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  1. Thing is, unless you're spying on everyone, you don't know what it is they're doing on their phones. I'm sure a lot of mindless scrolling goes on, but we we are able to communicate now in a way like never before to spread ideas and become interested in things we may never have even known about without this interconnectedness. I've seen people of all generations with their face in their phone, they could be doing anything from reading the Daily Mail, posting on Canalworld, or doing something really productive.
  2. It's been in a far worse state in the past, people clubbed together to bring it back to what it is today. I very much doubt it will be the same as it is now in 40 years, it may have gone through a few cycles of decline and regeneration in that time, but I'm pretty sure it will still be functional in some way or another.
  3. Rumsky


    Now if only you could get that inboard engine working again to produce 1.21 gigawatts of power, you could travel back to a time when it was a perfectly useable boat.
  4. Rumsky

    Shocking shower.

    I had something similar a few years back. It was my friend who was visiting on board who first noticed it. He chews his fingers quite badly and had raw skin exposed, and got a prickly shock through the water when washing his hands at the taps. I was having some other work done by a boat leccy at the time and I asked him to have a look at the issue. After some testing he concluded the Sterling inverter was knackered. I replaced it myself with a Victron, no tingly fingers since.
  5. Peace will soon be restored, unless he finds a scruffy motor home to live in.
  6. Let's hope you never fall on hard times.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. I was about to post something similar about my TZ70, which is a great little camera. Unfortunately mine has developed a focus and lens fault which needs sorting, thankfully still under warranty. I still have a Sony NEX6 interchangeable lens camera which I'll probably sell on soon. While the photos are of a bit better quality than the TZ70, for what I use them for it makes little difference, and im a lot less likely to have it with me at most times compared to the TZ70.
  9. Heading down the Great Ouse last week I was caught off guard when I had to take a sharp left into the lock with the weir going pretty much straight on. I knew the layout that was coming because I'd been through upstream a few weeks before, but what looked like a steady flow as I was tootling down the river suddenly became a lot faster as I approached the weir. Misjudged it a bit and think I came round the corner just slightly too fast. The weir pulled me across and I side slammed the concrete corner and proceeded to smack the other corner with the bow. As I rammed the prop into reverse in a (failed) attempt to slow down it felt like one of those moments that could have turned out quite badly but got away with just a few things falling over inside, all material, none human.
  10. 250kg of Newheat to be delivered tomorrow for £91. Kindling from Aldi for £2 or Wilko's £1 for half as much. Makes me greatful for a decent sized covered well deck, I find not that many marinas sell solid fuel round here.
  11. I can't say I've ever really had problems with the coverage on 3 even in seemingly remote places. Seeing as I use my phone as a WiFi hot-spot for all my other Internet nonsense, having unlimited everything for £20 is an absolute bargain compared to what other networks offer.
  12. As someone who has contributed a significant percentage of the posts, are you not in a good position to answer that yourself?
  13. I nearly destroyed a sailing dinghy whilst going downstream on the Trent after they did a 90 degree turn around a buoy and ended up straight in front of me. I rammed the engine into reverse and kept it there until I could see they were clear. Not sure how close we were to colliding, but we both sailed off in opposite directions without exchanging more than a worried glance as I think we were both more concerned about changing our underwear. I'm still not sure to this day who was at fault, but I think most people just react on instinct to try and create the least chaos in these situations.
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