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  1. My boat is 63ft 8in without fenders to tip of the rudder. I went across from Leeds to Wigan last year at an angle through locks. Couple of them were fairly tight such as ones on the Bingley flight and the shortest one on the canal who's name escapes me right now. If those really are the shortest locks on the whole canal, The Rufford branch shouldn't be a problem in yours as long as you take your time and remain fully aware of the boat at all times in the locks.
  2. Coventry basin has a nice feel to it. Glad I don't take notice of naysayers as I found the city makes for some interesting exploration as well. Same with Boston.
  3. Ask 10 different people and I'm sure you'll get a significant number of different orders, it's all going to be opinion at the end of the day. I have an 18 year old boat built by a fabricator who probably only ever build one other boat, and she has so far served me well for the last 3 years living aboard.
  4. Men At Work - Down Under. Earwormtastic.
  5. A bit more rubbing and he shall appear.
  6. Uncomfortable indeed, but I feel I would always prefer it to Dick Sander.
  7. Purchased my boat with dump through pump out which was what I was looking for, and they'd also left a portapotti in the bathroom. Was thinking I might get rid of the portapotti, but after a few weeks living on board decided it was an invaluable addition and didn't really take up any room I'd be using for anything else.
  8. He'll soon be joining the Australian Pink Floyd or Brit Floyd at this rate.
  9. I'll chip in the extra hundred, we might have a chance at both strap buttons for that much. They would look spectacular on my £200 Epiphone for part of the year.
  10. You might just about have a sniff at getting a strap button, perhaps they'll sell it separately if you ask nicely.
  11. Not really ingenious, my full size mountain bike sits crossways in the well deck under the cratch cover.
  12. Love my Aarrow Ecoburn 4 Plus. Very controllable, nice big viewing glass and nice clean simple design.
  13. I'd say this is probably closer to best case scenario. I paid about £1000 to have a stove replaced, £700 for the stove and about £300 for a days labour and other parts for the switch. If you're starting from scratch I think those hours and parts are soon going to add up.
  14. It seems to be behaving itself a bit more this evening but I'm not quite sure what I've done differently from the previously couple of days. Still a bit too much ash for my liking, but at least I can get through these 5 bags without feeling like I've wasted money.
  15. Not sure if different stoves burn it any better but I've never had any bother with any of the other fuels in mine. I might just try and sell it to some other poor soul who doesn't mind the attention it craves.
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