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  1. That's not how I read the updated regulations for sale of red diesel to boats by RDCOs.
  2. I don't think that arrangements for use of red diesel in commercial boats has changed. It may well be that CRT haven't done their homework.
  3. And the Regents Canal, though only the top pair in Camden are still operational with one of all the other pairs turned into a weir.
  4. I think the canal was closed on Monday 8th November and the notice issued on Tuesday 9th November.
  5. All good info, thank you. I think a serviced pump out is when someone else (provided person power) does it for you. Lady C
  6. Thank you to everyone who responded to my request for information. As boats can move around, I'm not too sure that location makes much difference so was hoping for a range of replies. What you have kindly told me does seem to support my own view that those at my boat club who wished to increase the rate for an attended pump out from £15 to £25 were aiming a bit too high. We do allow members who can to do their own pump out for free but prefer to operate our rather ancient pump for any passing boaters on days when the service is offered. As I have a cassette toilet on my boat, I have no personal experience of pump out costs.
  7. Thank you for your thoughts. Surely a few more people on this forum have a pump out toilet? I really want to know about prices charged/paid not how to do it.
  8. As per title, I'm looking for information about the price of an attended pump out please. For those with this type of toilet, how much have you paid recently and where was it? I'm not seeking a discussion about types of toilet. Many thanks in advance.
  9. Our base plate on a 1985/6 boat is two different thicknesses. At the front it is imperial but further back is the metric equivalent. If yours is similar, it probably just reflects what was happening at the time.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. If you want to eat dinner at The Greyhound, it may be prudent to book.
  12. Perhaps some of the current marina moorers will keep their boats but change to continuously cruising.
  13. I absolutely agree that 48 hours makes more sense to visiting boaters and I think everyone understood what it means. CRT, having decided to change the definition, would have been well advised to go for 'two nights'. However, as their checkers visit during the day, they set it as two days. I don't know exactly what two days means; I think it might mean if you are still there on the fourth consecutive day, you have overstayed. When I have to calculate short term mooring fees for my boat club, I always count the number of nights spent there.
  14. Put the bottle you wish to smash over the bows in an old sock. The sock will be torn but the broken glass safely contained.
  15. Lady C


    I'm wondering what will happen to outdoor shows if/when electric vehicles proliferate.
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