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  1. Silebyman

    Trent and Mersey stoppage

    It's a bit strange they haven't made it public on their social media stuff (I get my stoppage notices via Twitter) I got the stoppage notice it was shut, but not that it was back open again. I only found out it was back open by rooting around the CRT website
  2. Silebyman

    Trent and Mersey stoppage

    According to CRT stoppages both locks are fixed ( or bodged back together ) Bit of relief as going through there in a couple of days..
  3. Hi I'm moored at King's Bromley, so happy to help but I'm not going to be going down there for a couple of weeks - sorry. For filling with water, the taps are on the jetty's so as long as you have a long enough hose they you can fill the tank while moored up. For diesel you need to reverse in, but I'm sure if you mention it in the office they will give you a hand, they are a very friendly team. It's very sheltered round by the service dock so you should be fine.
  4. Silebyman

    Anti-Slip Mats - Stern and Bow

    I've just matted my well deck, after my wife slipped and did herself a very serious injury.. I've used this stuff - comes in a range of colours, and they supply free samples http://www.matrico.co.uk/product_versatile_pvc.html It's not cheap, but it was easy to lay and if it prevents another accident it's worth every penny.
  5. Silebyman

    Moorings near Leicester

    Not sure about Pillings requirement for tidy looking boats. There are some fairly "rustic" looking boats in there.
  6. Silebyman

    Fridge/ Freezers 12 volt. and Inverter for washer.

    I've got a shoreline fridge freezer, as we are a 12v only boat apart from when we are plugged into a landline. The shoreline switches between 12 and 240v automatically which I find quite useful. It does though try and freeze stuff touching the back wall as another poster previously mentioned, but it's not a big problem.
  7. Silebyman

    Fitting a Webasto

    Diesel proof thread sealant - I used Rectorseal Tru Blu. available in toolstation for about 3 quid. Worked for me... https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p40236?r=googleshopping&rr=marin&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&mkwid=s03aJg4QW_dc&pcrid=142003768299&pkw=&pmt=&product=40236&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_fzooeLN2AIVqwrTCh1x9A2JEAYYASABEgK4VfD_BwE
  8. Silebyman

    Fitting a Webasto

    This is the item concerned. The threaded part you can see goes into the horizontal hole you need to drill and tap into the fuel tank wall ( gently as previously mentioned) The copper olive inside the other half is crushed down to nip the 5mm fuel pipe which passes through the fitting. Picture it like the pipe and valve arrangement on the water pipework, only this time you are screwing into the tank wall not a radiator. The fuel pipe needs to be bent to an L shape, so when all assembled the end of the pipe dangles above the bottom of the tank
  9. Silebyman

    Fitting a Webasto

    Diesel doesn't ignite - drop a match in it and it will go out. I put my fitting as high in the tank wall as I could get to with a drill. Check, and check again you have the drill dia / tapping tool size correct for the fitting you want to use. NMEA advised me that you can get a 1/4BSPT - 5mm compression fitting (T=taper thread) from a company called BES. They do online ordering etc. The tapping drill to suit 1/4BSPT is 11.8mm When you assemble the fitting into the new hole in the tank, tighten it gently. The steel won't be that thick, and if you apply too much force you will rip the new thread straight out...
  10. Silebyman

    Fitting a Webasto

    I drilled the fuel tank after being advised not to use the extra fitting on the fuel filter etc. Its really not that hard. Ordered bsp taper tap and matching compression fitting for fuel pipe on web and went for it. Grease the end of the drill/tap stops swarf going in the tank I also used some diesel proof sealant to smear on the fitting threads just in case it was tempted to weep. Bend the pipe to suit your tank and make sure end is couple of inches above engine take off from tank stops you running out of fuel for engine by accident and keeps it away from any possible muck in tank. Make sure tank level below new tapping before drilling!
  11. Silebyman

    Bit Windy

    I keep seeing that boat in the foreground with it's stove going whenever I go past. Don't think much of his view from the windows....
  12. Silebyman

    Fitting a Webasto

    I've mounted it on the fuel tank wall for 2 reasons - keeps all the fuel pipes as short as possible - the dip tube to the fuel tank is about 12" away from the unit. Second - I haven't got any noise generators on the bulkhead of the cabin. Bit of a shaky video attached, bear in mind this is filming right next to it. As previously mentioned I can barely hear it when the deck boards are down. IMG_2890.MOV
  13. Silebyman

    Fitting a Webasto

    I decided in the end to glue a wooden board to the front face of the fuel tank. Before I glued the board to the tank, I mounted 4 of the cotton reel type exhaust rubbers from old sports cars etc. to it by drilling through and putting nuts on the back face. The Webasto mounting bracket hangs on these, so the heater unit is all rubber mounted. The rubber mounted fuel pump, and the air intake silencer is mounted off this board as well. When it's running I can hardly hear the thing running, which is great apart from when I want to check it's not cycling as I have to stick my head out of the boat doors!
  14. Silebyman

    PRM 120 Drain Plug

    The drain plug is underneath the gearbox, and you need to be a contortionist to get the plug out without a struggle. I managed to get the oil all over my shoes when I drained my gearbox.
  15. It's proper pipe from leesan - only about 3 years old I've got a polyprop holding tank with the fittings on top sealed with gas tape on the threads. All the pipes are double jubilee clipped as recommended. Yet the wardrobe still whiffs ( and makes the clothes whiff too) where the pipe passes through to go between toilet and tank. I don't know what else it could be.

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