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  1. Be warned, they are very heavy, at least the models sort of 5-10 years ago were. I reckon you need to use them a fair bit too to stop the batteries knackering up from under use. Good idea though, they are great if you're unfit (no offence) or struggle a bit. Helped me get off the fags years ago now, and lead to a love of cycling.
  2. Montgomeryshire Canal

    Definitely walk-able. In May this year I (as part of a team of 3) did the Montgomery Triathlon. It's a yearly think I think, roughly 17 mile bike ride, 11 mile walk, 7 mile canoe. Went from Newtown to Lower Frankton... http://www.montgomerycanal.me.uk/triathlon2017.pdf ...anyhow, it's certainly doable by foot. It was a brilliant day out, pretty sure they're having it again in 2018 and I'd highly recommend it. You don't need to be an athlete, our team aren't built for speed or agility, it has to be said! I quite fancy getting the train to Newtown one morning, then cycling back along that route before joining the Llangollen canal and then the Shroppy and riding back to Chester, perhaps having a stop over round Ellesmere for the night at a B&B, as from Barbridge/Hurleston to Chester the towpath is uncut.
  3. Chester-London by bike?

    Thanks once again, my bike is a hardtail, full sussers are hopeless for me, especially with my weight That said, I don't know if I fancy taking my new bike as it's probably over-kill and I'd be gutted if I rode it into the canal or something! I think security (as well as warmth and comfort) is one reason I'd rather stick to B&Bs than messing about with a tent. Oddly enough some of us weighed up the Penine Way on road bikes a couple of years back, but given I wouldn't ride the local paved towpaths on one, there's no way I'd do the PW on those thin wheels! I'd like to do as much canal paths as I can, I like the quietness and the fact you see things you wouldn't in a car, but obviously if it's really rough in places then the roads will have to do in places. I suppose the best thing to do to start with would be to get the train to Stoke or something and ride back, not exactly a massive mission but enough to get an idea of times, surfaces etc.
  4. Chester-London by bike?

    Many thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I can avoid some of the bits from Waverton to Bunbury locally (and more if I want) but it's the appeal of riding along the towpaths that does it for me! I've got a good mountain bike and I reckon I could do 70 miles a day on paved paths, 50 at a push on the unpaved ones. What I may do is cop out a bit and get the train to say Birmingham, then ride the rest. The most I've done so far is 75 miles on the road on a nice road bike, but that's a different ball game altogether! Thanks once again, much appreciated.
  5. Hi, everyone, newcomer here! Does anyone know if it's possible to cycle from Chester-London on the towpaths? From just outside Chester to Barbridge (near Nantwich) is a bit of a nightmare as the towpath is not paved, so the ride isn't the most comfortable. I can handle that for a short while to be honest, but over a few days or a week I reckon it'd be a 'mare, though my bike can stand the pace, I might not! I'd like to take the shortest route (ha!) and stop in B&Bs or pubs along route, possibly packing a tent and camping out if I have to. I'm aware of the (potential) hazards and I'm not one of these flat out everywhere riders, but I'd be interested to hear of the state of the towpaths and whether there's a sort of canal route planner I could use in advance to at least weigh the journey up. Thanks in advance, great forum you have here.