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  1. Just a thought..... I tend to do 1.5 week hires (10 or 11 days) that many companies offer. It's another good way to make your journey 'out of phase' with the bulk of other hire-boaters. I would think that the journey from Arkansas to the Llangollen and back would be quite an adventure in itself!
  2. For Winter hire, you might want to consider whether you want to find a boat with a stove - there are a few.
  3. Yes, you're right........ On reflection, drivers with semi-clad ravishing beauties in their passenger seats are exempted from my wrath.
  4. 1. People who crawl down slip roads to join a dual carriageway/motorway, keeping you behind them to absorb the impact of any HGVs approaching from behind. 2. People who do not know how to join an island, and will not proceed if there's a vehicle on the far horizon that will be here in a couple of minutes. 3. People who take an age to get moving when a light turns green - but it's OK because they got through - never mind about all those people waiting behind them. 4. People who still insist on using mobile phones whilst driving - I see several every day. 5. People who wear hats whilst driving - they are almost always a menace and should be avoided if at all possible - flat cap wearers are the worst. 6. People who are aggressive and rude - the road equivalent to shouters on the cut - they take pleasure in trying spoil your day. 7. People who have never overtaken anything, and will not ever - you usually find them close to the front of a queue of vehicles, just behind the tractor/milk-float/cyclist, blocking everything behind them. 8. People who drive at 40 on a country A-road, and then continue at 40 in an urban 30mph limit. 9. People who touch their brakes every few seconds - sometimes, it seems, because there was a car coming the other way, or they have seen a tree, or a pigeon, or anything really. 10. People who feel compelled to continually direct their gaze at their passenger in order to be able to converse with them, rather than keep their eyes on the road. 11. Lots of others. I feel better now.
  5. The main drawback with Pearsons, I find, is that North is oriented differently on every page! I have never seen maps presented in such a confusing way. Most annoying feature of Nicholsons is trying to work out which pub description supplied applies to which pub symbol on the map. Both contain a surprising number of errors and ommissions - keep a pencil handy!
  6. Trick is to find somewhere far enough from the A46 bridge to be quiet. Strange thing about mooring by Cape of Good Hope is that access to the pub is over a lock gate only, with quite a long drop to the water (unless you don't mind walk to next bridge and finding your way around local roads). Not great for elderly/infirm. I always think this is a dodgy way to return from a pub!
  7. Most often used phrase by the steerer of a hire boat in the course of a holiday? .............."I CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!" Sometimes accompanied by "I CAN SEE YOUR LIPS MOVING" Couple of years ago I hired a boat where the engine cover was just a bit of badly fitting marine ply. I had to stand in a certain place to cut down the noise of the vibration. Couldn't hear the cricket commentary, was difficult to hold a conversation, and ended every day with a headache! It's definitely worth checking, when possible!
  8. Plastic very fast and convenient - flexible to install in awkward shaped spaces, and you don't need to go in with the soldering iron, so safer, and much less faff. Also easier to disconnect/uninstall, when you want to change things, or have messed up! Like previous posters, I always use copper where visible or near to heat sources. Remember to use lubricant gel (!) Always use a quality brand (I use Hep2o or Speedfit) - cheap ones do not age well - especially when subject to repeated/prolonged cycles of high temperatures and cooling. Never put your finger inside the fitting (or let kids) - there are metal teeth in there designed to grip the end of the pipe! I must admit, I still like the permanency of soldered copper, when the access is good and time is not pressing.
  9. Hello Peeps - Newbie alert! For what it's worth, I think Sainsburys are abandoning carrier bags altogether. If you need a bag, they will charge you the 5p, but issue you with a 'bag for life'. That's a hell of a lot fewer bags in the world!
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