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The Boater

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    Keen motorcyclist. Available as experienced extra crew member both in wide and narrow beam boats for anyone who needs it.
    Ian 07704 249 523

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    Semi retired motorcycle mechanic

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  1. A bit too long a trip for me. I could bring it down the Grand Union and up the Thames if someone else could do the Nene.
  2. I do boat movements, but would need more details of where exactly the boat is now.
  3. The age is not a problem but maybe consider looking into getting extra experienced crew help from somewhere like Narrow boat Crew On Line to make the heavier locks easier. Remember the golden boating rule to go slowly. Ian.
  4. Have you tried going on Narrow boat on line?
  5. It looks as though the only two days I can do is either the first or second. I am a motorcycle mechanic and next week is booked up already. I may be able to be dogless sometimes after the 3rd but won't know which days till nearer the time. Ian.
  6. I can offer crew help on various days as long as you don't mind me being accompanied by a very well behaved Jack Russell. Ian.
  7. A 25 hp engine on a 20 ft boat is adequate but not excessive. Having done it myself I can say it will be somewhat of a challenge especially on the river fed sections of the K and A, but rewarding. You could always post on the crew wanted section for help. Ian, The Boater.
  8. The Boater

    The Boater

  9. I will probably be able to help you with this dependant on the dates chosen. Ian.
  10. I have been trying to send you a personal message to offer crew help but I think you have to made 5 posts on the forum for your message system to become active. Ian 07704 249 523
  11. I should be free to help you depending on what dates you had in mind. I don't charge a fee if I get fed and watered. Ian The Boater. 07704 249 523
  12. Are you still looking for experienced crew help? If so, what dates do you have in mind?

    Ian.     07704 249 523


    1. Circle of Peace

      Circle of Peace

      How did you know that I might be looking for someone to move my boat

    2. The Boater

      The Boater

      You left a message on the Canal Forum crew swap section.


  13. The Boater

    Ducati. Not boaty.

    The safest way to test for siezure is to remove the spark plugs and attempt to turn the engine over using a socket on the crankshaft pulley bolt. It is important on a Duration not too use too much force in case it is the camshaft that is seized other wise the belts can slip and cause bent valves etc. It is unusual for them to seize unless they have been unused for a long while. Ian 07704 249 523
  14. I am available for filling slots of around a week at a time if you need me. Peter X knows me as we have crewed together in the past. Ian
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