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  1. Stovebright do various colours, available on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172342879962?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&var=471164248781&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. Windscreen wiper motor and gearbox for throttle/gear, 24v mobility scooter motor/gearbox for steering. There are many instructions on the internet on how to equip them with positional feedback for servo use.
  3. Possibly in better condition that those in boats belonging to people who only know how to polish? My boat looks bleedin awful, but mechanically it's quite spot on!
  4. Forgive me but the OP contradicts itself (although now I've seen it's years old!) - the engine on the auxiliary water pumps carried on green goddess appliances was a petrol Coventry Climax engined Godiva Fire Pump (at least the one I have is!). The only "Godiva" engine that I'm aware of is a V8 Petrol. [edit] after further research I stand corrected about the 2 cylinder diesel!
  5. Is the engine definitely classed as a "Coventry Godiva"? as far as I was aware, the engine is the Coventry Climax, the water pump attached to the engine is a Godiva Pump.
  6. I find it bleeding awful, especially when compared to the original! Not sure why everyone everywhere seems to be raving about it!
  7. Gate lifted back into place: https://www.facebook.com/663635089/videos/10154055697235090/
  8. Surely its the same as millions of motorbike fuel filler caps that work just fine?
  9. I'm guessing it's one of the brackets shown on this microfiche, if so it will give you the part number that you need to order: http://www.cmsnl.com/t99elrbelhbexhb-2003_model11140/partslist/D-01.html#row6G84853151
  10. Is the outboard tiller controlled or remote? Can you post a photo of the broken part?
  11. MarkHez


    Relatively easy, but rather annoying having to lock twice. Are you on a broad or narrow canal? If you have 2 boats of narrow beam, they'll fit breasted up in a wide lock.
  12. Because when you do post, you give out bad advice that can cause damage to solar charge controllers?
  13. I live on a 27ft Centre cockpit cruiser, power is all solar (alternator stopped working in winter and I haven't got round to fixing it yet). There's more than enough room for me on my own, and it wasn't unbearable when living with my ex mrs and her border collie! Yes I would like to upgrade to a bigger boat eventually, but this is perfectly adequate to live on!
  14. Glasson branch on the Lancaster canal has welded windlasses, padlocked with BW key locks. Very long throw on them, which is bloody handy as most of the bottom paddles are awful to operate!
  15. I only came into this thread as I saw it was equipment section, and thought the title was "Horses - which one?", I feel a bit let down now
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