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  1. Rumsky

    World Cup football.

    A good few goals of the latest game were down to how dirty Panama were playing, which the ref wasn't going to stand for, but England did what they needed to do given the situation. If they can remain level headed and keep up the team work I think they've certainly got a few games left in them. I don't even follow football but this year's world cup has certainly been interesting so far.
  2. Rumsky

    Aire and Calder Kings Road Lock

    Doh! It certainly was a typo and hopefully not a prediction. Not sure why I can't edit my original post though?
  3. Kings Road lock on Aire and Calder at Altofts/ Normanton is currently out of action. Engineer attended and tried a hard reset but can't wake it up. Another engineer is booked for Monday morning (25/07) so hopefully be back up and running then.
  4. Rumsky

    London Boaters - Government Review

    Spend the second half of the year going back again? At just over 5 miles per week it doesn't really sound unreasonable.
  5. Rumsky

    Courtesy Cars , They Cost Us All In The End

    Why do people keep responding to the OP if they dislike their posts so much? Surely the best way to deal with them is to pretend they don't exist, and the post will soon drop off into the nether regions.
  6. Rumsky

    blue tooth not working

    Is your onboard Bluetooth device showing as working in device manager? I've had an exclamation mark next to mine before after an update and had to uninstall the driver and 'scan for hardware changes' in device manager to get it to reinstall the driver. Sometimes had to uninstall and reinstall several times before it got it right.
  7. If it's in working condition i'd just leave it there until you need to use it for an extended period of time. You'll soon find out if you like it and if it's right for the space it's heating. If not, then think about replacing.
  8. Are you sure they're the owners?
  9. Rumsky

    Bank Holiday tied up and secure!!

    Glorious here on the South Yorkshire.
  10. I think that's just a stitch panorama that the camera hasn't lined up properly. If not I'd be withdrawing all offers sharpish!
  11. 62ft. I live aboard alone, but I love the layout and space. Sofa bed and dinette are very useful to keep any extra crew well rested.
  12. Rumsky

    Praise where it is due.

    Oh I won't, I'm not THAT old yet. Easier exit!
  13. Rumsky

    Praise where it is due.

    I buy mine individually. They're probably ones that have been returned.
  14. Rumsky

    Praise where it is due.

    Now you're getting personal.
  15. Rumsky

    Three men in a boat

    I'd 'calm down' too if I'd just been poisoned.

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