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  1. Heading down the Great Ouse last week I was caught off guard when I had to take a sharp left into the lock with the weir going pretty much straight on. I knew the layout that was coming because I'd been through upstream a few weeks before, but what looked like a steady flow as I was tootling down the river suddenly became a lot faster as I approached the weir. Misjudged it a bit and think I came round the corner just slightly too fast. The weir pulled me across and I side slammed the concrete corner and proceeded to smack the other corner with the bow. As I rammed the prop into reverse in a (failed) attempt to slow down it felt like one of those moments that could have turned out quite badly but got away with just a few things falling over inside, all material, none human.
  2. 250kg of Newheat to be delivered tomorrow for £91. Kindling from Aldi for £2 or Wilko's £1 for half as much. Makes me greatful for a decent sized covered well deck, I find not that many marinas sell solid fuel round here.
  3. A new Pink Floyd music video?
  4. I can't say I've ever really had problems with the coverage on 3 even in seemingly remote places. Seeing as I use my phone as a WiFi hot-spot for all my other Internet nonsense, having unlimited everything for £20 is an absolute bargain compared to what other networks offer.
  5. As someone who has contributed a significant percentage of the posts, are you not in a good position to answer that yourself?
  6. I nearly destroyed a sailing dinghy whilst going downstream on the Trent after they did a 90 degree turn around a buoy and ended up straight in front of me. I rammed the engine into reverse and kept it there until I could see they were clear. Not sure how close we were to colliding, but we both sailed off in opposite directions without exchanging more than a worried glance as I think we were both more concerned about changing our underwear. I'm still not sure to this day who was at fault, but I think most people just react on instinct to try and create the least chaos in these situations.
  7. I bought a couple of his books when I was first deciding to get a boat. My dad had a go at reading them first, as I was currently enjoying Marie Brownes 'Narrow' series. I asked him what he thought of them. His response was something like "He prattles on in great detail about nothing in particular". Still haven't got round to reading them yet.
  8. He certainly seems like a b o a t. The other one, not Bringing Out Another Thousand. He obviously didn't do that.
  9. I could've done with some of those when I got bitten by a horse fly.
  10. I am presently at Peterborough, heading onto the middle level tomorrow. There's quite a few pleasant moorings between Gayton Junction and here, no booking required. Some nice spots for rough mooring against the river bank as well, but most of this river seems to have a growth of reeds a few feet deep either side so you have to do a bit of searching for somewhere to pull over if it's not an official mooring. The current on the river over the last couple of weeks has been pretty much non existent, but of course this can change quickly.
  11. Managed to do the whole stretch a couple of months ago, apart from being particularly weedy at the far end and somewhat shallow in places didn't have any issues, even made it back to the junction alive.
  12. Now that's a whole different workplace issue, perhaps not an appropriate discussion for a family forum.
  13. Good to see there's still people like Jen willing to do it out of the goodness of their hearts. 👏
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