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  1. I'm sure someone will be along shortly with regards to where you stand with the BSS, on that I have no idea. I had considered doing the same a few years back but decided against it due to problems it might cause safely removing the bottles if the worst should happen to the boat. This outweighed any concerns I had about anyone potentially stealing or tampering with the bottles so it remains unlocked. I would like to secure the fuel cap at some point, but even that is way down on the list of priorities.
  2. I forget which chamber it is, possibly the middle of the 5, is definitely the shortest on that canal, but still doable (just) in a 63ft narrowboat at an angle.
  3. I couldn't stick to this unfortunately, even using a 90 degree drain straight from the sink the most I could manage above the waterline was about 6" otherwise the water would never have made it out of the boat. I wouldn't fancy fitting those while it was in the water.
  4. +1 for its own dedicated skin fitting. I admit it's terrifying to go at the hull this close to water with a hole saw, but I didn't sink, honest!
  5. Welcome, good luck! I hope to try it again at some point when I'm up that way, so hopefully I'm not wedged in there when you need it.
  6. My 63ft narrowboat didn't quite fit into Linton Lock on the Ure. No idea if it would have done with some fender removing and shuffling, but due to time constraints had to turn round to head back to York and didn't want to risk getting stuck there. The bit you've been advised to ignore: The bloke I was travelling with up to this point in his 60ft x 12ft Dutch barge got through without any real issues and later informed me he made it to Ripon and back without destroying his boat or any locks.
  7. Certainly no expert, but having a (nominal) 330ah battery bank, wouldn't it only be working flat out for a fairly short period of time? My bank is (or was) 300ah, but more likely 270ish now. Discharging the batteries 50% and running the engine with my 70a alternator, the charging current quickly drops to 50a and below so not sure an alternator upgrade would benefit you much. Do you have any way of measuring the charge current to show how long it spends putting in 50a?
  8. Champion! Would love to be able to get it done for £100 but I'll have to wait until lockdown is over to get an accurate quote me thinks. Not looking for anything fancy, practical rather than over engineered. I'd like to be able to do it myself but wouldn't really know where to start with this one.
  9. Cheers chuck, constrained continuous cruising can cause certain conditions!
  10. There might well be a piece of string that needs measuring somewhere in here, but bear with me. Just throwing together an idea while unable to cruise and cant get any work done on the boat except DIY. My carpentry skills are somewhat lacking and would like at some point get a kitchen cupboard and work surface converted to accommodate a top loading washing machine, particularly the Hotpoint Wmtf722h as featured on one of Cruising the Cuts videos. There's really only one place on the boat it could go. As you can see, there's a bit of wood in the way and a pesky laminate worktop. The panel at the front would need to become removable or be some sort of door to allow me to put the machine in there and the worktop would need to become a removable panel to get access to the machine whilst in use. I could install the machine myself, so I'd just need the carpentry doing and just looking for a guesstimate as to how long it would take do this type of job and a ballpark figure for the cost? Not sure where in the country I'll be when it eventually got done, let's say the Midlands to avoid the London tax.
  11. My 62ft boat has a 35hp Beta, which might be considered a little underpowered, but has been fine most of the time. Had the temperature warning buzz a couple of times pushing fairly strong upstream currents, but I'm pretty sure this is down to the undersized skin tank, not the engine.
  12. Can also recommend a Decathlon if you're able to get hold of one. I bought my Rockrider 5.2 about 9 years ago and it's still going strong, just the all the usual bits that wear out and need replacing. Very nice to ride. I remember some of the reviews back when I was looking for one stated it gave some bikes 2 or 3 times the price a run for their money. Can't verify that as its the most expensive one I've had, but certainly worth the money.
  13. If it looks sorta like a duck, walks like a duck and honks like a goose, it could still be a duck. I think Meatloaf would agree.
  14. Now it's a hole where nothing can escape, not even light?
  15. Not the smartest in the world, but then I don't like things to look too pristine.
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