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  1. Beck on the "Duck" https://www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=660363
  2. Ive got a picture of them going past Barbridge would be about early to mid 80's, not sure which pair though will have to dig the picture out. Edit:- Its the Willow Wren pair.
  3. Do you know, I've never noticed that in all these years ?
  4. Lily as said before, this was her in around 2008
  5. Have you got Dolphin Matty? I was looking at her but funds weren't available
  6. From my late fathers collection Circa 79/80
  7. Battersea is on the leek branch if the Caldon went past on Saturday
  8. Good Ol Ellis, i helped Hoops (Alan) lift her out at Bollington and strip her ready for work..
  9. I remember Keith trying sell me Corolla many years ago, think it was more of a spur of the moment quip as i was having a good look at her..
  10. Used to watch these series with my late father, Zac on Victoria looked very similar to a guy i knew when was in my late teens..
  11. FMC OWL on the duck https://m.apolloduck.com/feature.phtml?id=503179&rid=aa&z=aa
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