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  1. The bilge is manual so i guess it will be a morning and evening job to press the button.
  2. I thought that too but its a funny name About 4 inches i guess. A narrow boat . Ledgard
  3. I think it may be a leaking stern gald.
  4. Im not a mechanical person but i just wondered what the reasons would be for water being in the bottom of the engine bay. If the boats sat idle over winter for a few months without someone on it regularly to usw th bulge pump would the water build up massivley? Is it something to worry about? Someones told me that its historical water. I dont even know what that means. Can any one shead any light please?
  5. I think the person who gave me that advise was given advice to avoid coventry but not the canal itself and maybe like chineese whispers the advise got twisted. The reason i asked you guys is because after listening to that advise and looking at the map i thought the coventry route looked easier. But i just needed someone who had actually done it to tell me my suspicions were right or wrong. So thanks guys. I shall now prepare my route
  6. 9 Thankyou everyone im going to do some careful planning now and hopefully i shall get her down without too much trouble if i time it right
  7. In a weeks time weather permiting They said there are more locks through the coventry route. But i had a breif look at the collins waterway map and it looks a lot less confusing the coventry way.
  8. Im heading south onto he grand union from stoke on trent. Which is the best route to go? Ive been told to avoid coventry canal although that actually looks the best. Ive been told the staff and worcester through wolverhampton is better.looking at the map though im not sure if that is true . Can anyone shed some light on what actualy is the easiest route? Thanks
  9. This one looks more like a narrowboat. It doesnt have a wheel house. Its not underpowered either at 45hp. Thanks it seems they are kind of an average boat builder as long as they are not too bad.
  10. Yes this is the one No its not a legend narrowboat, Im very familiar with legend as i used to have one. Ledgard are/ were a company from yorkshire and they have ceased trading from what information i can gather
  11. Well they are more economical and thats important to me ... i jyst dont no anyone on the cut with one
  12. Hi everyone. 2 questions really: Are ledgard boats any good? Have they got any good points and bad points? Also, im looking to buy one so just wanted to know if the boat builder was on top of their game. Also secondly, it has a compost toilet. Does anyone know more about these how they work. Has anyone on here got one? Is it recommended? Thanks
  13. I was told by a boat welder friend of mine that the steel now is not marine grade its cheap to buy and doesnt have the same minerals in it. Bit like everything these days built for a quick turn over and profit at as little initial outlay...so the steel quality was better then according to him. Houses are the same now with their paper thin walls and small gardens.
  14. Oh i wood want to use the tank but if its not stainless i think it would probably have rust etc and the boats over 30 years old so its not good. The people who currently own it drink from it (so they tell me) but i wouldnt
  15. No it doesnt have a current insurance certificate on it. Why do you ask?
  16. Wow thank you Kedian you really do know your stuff. I went to look at one yesterday with a view to buy and im glad to hear that the steel is good quaility. Its a 1986 and ive been told that steel was better quality then anyway. Another thing about the boat is that its water tank was built into the floor its self do you think this may be a problem as most are built out of stainless steel these days? Also there was water right under the floor. The man i may be buying it off is a plumber so id like to rule out a leaky pipe. He said its condensation and drys up in the summer...do you think it could be masking anything serious? Thanks very much in advance
  17. Does anyone know anything about steelcraft narrow boats? Ive been told that they are formed on replicas of colecraft boat plans and the company was formed by former workers. I dont no if this is true. Does anybody know? Also are they any good? Do they have known faults? Thanks
  18. Im hoping someone who reads this will have one and be able to give me their opinion. Thanks Laura
  19. Thanks Richard. Im looking to find out if they are any good or if they have any known problems at all.
  20. Hi has anyone got a burton narrow boat? Im looking into one and i dont no anything about the builder. Are they any good . Is the construction sound and strong? Thanks in advance
  21. Thank you youve been very helpful.
  22. Thank you. They had it down as arkwright on the website but it may well be Arcrite
  23. laura hinks

    laura hinks

  24. Hi everyone. Im looking at a few boats at the moment with an intention to buy. There are a couple of boats that look good but ive researched and cant find any information on whether the boat builders are exeprienced and any good at all. Does anyone know anything about Arkwright fabrications? If so could you advise me if they are good at making boats or not? Also ken martin? Chappell and wright? Many thanks in advance
  25. a budget of 40k. i am looking at taditional sterns. im looking for best quality, strong built steel boat. im looking for a boat built in the last 10 years with best interior quality wood used really
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