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  1. I wonder how CRT will manage any 'continuously cruising' wide beam boats on the N Oxford.
  2. The proposed scheme requires sellers to buy fuel at full duty (and VAT) and claim back the rebated duty. Currently they buy at the lower rate of duty and collect any extra from purchasers.
  3. Clearly questions should be asked about the VAT aspect of the duty rebate scheme. However, there is another potential issue with the rebate scheme. The 'extra duty' is currently 46.81p per litre. Therefore, each 10% rebate costs the vendor 4.68p per litre until it can be reclaimed from HMRC. My perception is that most canalside vendors add a mark up of 20-25p per litre. Therefore, it's not hard to see that, when a domestic percentage rebate of more than 40-50% is claimed, the amount rebated would exceed the vendor's mark up. This would be very bad for their cashflow, and almo
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Mike Stimpson sees six years is a sensible time period because it falls well within the seven year statute of liability which would be covered by the surveyor's PI cover. I also agree that it works well with blacking every other year. Of late, some boat insurers seem to have started asking for surveys every five years. I don't understand why this has happened and have been unable to find out. My boat was first surveyed at 20 years old (the requirement has changed since then) and twice since, and the steelwork has scarcely changed at all. I don't think all that scraping and bang
  6. It looks OK to me too. If you can get hold of it, it may be worth asking to see the 2017 survey. This will tell you if there has been any noticeable change in the interim. As other posters have said, keeping it regularly blacked will keep the steel in good condition and having the baseplate blacked too is a good idea.
  7. Alan - the key words are at the end. 'and run down their existing stocks of red diesel before this date'.
  8. Well I agree that individual boaters should be responding to this consultation and that having more replies is better. Here are a few ideas. Being charged 20% VAT on your boat diesel instead of 5% is almost certain to make it more expensive. Views are being sought on the 60:40 split, you can have your say about this. There are known issues with bio diesel and inland cruising. (Shelf life and diesel bug.) Why not remind HMRC. Do you have a view on emptying your boat tank by April 2022 and then potentially having to wait to refill while your sup
  9. A taxi to Coventry railway station would also be a shorter road journey than all the way to Birmingham.
  10. Whether the boats were loaded or not may have had a bearing on how they travelled.
  11. The angler who asked how could he know that fishing from a lock landing was not allowed. On being told it was in the terms of his angling licence from CRT, he was unaware that he needed one. On a different trip, we encountered another angler on a lock landing who didn't appear to speak English.
  12. If you subscribe to the Boaters' Update, you should have received one last Friday. Clicking on the link for 'Things to know before commencing a longer journey on your boat (after 1 June)' takes you to advice on the CRT website which includes a reminder about who can stay on board overnight. ie only those for whom the boat is their primary residence. I appreciate this is disappointing for many of us but it does reflect current Government guidelines.
  13. That nice Mr Google is out of date. A permanent solution was in place when we visited Stourport in 2018. The longstanding scaffold handrail at Awbridge Lock has also been replaced with a permanent solution.
  14. The shorter Sea Otters can have a problem with condensation in the winter months. If you are looking for a year round boat, aluminium may not be the most suitable material. Perhaps having a solid fuel stove would help. Having to literally make the bed every night can become quite boring. Good luck with your search.
  15. This may sound a bit cynical but I wonder if the slight change in stance from CRT is associated with boat insurance. In normal times, insurers sometimes decline a claim if they believe lack of maintenance was a contributory factor. 'My boat sank because CRT banned me from checking it' may not be a good basis for a successful insurance claim and could even result in the boatowner taking CRT to court.
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