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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I fully agree, issue has been sorted & I have been able to download & save the passage plan.Once again thank you Stephen & Nick for your prompt responses & action.
  3. Thanks Stephen, your prompt response & action is greatly appreciated, especially considering the website funding is on a donation basis.
  4. Is the .pdf generation issue fixed yet? I cannot get it to work on a PC using Windows 10, or tablet running Android 4.4.2, in case it was due to high user work load, I have just tried again (0005 GMT) and am getting the following progress message: "ON QUEUE - waiting for 75 current task running for -2147483648" When I tried earlier (1204 GMT) the progress message showed "45 current task running". Both times these messages stayed like this for over 5 minutes when I closed the website, to try later hoping the backlog queue had died down.
  5. I suspect using bridges or other structures in public places (with unknown SWL limits) and certainly without permission would cause a lot of grief (not to mention wailing, gnashing of teeth, tearing out hair and much pointing of fingers with waving hands in the air if anything went wrong), a much safer and controlled solution (although costly) would be to test in a dry dock.
  6. Unfortunately it would appear that most of Sumatra have over here http://www.haze.gov.sg/
  7. Use 'Simpsons rules' to find the areas and volumes of irregular figures. https://books.google.com.ph/books?id=4E4FZ988AtYC&pg=PA69&lpg=PA69&dq=simpson's+rules+for+areas+and+centroids&source=bl&ots=2ImSk9_GbK&sig=xQSAvVS4NzME4cW_Xx1z5Hq3mKQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCIQ6AEwA2oVChMI9dPO7vbqxwIVhm2OCh0fcggt
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Nice one..... will this save having to get a mullamatic?
  10. The Londonist have also produced a "Canals of London timeline" companion video. link below
  11. It would appear that the UK Met office has lost its contract to provide weather forecasting services to the BBC. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-34031785 For those who would like to see this service retained by the Met office there is a change.org petition urging the BBC to reconsider this decision. http://email.change.org/mpss/c/zwA/SCE/t.1pu/PJvUO91pS0e4N1CXnAgzzQ/h5/W9oZwjoGX5ulRlet7FB-2BvOcGMngX71Id66Qt5N2e4SUqLGYnnxdkhC3fVDeyYKVvqctQSUt56MFEYfkeKR0xZ7RyOKol4X26zmlKQtZx5S6lDmqc1-2F2oH5bSwDxprtuC7SGSvA4HWbi-2BFhZLP9GqM35917G9jTempiwSbskwkBv-2Ffo8MW8SD8l25wllSZ5pYlmdzS8E1g7vLl48ogqs2qrSLyC08gC-2FQAS8DwfCT09QQ82aCjpAcslASYj99IhpqWWFsqyEqureYXHxGOwuVJA-3D-3D
  12. Ok Mike & Cotswoldsman, my mistake & I apologise to all - I will bow out of posting further to this thread. Once again apologies to all.
  13. My intent in post 92 above is that if a person is on the receiving end of a nasty 'you do not appear to be moving enough' email with out having your own record of your movements it can be hard to recall exactly where and when you were in a place or moving between two different places if god forbid it ends up in a court room. If as indicated above some don't think this is a problem fair enough.☺☺☺☺
  14. If not done so already DeanS (and possibly everyone else who ventures out on the system) I think you should document / log all the pertinent facts of his trip /voyage / cruise as per Chubby's points in post 73 while they are still fresh in your memory, even if at this stage you don't think you will need to present them to defend your movements. If they are required at a latter date to defend your case it may well be hard to remember all the pertinent dates and times if they are not already recorded. Definitely a pain, but going on the general feeling of some posts above and in other threads, I suspect this is something boats with home moorings are going to have to do when they venture out off their mooring, as well as the CC fraternity. Maybe a modification to Canalplan to be able to record date and time of actual stopping places and traversing locks or a similar offline logging program / app would make this chore somewhat less onerous?
  15. I am inclined to agree with Gareth, however if due to HSE implications something has to be done, then I suggest we should put our weight behind Karlos suggestion below , at least it will be more aesthetic looking than a fence or railing regardless of its construction material.
  16. Yes and....... (b ) Nothing in these Rules shall interfere with the operation of special rules made by an appropriate authority for roadsteads, harbours, rivers, lakes, or inland waterways connected with the high seas and navigable by seagoing vessels. Such special rules shall conform as closely as possible to these Rules. (c ) Nothing in these Rules shall interfere with the operation of any special rule made by the government of any State with respect to additional station or signal lights, shapes or whistle signals for ships of war and vessels proceeding under convoy, or with respect to additional station or signal lights or shapes for fishing vessels engaged in fishing as a fleet. These additional station or signal lights, shapes or whistle signals shall, so far as possible, be such that they cannot be mistaken for any light, shape, or signal authorised elsewhere under these Rules
  17. Do you mean "Underway" and "Making way"? If so its a pity we didn't get to this post on Thursday......we are at the end of a long weekend here (Singapore 50 year anniversary) - this would be a lively discussion worthy of filling the esky with beer and settling back for the entertainment - being a bit cheeky now I suppose?
  18. I would hardly thought drifting down a canal while clearing a fouled prop is in the same league as carrying out repairs.Admittedly I would have moved moved to the canal bank and secured the boat before attempting to clear the fouled prop if possible, but there are a lot of unknowns here, there may not have been anywhere to moor, the water may not have been deep enough on shelving banks to reach the side etc. Edited for typo again
  19. Yep good for fat fingers when trying to type or open programs only☺
  20. Other than in the canals described in the bylaws (link in post 9 above by mayalld) or other waterways with their own specific regulations, yes.It would appear that these bylaws are based on the colregs in force at the time the bylaws were written and adapted to suit the particular requirements of these particular canals - however I am more than happy to be corrected if I have got this wrong. i.e I am more than certain the colregs apply on the Manchester ship canal & river Thames. Edited to correct spellin of Mayalld's name.
  21. They did, it was pocket windows OS (I think) Samsung Omnia many mango seasons ago & the stylus was externaly attached by a screw on cap on a string, probably because there was no room for it inside due to its small size.
  22. As with most (if not all) computers, phones & tablets the screen is not that flash in very bright daylight with out cranking the brilliance setting all the way up, I usually had it sitting in a portable stand on the cabin top that I could pick it up out of to change viewing angle compared to the sun, or avoid it possibly being knocked over board by overhanging shrubbery /trees. Yes its the same Transas navigator (I also used this when still seagoing as an enc navigational aid), the android app has only been released recently, and smoothly loads on phones & tablets.
  23. The IMO Colregs defines 'underway' as meaning "that a vessel is not at anchor, or made fast to the shore, or aground". It has been stated in posts above that the sound signal defined in bylaw 12 (3) (d) would be an appropriate one to use in the OPs case (albeit in clear visibility). I would suspect as they were stopped to clear assorted stuff from the prop they had picked up while scrapping along the bottom, they were not aground (OP has not stated in any of the above posts that they were actually "aground"). I would think if they were aground they would not have been able to be "scrapping along", in fact having stopped the engine & propeller would have increased the under water clearance and they would most likely not be a "scrapping along" situation any more. In which case the original stated sound signal of bylaw 12 (3) (c ) would be more appropriate (albeit in clear visibility), or even morse code letter U (2 short 1 long) "you are standing into danger". Personally seeing a boat appearing to be stopped in the water (no bow wave, wake or prop wash) would alert me to navigate with more caution than normal until past and clear of them. The whole intention of limited / restricted visibility sound signals and lights is to alert other vessels in the vicinity to the vessels presence and navigational ability in conditions when visibility is reduced and therefore may not be easy to determine - although there is nothing to stop these sound signals being used in clear visibility I suspect that the only people to understand their meaning would already be navigating with more caution than normal seeing a boat stopped in the middle of the canal, for others frantic shouting / screaming jumping up & down with much waving of hands in the air would have the same desired effect - albeit appearing very amateurish but possibly good exercise as well?
  24. I have almost exclusively used my Samsung Note 12.2 for accessing CWDF the past year or so, and have only ever posted using it. As for email, I use the following: Gmail for my Google email account; Aquamail for a POP email address; Type mail for MS / Outlook email accounts - I personally prefer to keep my different accounts all separated, although I know could put all these different email addresses in one place (Aquamail or Type mail for example). I cannot say I have experienced any notable problems with any of them. For work I also use the Samsung / Android exchange client on my Galaxy Note edge, again without any problems. Although I have Skype, Viber & Lync (business version of Skype) installed on them I mainly use Viber if not using the phone for voice communications. I bought the newly released Samsung Tab A before my last UK holidays and used the ecanal maps on it also without any problems while navigating the 4 counties ring & Llangollen canals, I was referencing Navionics when on 'blue water' but recently Transas has released their iSailor app on android, so have changed to this due to user function features that were missing from the Navionics app. Although I am not a car driver it would appear that the Google Maps app is quite good when used for giving directions on roads. I am often asked why I use Samsung as opposed to any of the other makes available, the reason is simply since the original Galaxy Note came out this is the only line of product that has provided all the features (big screen, inbuilt stylus, SIM & removable mico SD cards to name a few) that I regularly use without any problems, if another manufacturer provided all of these features and I started having issues with Samsung products, I would most certainly consider changing - the rumoured non-removable back cover & no micro SD card slot on the next generation Galaxy Notes is cause for thought. I do take my laptop when on the cut, but only in case I need to access work files & reports - which thankfully I haven't as that would definitely interfere with why I was there in the first place (basically packing & carrying a couple of kg's of equipment that I don't use). Edited to fix a couple of typos & fix a bit of my onglish☺
  25. Quote from an earlier thread (Water Tank started by Rickent): The following information is extracted from "The Ship Captains Medical Guide 22nd Edition" pp85 to 89 & can be downloaded from the internet, or purchased. Disinfection of The fresh water tanks and distribution system by super chlorination. Disinfection of FW tanks and distribution system should be done at intervals of not more than 12 months. Chlorine compounds that may be used: Chlorinated Lime, high test Hypo-Chlorite or commercially prepared Sodium Hypo-Chlorite solution. (The actual dosage information for the different compounds are tabled) Introduce the chlorine solution into the nearly empty tank and immeadiately fill to overflowing, open taps & outlets and allow the water to flow until until you can smell the chlorinated water, care must be taken to ensure the pressure tank is filled with chlorinated water. top up drawn off water until the tank overflows again, chlorine should be added to make up the concentration in the tank to 50ppm (50mg/litre). The chlorinated water should remain in the tank & distribution system preferably for 12 hours but not less than 4 hours. Drain and flush the tank and distribution system until the water no longer has an objectionable taste of chlorine.
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