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  1. Kids on phones.

    I'm sure they'll all look back on this in 30 years as the 'good old days'.
  2. I didn't read it all either but from what I did read I can give my honest opinion. I've learnt things pretty much never pan out how you planned. There's no telling how things will be in the timescales you are planning for. If you can realistically afford to do it, and you think it is where you will be happiest, get it done. If it doesn't work out... next.
  3. Spot the pointless action in this picture.

    They ride a bike with 2 pedals even though they only have one leg. Silly owner. Edit: Beyond midnight spelling error
  4. Are the Canals going to Last?

    Is that the same norty-step that the "C&RT do everything wrong" club use?
  5. Are the Canals going to Last?

    That's the spirit.
  6. Are the Canals going to Last?

    I think it comes down to how you view the situation and how easily you can adapt. Many of the negatives I read about when researching living on the water have yet to become a real problem, so I've either been extremely lucky, or I've chosen to not let it become one in the first place.
  7. The Rice Experiment

    I also cheated and looked at the results, which weren't far off what I thought you were expecting to happen. I believe in most instances you'd get the same result by ignoring all of them for the duration of the experiment.

    I like to believe I'm somewhat aware of how we are fed countless streams of dodgy information from all angles, but logic tells me we don't live on a flat earth. Then again I have daily experiences that tell me I don't really exist or that I'm living inside the Truman Show.
  9. Share ya' Music!

    Saw these guys n gals last night. Highly recommended if you get the chance.
  10. The Darkest Universe

    Lovin it so far. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Cratch - What Is Important

    I kinda like the look of some of them, including the one that was installed on my purchase, but then I can't really call myself a purist. Couldn't really tell you what's important and not though, soz.
  12. Travelling on the Trent.

    The tidal Trent made me set off at 6am so I had to endure this...
  13. CRT disgruntled staff

    This could easily be a carbon copy of experiences from any modern workplace. Its certainly true of most jobs I've had, which is why I don't really plan on having another one.
  14. Batteries not holding charge.

    I moored up around 3pm today and for a while after was getting 4 amps out of my 2 x 100ish watt panels.
  15. Email from cart

    Only ever vertically when being passed by tupperware, but it's still a journey.