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  1. Accumulator just after the pump or anywhere that is convenient between the pump and the first outlet (tap). Expansion just after the outlet for the hot water on the calorifier or anywhere convenient between the calorifier outlet and the first outlet (tap). This is the 'norm'
  2. Managed to do it, not every attempt, with a pencil that had an eraser on the end, picked up the tip from You-Tube Basically rest hand on unit and press the switch with the eraser.
  3. See posts #47 and #50. There appears to be two ways to set it up, depending on the version of 10 you have. As to iCloud using data, it only does this, if you send something to it, say a photo of 50 Mb then that is 50 Mb of your data allowance used. If you then look at it that is more data, from your allowance. Only use iCloud if on unlimited broadband or free Wi-Fi Personally have never used iCloud, do my own back ups on stand alone hard drives.
  4. or Block updates (set connection to metered) and visit pub once a week for a drink and free update via their free Wi-Fi. edit: there, their
  5. Good idea but not too close as you will get warm,cold water.
  6. You will be waiting a long time then. ps. it worked your way when I had 1511 and now works 'my' way with 1607. i did wonder where the setting had gone, when I updated and wanted to check all my settings. I have two laptops both with 1607 and have no problems. Should not have said that, it will go wrong now.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Chimneys that are taller than the flats.
  9. It is not necessarily the amp capability of the cable (although important) it is the volt drop so the bigger (mm2) the better. All mine are 50 mm2 and that is on a 24v system. The batteries will only perform better and last longer if you treat them right and fully charge them correctly. Good ones can die just as fast as bad ones if treated incorrectly
  10. Well it does on my Windows 10, it may not on all Windows 10 as there are three different versions at the moment. The original, released July 2015, version 1511 and the latest Version 1607 (my version)
  11. There are some off-side moorings, just south and on the same side as the pub at Norton junction. Do not know if any spaces available though, perhaps a visit to the mooring (usually someone at least one of the boats) there may help. Can recommend pub for food and drink. Whilst in the area you can visit at least three of Matty's recommendations list
  12. When/if the farmer gets permission. He can then offer you a mooring As to how your 'rental' of the mooring and the need for CRT to be paid is between you and the farmer. You either pay the farmer for the whole lot and he pays CRT or you pay the farmer for the mooring and CRT for the permission.
  13. ps. Cover panels, keep them in the dark. connect the controller to the batteries first, power up the controller, put the fuse in connect the panels to the controller Just in case you didn't know.
  14. try this: Bottom right is an icon for your wi-fi/internet connection. left click, your connection should appear left click, properties should appear. left click, properties and your in or should be. So true had to do it on two laptops, did one manually when first heard of (months ago) and the other one did it automatically, recently
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. Move some of the ballast to the front of the boat. Is that the door, over there?
  17. Not exactly a no.no but very expensive and you would need to remove existing engine. Just one other thing and slightly off topic, I noted you mentioned a taff rail, please think about this very, very carefully. Yours being semi-trad, why do you think you need one. (rhetorical) It will restrict access to stern deck and are usually at hight designed for someone to fall over. When steering you will be in front of the tiller, within the sides of the semi-trad. Your boat, though.
  18. Set up: 12v engine 24v domestic Beta 43, 50 amp 12v and 80 amp 24v alternators Cummins Onan 7Kw generator (12v 30 amp alternator) Solar panels 400watts @ 38v (approx),(connected series,parallel) MPPT controler Victron 'combi' 24v, 2Kva, 80 amp Battery bank 24v 390 amp,hrs @ 20 hr rate (six batteries connected series,parallel) Boat is live-aboard, continuously cruising and does not have any gas on-board Works for me.
  19. and they continued from where Tony Brooks left of on his 'retirement' The notes for Tony's course are still available, with lots of many other information here: http://www.tb-training.co.uk/ ps. Tony is a member of this forum
  20. errr. It says Shepperton as his location. So at a guess, somewhere near the Studios in Surrey https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.3965128,-0.487396,13z
  21. Reported. see post #2 Otherwise as per post #3
  22. An alternative dipstick... Assuming the tank is of the 'normal' arrangement, straight through stern into tank. and not a remote one Place stick (long enough to reach the bottom) in tank mark the bottom of the filler neck on said stick. Remove stick and wipe. Mark stick four inches (10 cms, 100mm) from bottom to allow for your take off not being right at the bottom of the tank. Measure between the two marks (top and bottom) then measure and divide into any number of divisions you like . I only marked the quarters. ¼ ½ ¾. Obviously will not give accurate litre but a
  23. So does mine, well nearly always. and it's one of the cheap ones always lauded on here, the Uni-T. I just make sure it is not near anything electrical, metal and push the middle (REL) button to zero it
  24. errr. with the batteries fully charged then the charger will be almost zero load. With combi ON and charger On the Victron will, if set up correctly (storage mode), maintain the batteries by doing a short absorption phase (duration settable) every few days (duration settable) eg. absorption for 1 hr every 7 days. I cannot see any reason for turning of the charger.
  25. It should not be hot but possibly warm, check there is not a load on the inverter A good one just sitting there doing nothing (switched on) will load the batteries to about 0.5 amp. A bad one will load more, maybe 2 amps. Check specification for quiescent load, idle, stand-by. So good will be 12 amp.hrs over 24 hours Bad will be 48 amp.hrs over 24 hours If the battery bank is say 100 amp.hrs then the bad one will reduce your batteries to about 50% SOC, the lowest they should go if guidelines are adhered to and you still have not used them for anything else. As per W
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