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  1. One of lifes pleasures is sampling the local fayre - I'm talking about beer here not women before anyone starts! Had an enjoyable visit of the Brewery in Devizes with a good tasting session. (Luckily crt don't own it else we'd have been left out on the rain). What's the deal with the tea pot thing???
  2. I think t cut and brasso are pretty much interchangeable!
  3. It occurs to me - and I've mentioned this before - that facilities are far better up north, from my limited experience at least. Serviced pump outs £15 a go with free blue and a smile, armco everywhere, even recycling as well as bins. and ale 2 and six no doubt, whatever that is...
  4. One thing I haven't found much of on the canals is women, lovely or otherwise
  5. It's all become clear to me - what an epiphany. So that's why you get to a rubbish point and it's been removed. Or a water point, and it's been removed. THAT'S why they always take stuff away and never add anything (except more restrictions).
  6. Surely the answer would be to make the bank decent so the pins stay in? Suitable plants if you like nettles! Surely having such an ill defined edge becomes hazardous to all canal users? It's finally dawned on me that crt don't really care about boaters, we're just an inconvenience.
  7. Yes that's it - I saw kind of long sausage shaped things done up in netting or some such, look like they will be plonked in, but it makes for a bank you cannot use. It's the same just west of the town - where last winter (bottom of main flight) there was a stretch of good bank, it's now held back by several feet of nettles/weeds etc and you cannot tell what you are stepping off into, it beggars belief - there is almost nowhere near the town at all that you can moor other than the 3 day vms now.
  8. I don't know about elsewhere in the country, I should imagine it's something specifically to do with the K&A, but I just keep finding stretches of river bank that have been widened by adding a low level, weedy/overgrown type edge that is hopeless for mooring onto. Just leaving Devizes the other day and seeing a lot of work going on at the popular stretch just east of the town, which is normally full of boats. I can't be sure how it will turn out of course but it doesn't look like they are trying to do anything particularly boat friendly (ie dredging and putting a nice clean edged bank into place). Is this in order to meet some kind of minimum towpath width? Or perhaps increase wildlife habitat? Or maybe it literally is to stop boats mooring? Or to catch falling cyclists? Of course I could just ask crt but that would be no fun!
  9. Couldn't help noticing that some misguided Fertan did a sterling job of cleaning up some copper pipe the other week when I was de rusting in the engine bay - wonder if it has the same effect on brass?
  10. That Statesman is an ugly looking thing! I have a belling though it is a built in oven not a stand alone cooker. Still a couple relevant points maybe... It has wire side racks to hold the slide in wire shelves. There is a real problem with it - for some reason they made the wire supports only half the depth of the oven, the result being that their fixing holes are not far enough apart to stop them wobbling about as you slide the wire shelves in and out, which causes problems and potential danger as things stick then move suddenly. The other problem with the wire shelves that slide in is that the wire is too far apart to put anything on safely. It's a couple of real rookie mistakes from a manufacturer that should know better. I mention this because one of the reviewers asks if the cooker has folded in supports or wire (on the Normende). I can't remember but on mine it was prolly ok when it was new and shiny. Also, mine can only use the top cavity as a grill for some reason, not as a smaller oven. That's what it says. Just stuff to look out for. Trying to find oven/cooker without digital displays and such (as mine is, and as I believe the o/p requires) really limits the choice (as of course does lpg). On a plus - I was pleased to find that all the safety features do still work when the power is off (ie flame out). Mine does have a cooling fan - they all seem to now adays for some reason One other thing - speaking to a friend recently, he reckons some ovens (he's thinking in particular of one round his sisters, in a flat) actually reduce the flame to control the heat, which would of course be economical. Mine just has an unsealed section to let out any excess heat I wish someone would make a heat proof led bulb though - I took the filament bulb in the oven out.
  11. Oh that's really good to know cos I've added a few wires here and there that could well be against the spray foam insulation!
  12. I thought I heard that spray foam would attack the insulation on cables? Sounds ok otherwise.
  13. As far as the decks go, why don't you get the rubber mat with holes in to go over? That's what I have and I don't regret it. Saves feet getting burned or frozen on hot/cold days or if you have boots on then stones stuck in the treads can't do any harm. The thick rubber stuff is quite therapeutic to walk on too.
  14. Good luck with the boat! Easy to criticise (have you done your research it's not like being on land etc etc) but an exciting new start lies ahead for you. At least you will have enough fuel for a while while you sort other things out. If you are cruising, power is the main thing. I would seriously consider putting as many panels on the roof as it will take. Couple grand well spent.
  15. This sort of attitude seems to be endemic in boating. Not saying there aren't a few good guys out there. It was like when they were showing me where the water went, and there was a little chain to keep you from miss placing the plug. "Oh the chain always breaks on these after about the first or second time." And it did. So why doesn't the manufacturer do something about it. Prolly cos that's the way they've always done em....
  16. Well that's something at least , though as I said mine just come through a jagged hole - it was like that from brand new and of course came with a certificate of conformity. The bss inspector didn't pick up on it either (mind you, I think he gave up looking when he realised it was a "new" boat because surely everything "must" be ok already?). Never fails to amaze me the sloppy standards and generally accepted low quality of all things boat. Gradually I'm getting round and making everything excellent though. Gradually.
  17. So that dangerous fumes can't get in (in event of leaking exhaust?) Or water if the worst comes to the worst? Or fumes from a fire? Noise, diesel smells. Just saying like.
  18. That interior looks great! Still plenty wood left. But now not like the inside of a coffin I notice you went for what looks like a silk finish? Do you find it too shiny on the ceiling or is it ok? I used silk below gunnels, but you just don't see the shine because it is low down. I want to do my ceiling next and thinking whether to go with a sheen or a matte. Back to the op - actually it wouldn't be so bad giving the interior a rub down first, you could go wet n dry to keep dust down? Use a primer undercoat such as the stuff from Screwfix, couple coats then two or three top in emulsion? That Zinsser looks good but you will need quite a lot! Masking up will be the worst bit! (I wouldn't use a brush anywhere, stick with the small roller for an even finish).
  19. I always believed that the red oxide primer was waterproof and the grey wasn't? Mind you, that's for conventional car type / cellulose sort of paints. I see now the red oxide comes in only water based or oil based. Jotun seem to do just about every type of paint (I presume you are getting from SML). Full range of colours, not expensive and good service - and they can deliver canalside. I've been using the "conceal" as I have mentioned on here many times. It's coverage is awesome - great for decks/roof, not too shiny. You can thin it a bit to get a smoother final coat. It does dry very quick though (it's the Xylene based one basically like cellulose) so you can't lay it off with a brush but you can get a good rollered finish if you are very quick. My plan has been to put lots on so I can cut it back if I want to. The good thing is after one coat you just go straight back round. I guess you'll be using two pack from what you say - good luck!
  20. I'm surprised boats don't have to have something suitable by law. Mine just has a big round hole cut in the steel, it;s a bit jagged too, not even an edging band on it - and that's from brand new. Definitely on my to do list.
  21. You might get a bit of a crackle when reconnecting things (apparently inverter capacitors recharging) nothing to worry about though it doesn't help the nerves. Though, if you do have it isolated then not.
  22. Probably the main thing is to prepare the existing surface well, otherwise whatever you put on my not stay on - especially in a moist environment. My silk emulsion is lasting very well below the gunnels, though I haven't got it in the bathroom.
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