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  1. Put the bottle you wish to smash over the bows in an old sock. The sock will be torn but the broken glass safely contained.
  2. Lady C


    I'm wondering what will happen to outdoor shows if/when electric vehicles proliferate.
  3. The dry dock or crane operator will also have insurance, and should refuse to dock or lift a boat that appears too fragile in their experience. The surveyor should advise if they have viability concerns. Then the dock or crane operator will also watch when the boat is put back in the water to ensure it still floats. If a boat is damaged during survey, then the potential purchaser can walk away. Deposit refund may depend on the contract terms. The OP's main concern can probably be addressed by not confirming her purchase until after the boat goes back in the water following the survey. To minimise future delay, she could investigate potential docking sites in the area in case the possible one is not available.
  4. We take our house cat on the boat when we go cruising on our boat. It seems to work best with cats that are close to their humans. However, the cat never enjoys the transfers and we do have a rule that we stay on the boat for a minimum of 3 nights to make the disruption worthwhile. Otherwise we found that they do become accustomed to having two homes. We offer distinct fixed areas for feline eating and toilet on board. We avoid stopping near roads or canal junctions. We also open the cratch cover on just the land side when we stop. We try to keep the cat in overnight and don't let her out in the morning if we plan to move. We also shut the cat in when we are doing locks and only let her out into the well deck under supervision while on the move. (No paws on the gunwale.)
  5. Try Boating then Licensing then Useful Downloads
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I suspect part of this is that the government think RYA represent inland boaters.
  8. Exactly. I doubt CRT and other inland navigation authorities will be keen to install boat cleaning facilities at every junction. Inside Preston Brook tunnel springs to mind.
  9. Showing a light in both directions would be better IMHO.
  10. I found this advice to clean the hull of the boat puzzling because the water in which it sits will move between the waterways. Also the advice to pressure wash the baseplate when the boat is out of the water will not be possible in some dry docks. I thought it was written by someone who didn't know much about our boats/boating.
  11. VAT on electricity for 'house boats' should be charged at 5%. However, any admin fee applied by the marina operator will be at 20% VAT.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. I certainly opened an executor's account with NatWest for my mother but that was some years ago. If I recall correctly, the names under the signature line were mine and my co-executor 'as executors for ...'. It didn't stop the counter staff asking if I had any plans for investing the money. More recently, HMRC sent a tax refund by cheque for my father when I dealt with his affairs. When it is necessary to use an executor's account, I don't think the method of receiving or making payments makes any difference.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. I think it is different for narrowboats.
  16. It is my understanding that, traditionally, etiquette was to pass over the stern. Also to call out 'coming across' before stepping onto the boat.
  17. As VAT on red diesel is 5% but it is 20% on white diesel, there should be some saving.
  18. Of course, the Brexit bonus I think we had originally hoped for was the discontinuation of the additional duty on diesel used for propulsion.
  19. I wonder how CRT will manage any 'continuously cruising' wide beam boats on the N Oxford.
  20. The proposed scheme requires sellers to buy fuel at full duty (and VAT) and claim back the rebated duty. Currently they buy at the lower rate of duty and collect any extra from purchasers.
  21. Clearly questions should be asked about the VAT aspect of the duty rebate scheme. However, there is another potential issue with the rebate scheme. The 'extra duty' is currently 46.81p per litre. Therefore, each 10% rebate costs the vendor 4.68p per litre until it can be reclaimed from HMRC. My perception is that most canalside vendors add a mark up of 20-25p per litre. Therefore, it's not hard to see that, when a domestic percentage rebate of more than 40-50% is claimed, the amount rebated would exceed the vendor's mark up. This would be very bad for their cashflow, and almost certainly result in more admin for both vendors and HMRC. Under the current scheme, as a small boat club selling diesel, we are very happy to pay the duty collected annually. If we had to give rebates as described above, we would want to claim back much more frequently.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. Mike Stimpson sees six years is a sensible time period because it falls well within the seven year statute of liability which would be covered by the surveyor's PI cover. I also agree that it works well with blacking every other year. Of late, some boat insurers seem to have started asking for surveys every five years. I don't understand why this has happened and have been unable to find out. My boat was first surveyed at 20 years old (the requirement has changed since then) and twice since, and the steelwork has scarcely changed at all. I don't think all that scraping and banging does it any good. If you can book the survey with your blacking, this will obviously minimise the dry dock cost.
  24. It looks OK to me too. If you can get hold of it, it may be worth asking to see the 2017 survey. This will tell you if there has been any noticeable change in the interim. As other posters have said, keeping it regularly blacked will keep the steel in good condition and having the baseplate blacked too is a good idea.
  25. Alan - the key words are at the end. 'and run down their existing stocks of red diesel before this date'.
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