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  1. Rumsky

    Mobile retention deals

    The amount of people that used to say that to me over the phone when I worked in a call centre was probably higher than a phone number.
  2. Rumsky

    Mobile retention deals

    I phoned up to get the price of my mums home Internet reduced as she doesn't need unlimited usage. Asked what they could get it down to by having limited data usage and I got "we can give you a speed boost for £42 a month" which was about £7 more than we were currently paying. When I asked if she was actually listening at all she put me through to someone else. After some more passing around eventually got what I wanted and a satisfactory reduction but it took some doing. Cracking deal that is on Three with unlimited everything though. I took that out in the black Friday sale for £20 a month. Much better than the £30 mobile broadband sim I had with Vodafone for 50gb. Although when I was leaving they tried to tell me Three would throttle speeds after using more than 2gb which I told them sounded like a load of rubbish to me.
  3. Rumsky

    Eye Spy

    Whatever it is you spy, there's bound to be more of them.
  4. Rumsky

    Eye Spy

  5. Rumsky

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    It'll be the preferable option for getting to your holiday destination.
  6. Rumsky

    Retail Christmas.....will it be a final nail for some

    Lincoln Christmas Market last weekend was pretty hectic and the town centre was also heaving. I didn't buy anything myself as I don't really buy 'things' for people at Christmas but there seemed to be quite a few shopping bags of goodies bobbing about.
  7. Rumsky

    Recommend me a battery setup

    There's a piece of string over the there. Let me go measure it and I'll get back to you. While I'm doing that, as above... Do a power audit.
  8. Rumsky


    The one and only time I've fallen in so far, I immediately bounced straight back out as if by magic and before I knew what was happening I was back standing up on the concrete. I find it quite fascinating how the body automatically reacts to the situation when you don't have time to think.
  9. Rumsky

    Gas prices

    Yep, £34 each for my last two 13kg bottles in Goole about 6 months ago, but that'll last me over a year so not really an issue.
  10. Rumsky

    Solar woes!

    Unfortunately the path of the sun across the sky will be about the same as last year, so in that respect it's going to be almost exactly the same length.
  11. Rumsky

    Solar woes!

    Can't really say any more than has already been said, but just here to agree. I have 2 x 100 watt flat mounted solar and up until a couple of weeks ago could get maybe 2 or 3 amps out of them. Now that the sun never gets anywhere near high enough to shine directly on to them I'm lucky to get 1 amp even though it's shining brightly on these glorious cool days. Just a fact of winter you'll have to get used to I'm afraid.
  12. All sounds a bit kinky but I'll give it a whirl. I have tried faffing about with the connections before but perhaps I missed some. Will work my way down the cables tomorrow and see what's what. The rev counter has never worked since I've had the boat, and last month the hour counter gave up as well. It was still making a very slight 'tick' which suggested it was trying to turn the number dials, but non were turning. I tried giving it a few taps on the glass to try and unstick them but still stuck.
  13. Oops. Yeah it's just a normal v belt. The original one which was too big was definitely more than 15mm movement but didn't notice any squealing or powdery deposits. The new belt is much tighter, moves probably not much more than 15mm and no powdery problems there either. I never run at tickover for extended periods and especially not when charging. Unfortunately my rev counter doesn't work so not sure of the exact revs but it's usually got some power behind it. I'll try upping it a bit early on in charging to see if that helps. Thanks for the tips.
  14. Thanks all for the responses. As far as I know the fan is spinning the correct direction. All the heavy wire connections are tight, and can't feel any of them getting warm. The belt is on fairly tight to the 90 degree twisty method. Had to replace it with one an inch shorter as I think the size they had on before was still very slightly loose even at full extension. I will keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get any worse, and will get hold of a spare for when the inevitable eventually happens. Would it be better to change for a similar output or should I go for something slightly bigger? My battery bank is 300ah (150ah useable) and the current alternator is 70a on a Beta 35hp.
  15. I just replaced my almost entirely dead lead acid batteries with some new ones and during the early stages of charging I'm getting a steady supply of smoke coming from somewhere. I've checked all the connections and the only thing that feels hot or even warm is the domestic 70a alternator, so I can only assume this is where the smoke is coming from (difficult to tell when its being blown about). The inside of the alternator appears to have a nice coating of oil inside where it looks like its been sprayed by a leak at some point. However the smoke seems to have a very slightly plasticy electrical smell to it so I'm not sure if it's burning the oil. This smoke and smell only seems to happen when it's bulk charging at a steady 55 amps or so and has gradually got less as the charging amps have dropped. Because my old batteries only ever hit about 50 amps charging current for a minute or so and then quickly dropped to a steady charge of between 30 or 40 amps I guess the alternator never really got a work out to cause this problem. So having checking everything else I can think of and only finding the alternator becoming hot, is it likely to be the oil on it causing the smoke or could it be something more sinister? Can this be cleaned or is it time to think about replacing it?

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