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  1. You seem to be one of the only ones that suffers from them, most other people seem to enjoy theirs.
  2. An informal apology, for the sake of being polite. "Sorry mate, didn't know if you were a pass-me-at-full-throttle or pass-me-going-nowhere or better still don't-pass-me-at-all kind of guy, so I took the middle ground"
  3. Today was my first slightly negative vocal encounter with a fisherfolk. Fishybloke "Don't slow down" Moi "I didn't" Fishybloke "Cos its not good manners" Moi shrugged my shoulders and continued my journey leaving him to mutter to himself. I wasn't going particularly fast, maybe 2mph, and he's been the first to say anything. If he'd have been less sarcastic I'd probably have apologised but his tone didn't make me feel the need to.
  4. If it's anything like the brexit thread, and the switchover dates are to be believed, we've only got another 30 odd years of people speculating about it.
  5. Are these the couple that need repair?
  6. Haven't been through since it was introduced, but can't really see it being a problem. Things change, constantly, if you look on a long enough timescale. Many people don't like the idea of change, it makes them uncomfortable, but one day the change will become normality. You can either choose to embrace it and enjoy, realising how insignificant the impact of the change really is on your life, or you can keep looking back at what was and make yourself feel ever so slightly better for a few minutes by moaning about how good it used to be.
  7. A fairly significant chunk if not great swathes, and of course its not straight forward getting from North to South. The map also doesn't show those canals and rivers that are 'classed as wide' but would be less than fun to try and navigate in anything more than a few feet wider than narrow.
  8. 4 lengths of line I can tie across the curtain rails for bigger items, for the rest I just use the lower curtain rail. Along the length of the boat that's usually plenty for one wash load.
  9. On the other boats they share, of course.
  10. Seems like an odd way of measuring things, but if it works.
  11. Ouch! Sounds like I got away lightly. The other occasion the boat has drifted away when exiting a lock and was pushed out by flowing water, I was able to make the leap of faith without encountering a taff rail so both feet planted firmly where they were needed. Not something I'd want to do regularly though, misjudge it and you see the result.
  12. Personally I'd feel much more comfortable leaving my boat unattended along the towpath, which I've done many times without incident, than have someone unknown to me 'look after it'. Having said that, I hope you find people who don't feel the same way.
  13. Ascended the 21 single-handed today in 6 hours. It would have been leisurely 4 1/2 hours, but I spent the extra time retrieving the boat below lock number 2 as she drifted away whilst I was emptying it. Spent a while trying to flush her back down to lock number 3, but she settled quite comfortably in the shallows against the bushes on the offside half way along the pound. Waded across the bywash of lock 3 and battled my way through the dense foliage and down the bank and stepped tentatively into the depths where I was met with more spindly tangled branches and eventually managed to haul myself up onto the stern. This isn't a mooring recommendation by the way.
  14. I've always found it easier to be a 'don't give a toss what type of boater I am' boater.
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