous topic I might get some idea of where I stand. How far do I have to travel to be accepted by CRT as a Continuous Cruiser?? I need to always moor within a reasonable commute to and from the west side of the county town of Stafford. This is conveniently situated between the Trent and Mersey, Staffs and Worcester and Shropshire Union Canals. So the idea is to moor for 13 days at each of the following locations and then pay for a 'Winter Mooring' either at Norbury, Wheaton Aston or Stone. Stone -> Weston -> Great Haywood -> Stafford -> Penkridge -----> Little Onn -> Gnosall -> Norbury..... then return to Stone. Are these all 'Reasonable' distances? Is this do-able without raising the ire of the CC police do you think? Thanks for any advice, Chris.
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