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  1. You seem to just be winding yourself up about this rather than doing one of the many things that could resolve or make the issue disappear completely.
  2. I'll check the next time and report back, if my memory will let me.
  3. Because they know if they do it often enough eventually they'll find someone it will wind up no end.
  4. I've tried doing this on mine but changing the revs upwards only ever seems to make the current drop by a couple of amps rather than rise. The alternator belt seems to be set correctly and I cant see or hear any evidence of it slipping, so no ideas as of yet why mines a bit backwards.
  5. To have it listed as having 'no problems' when some of these should be pretty obvious to anyone with at least one eye sounds shady at best. That's quite a list, and you can guarantee once you bought it it will only get longer.
  6. I live aboard and continuous cruise and if I leave my boat for a few days, to anyone passing by or mooring up close to me, it may look like I'm doing exactly as you described.
  7. I stopped using blue in my dump through pumpout a few months after I got the boat. For a while I used nothing, then started with a capful or 2 of bio detergent from one of the budget supermarkets in both the pumpout and the port potti. Dump through is used only for number 2's, porta potti for number 1's. No noticeable smells from either, except perhaps for a brief moment through the vent which will only be noticed by someone unfortunate enough to be passing by at the time or steering my boat.
  8. For those occasions when I can't get the artist to come on board and play their album in its entirity, I stream from phone or laptop to Bluetooth speaker. I have considered an amp and speakers but for its size the Fugoo speaker kicks out enough quality without the need for all that extra setup. Charges via 12v usb car charger and battery lasts about 40 hours.
  9. New advanced 3D modelling techniques show how the T-Rex really looked. Mr Spielberg hints at a Christmas blockbuster in the pipine.
  10. Rumsky

    Dreaming, ?

    If I won the lottery I'd probably consider taking my boat out for blacking every 2 years rather than every 5.
  11. My boat is 63ft 8in without fenders to tip of the rudder. I went across from Leeds to Wigan last year at an angle through locks. Couple of them were fairly tight such as ones on the Bingley flight and the shortest one on the canal who's name escapes me right now. If those really are the shortest locks on the whole canal, The Rufford branch shouldn't be a problem in yours as long as you take your time and remain fully aware of the boat at all times in the locks.
  12. Coventry basin has a nice feel to it. Glad I don't take notice of naysayers as I found the city makes for some interesting exploration as well. Same with Boston.
  13. Ask 10 different people and I'm sure you'll get a significant number of different orders, it's all going to be opinion at the end of the day. I have an 18 year old boat built by a fabricator who probably only ever build one other boat, and she has so far served me well for the last 3 years living aboard.
  14. Men At Work - Down Under. Earwormtastic.
  15. A bit more rubbing and he shall appear.
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