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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. I will try a local hydraulic hose supplier.
  2. Jen Thanks for your response. I have now managed to fid the fuel guard connections are 3/8 inch bsp and not 5/8 as previously stated.
  3. I purchased a fuel guard separator some time ago and am now ready to fit it to my boat. My existing fuel line is 8mm copper and i need to fit a couple of connectors to mate with the 5/8in fuel guard connections. Can anyone point me to a supplier of these? is it OK to use rubber fuel hose with jubilee clips to connect from the present copper pipe fuel line to the fuel guard unit? Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Kevsco

    PRM Gearbox type

    Wot ever. Thank you . I don't post much but am an avid follower of the forum. The extent of knowledge by members is truly outstanding!
  5. Kevsco

    PRM Gearbox type

    Wow! What a great response in just a few minutes. The dipstick is on the port side so it must be a 150. Many thanks for all the replies.
  6. Hi everyone, i have a Barruss Shire 40 engine with a PRM gearbox but don't know the gearbox model. There does not seem to be a model number visible . Can anyone help? The oil dipstick has a 13 mm drain plug if that is relevant.
  7. We had a similar problem and used oxalic acid mixed as a paste form. Spread this on the affected areas and leave for a few hours before washing off. It will take a lot of the black marks out. Then rinse off with fresh water, allow to dry, sand lightly and varnish.
  8. NMEA Thank you for your help. I have sent you a pm. This forum is fantastic for the help that members offer one another. I am sure I will be asking for more assistance in the future and thank everyone in advance for all the help and advice.
  9. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone can tell where I can get a service manual for this heater. Having just bought the boat which is 11 years old and with winter approaching I want to disassemble the unit and give it a good clean. When starting there are clouds of white smoke and then the malfunction light comes on and everything stops. The operating manual shows the various spare part numbers and I plan to order a new glow plug and a set of gaskets. Having searched the forum I see that others have had similar issues but don't know if a good clean and checkout of the connections and fue l filter will resolve the problem. Any assistance from the very helpful members on this forum would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank all for your input. Greatly appreciated. We are taking the prospective new boat for a spin with the present owner and will make our decision after we see how the boat performs. Getting excited but trying to keep sensible hat on at the same time!
  11. Many thanks to you guys. The link from Scholar Gypsy is particularly useful containing a wealth of information. By' eck your post gives me confidence that this length of boat is not over long and should have sufficient internal space for extended cruising. It is great to find a forum like this with so many good people willing to help beginners by imparting their knowledge and experiences. Looking forward to completing our purchase and getting afloat!
  12. Hi everyone My first post as I am new to the sport of narrow boats! I am actively looking for a boat and considering buying a 60 foot trad stern. My concern is will this boat be able to cruise the whole network or will it be to long for many cant locks? Thanks for your help. Kevsco
  13. Kevsco


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