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  1. If you can convince enough people that your brand on Amazon 'FRIDGEYWIDGEYFOODGOSQUIDGY' does it's job like the big players do then you might sell a few, but I doubt you'd make much profit. I had a 12v fridge with the boat when I bought it, developed a startup error after 3 years (if it was the original fridge then it did OK at 16 years old). Replaced with £120 Bush 240v one, haven't noticed any difference in power consumption and seems pretty efficient.
  2. Indeed, we just moan about them on forums instead. But surely we must have watched enough to know what to moan about? Very little on social media, or any media for that matter, gives the full picture. Almost everything is edited down to portray something in a particular light which suits the producers narrative.
  3. I don't really fancy drilling any extra holes at the minute and invalidating the warranty seeing as it's a brand new box. I tried putting the connectors on the two inside holes, still doesn't comfortably hold it up against the stop. I've put it back on outside hole of morse control and inside hole of gear lever and fine tuned it as best I can so the cable doesn't feel like it getting squished or stretched too much. When put into forward and reverse I can feel a tiny bit of wiggle on the ball and socket connector on the gearbox lever, so hopefully this means the cable isn't getting abused too much.
  4. There's actually another hole already on the gearbox lever. I changed it over to this one, but even with micro adjustments of one turn on the cable attachment, I can feel resistance on the control lever in either forward or reverse, I can't get it to eliminate both. As Iain said above, I don't really like the idea of that much strain or compression on the gear cable with every change. So I guess I get a choice of either prematurely wrecking the gearbox or having to regularly replace gear cables.
  5. Moving the gearbox lever by hand in either direction, you can feel when it has engaged and, as you say, when you push it further there's an extra bit of travel which causes the lever to move forwards or backwards as far as it can go, and also pushes the lever outwards away from the body of the gearbox. When I operate the control in forward or reverse I now have it adjusted so when I pop off the cable attachment, I can still move the gearbox lever a short distance to the end of its maximum travel, which is as you have suggested sounds correct. It was the bit in the manual which had me questioning if it was set up correctly as it suggests: "Care must be taken to ensure that the cable moves the gearbox operating lever approximately 2mm short of its forwards or backwards travel, to prevent the lever being brought hard-up against its end stop with every gear shift. This does not apply to PRM60/90/125 which must be adjusted against the stop in both directions. Failure to correctly adjust the shift lever may result in premature wear to the drive train and gearbox failure.
  6. Long story short, old gearbox and drive plate chewed themselves to pieces, had an engineer come out and replace both. The old one was a PRM80 (which for all this time I have though was a 120, because 120 was the first 3 digits on the serial plate) which was replaced with a brand new PRM90. Reading through the manual, it states the gear cable for this model should be set so it pushes the gearbox selector leaver all the way to the stop in both directions. The current adjustment only allows it to go most of the way in forwards and stops about 10mm short in reverse. I'm not sure of the exact model of the TFX control leaver and I've not actually been able to find any manuals for anything of use to see how to adjust the amount of movement of the gear cable in each direction. Looking at the control I can't see any obvious way of doing it either, any help muchly appreciated!
  7. You don't put the elephant in the tunnel, silly. The elephant stands at the entrance and blows water towards the stern to provide propulsion. Obviously it gets a little less efficient the further the boat goes into the tunnel. Believe or not, used to take almost as long as getting a wide electric boat though.
  8. Also wrong. They turned the horse sideways.
  9. I imagine that's where a number of the trolleys will then stay.
  10. Closing the bridge to maintain it, as far as I can tell.
  11. After a thorough psychological evaluation, maybe.
  12. In general people have short memories, the long ones they hold on to tend to be the ones that fit their current narrative.
  13. If I wasn't on this forum I don't think I'd be any the wiser about how apparently terrible everything is now. Doesn't seem to me much different over the last 4 years Cc'ing than it was when I've hired at various times over the last 30 years. Only one stoppage (Buckby flight, currently ongoing) has caused me any problem so far as I'm on my way to have blacking done and had to put it back by a few days.
  14. In the end it's up to you what you do and who's advice you follow, but there's only ever a limited number of options.
  15. Which I'm sure will become standard at some point, unless some other magic technology comes along which shows more promise. Until it does become standard though its out of reach or impractical for most people, so we just plod along with what we've got.
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