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  1. Stove glass cleaning.

    Kitchen roll dipped in stove ash works for me.
  2. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    That's fab, thank you Pete.
  3. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    Your thoughts are priceless, thank you for sharing them with us We hope that forum post 14,637 is another win for you.
  4. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    I don't know much about galvanic isolators so I asked folk if they thought that the cable is as good as the type that can be installed inside a boat. I'm not best at electrics so the plug in type is an option that doesn't involve paying an electrical or engineer to fit one. Please forgive me Lord for not agreeing that a cable of this type would be stolen for that is the extent of my wrong-doing. As for your insult as concerns my gender, you just carry on being sexist if it entertains you.
  5. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    Oh bless you. Calm yourself down dear. I'm female by the way.
  6. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    Oh for goodness sake, expressing my opinion isn't being rude & I didn't mean to be. These forums can be grumpy & cynical. I simply don't think that said cable would be stolen. I have a higher opinion of my fellow boaters. Blimey. How sensitive?
  7. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    I was asking a question about a product that I don't know much about. So sorry about that.
  8. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    Thanks Pete, sooo you'd say that the safeshore onboards are better? Which one if so? Thank you for your comments btw. I don't understand the talk about meters & alerts, more so I just want to fit one so it's done. My boat is 11yrs old, Stowe Hill. In a marina for winter then out next Spring, possibly to more shoreline power. TBH, I'd fit the cable type one at the boat end & cover it with the cable itself. I don't think it would be noticeable and I don't believe the other people on this thread posting about it being stolen. My aerial, which is always on my roof, has been there for 3yrs and nothing has been taken from anywhere else. Just another example of certain people on this forum being overly grumpy & cynical?!
  9. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    So I don't have a G/I but would like to get one. This one, which attaches to shoreline power cable seems a fast solution. http://galvanic-isolator.co.uk/product/galvanic-isolator-plug-16amp/ They have Ines with alert light and things to. Would this work as well as having one fitted? Thoughts please!
  10. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Thank you for sharing, really like that. Proper good idea!
  11. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Two 100w panels on a wooden frame appears to be a good way to go.
  12. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    Although I don't use it I think that the Go Binge thing is both super & fab.
  13. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    No probs, thanks for clarifying.
  14. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    This is a fab idea, people's comments about glue noted although I had heard that it was a good alternative to drilling holes.