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  1. To me, it just doesn't look very quick or easy to use in an emergency. However, it is your boat and your decision.
  2. A lot of new boats are semi-trads with the main access at the back of the boat and the front having a cratch cover that often stays closed. In my view, it makes sense to avoid having the main access into the bedroom. Hence the reverse layout becoming more popular. For a trad style boat like Nick's, the easier access route will be through the front of the boat so having the bedroom at the back is better.
  3. I think it still works. I found it useful when my own (posted in) licence renewal seemed to be taking far too long. Perhaps CRT now ignore any information input.
  4. No I didn't though this is another category, and an approach which I see as different from the 'weekending' boaters might do as part of an extended trip from a home mooring. IanD said this There are conflicting demands for boaters on the canals -- there are those who just want to live on them, preferably as cheaply as possible and often without moving around much or at all, and there are those who want to be able to move around the canal network and visit different places, either on holiday (hire boats or part-time boatowners) or as liveaboards (continuous cruisers). which appeared to only cover holiday hirers, shared boatowners and liveaboards. My earlier comment was made as a house dwelling, boat owner who uses the boat for leisure purposes and keeps it on a paid for home mooring.
  5. When I help you at a lock, I'd like you to pass the favour on to someone else in future.
  6. I read it as you only referring to liveaboards, holiday hirers and share boat owners.
  7. Some full time boatowners do not live aboard.
  8. Dory went round on Saturday afternoon. However I agree that the parades I saw seemed to involve far fewer boats that previously. Perhaps the breezy weather put some of them off.
  9. Some of it may be like other skills that have diminished over time. The current generation do not know how to do some practical tasks because their parents did not learn from their grandparents. Cooking, for example.
  10. Could be Hixon, which was mainly Mike Heywood.
  11. This is due to the number of complaints made to CRT if they only publish a metric table.
  12. However, the safety board with chain does make Newbold Tunnel a bit narrower than it used to be. We have had trouble squeezing past another boat in there.
  13. Idle Days makes what seems a very valid point to me. Also there is some reassurance that a boat with a licence on display has had insurance and a valid BSS within the last 12 months. CRT will send printed licences in the post on request. However, ideally you'll then need to laminate them because CRT tend to fold the letter across the licence 'disc'. (I had to ask a bit more firmly this year as the CRT person on the phone told me it was not necessary as well as suggesting I could download from my non-existent online account. I then pointed out that the CRT lease terms where the boat is kept expect the moored boats to have current licences on display.)
  14. VAT Notice 701/19 also states (in para 3.2.1) that power used for genuine domestic purposes is subject to the 5% rate. Although the eligibility is shown for houseboats, it is my understanding that this means domestic use on boats. Certainly my marina charges 5% VAT on the electricity units though 20% on their separate admin fee. Boaters should have seen a minor benefit from the 5p duty cut on diesel, depending on the percentage declared for propulsion, even though this was intended for road users.
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