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  1. I'm a chippie, and most likely daily rates are in excess of £150.00 per day at the moment. Maybe as close to £200.00 in certain areas. These are the site rates being paid atm for tradesmen Wether that can be maintained in the long term, Im not sure
  2. I'm a chippie, and we have started to use "fixall" for many applications at work, not the cheapest(about £5-00+ a tube) but seems to be upto the job in all situations that we've tried it on. I don't recall a time it has failed to date. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd14VkYLxW4 and http://www.fixall.co.uk/en/about and http://www.screwfix.com/p/soudal-fix-all-high-tack-adhesive-sealant-white-290ml That said, I also rate sika products highly too, and I've seen polyethylene glue fail at times.......but not often Hth
  3. I'm hoping the leisure batteries can wait until spring, or at least until I know all is OK with the charging system, as suggested.... If I can, with all your help ☺
  4. Received the report, the surveyor didn't actually check the batteries, but noted the leisure battery bank was flat on his arrival at the test. Looking back at a recent visit to view the NB, it was a frosty morning and with a little effort the starting battery fired her up, so the battery can't be all that bad I think I will suck up the cost of new leisure batteries as most of the report was favourable and the negative points noted were mostly anticipated prior to negotiations, and as such reflected our price pitched. Many good comments giving food for thought, but we will attempt to make our way to our new moorings with generator and battery charger to hand in case of emergency, hopefully this side of Christmas. A two day cruise, so should hopefully get some juice into those batteries before she rests for a while. Im hoping to spend much of the next few months getting the NB into a better shape in preparation for the spring. So.................. I think it safe to say I'll be back with more questions before long. Cheers
  5. Yes I'm aware he could do this as he knows full well I have invested in a survey, so I'm not likely to bail on this for the sake of a few hundred pounds.
  6. I'm still awaiting his final report, but he had the engine running and the lights were very dim when he turned off the engine to discuss this. Hopefully. The report should arrive In the next few days. MJG - yes the sale is through a broker, I will scrutinise the contract ☺
  7. Hi all Survey done, I met the surveyor briefly during his work. He outlined several issues, many of which were expected to be brought to our attention However, the surveyor informed us that the battery bank and starting battery are ready for renewal. I queried if I should go back to the broker to haggle the agreed price down a little. He said basically batteries were to be considered consumable items and as such, I will have little recourse. I'm thinking, that if when I leave the marina heading to our new moorings, these fail and we're left in a pickle, I'm not going to be too happy........ I accept we have probably managed to get this boat at a good price, and I may be rocking the boat (no pun intended) by attempting to shave extra off the asking price. TBH I'm looking for some of your views and would welcome your valued experience in these matters. Cheers
  8. Thanks, Will be in touch with Mr Carter in the next few days
  9. Congratulations, I'm in a similar position to yourself. Dare I ask how cheeky your offer was? I was quite surprised how easily we were able to slice 5k+ from the asking price ☺ I'm very keen to know how much you old hats value our new prospective narrow boat, but it can wait for now.
  10. Looks like Mike Carter is highly regarded. Is he a member here? Does anyone know where he's based and if he'd be able to survey at mercia marina? Thanks
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