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  1. I did not say I got rid of people gaggle, I said that one set go and another arrive.....what tends to happen is i get that sick of the negativity I go away.. and come on at some other point weeks/months later. Ill go away permanently one of these times don't worry.... why do you all have to be so negative? your not just expressing a point of view your moaning at daft stuff...does it really matter this much about bloody Joss Stone? LOL or whatever to do with that wretched concert.... whats annoying me is your just carrying on and on about it...thats what is ticking me off no end..re regurgitating over and over.. Because there are some people I actually do like Janet... Are we done? or is someone else wanting to stick the boot in?
  2. look, we have been seeing peoples responses for days now and i think all that has to be said has been said....don't you? and frankly its passed boring now....people carry on disecting others posts to try to engage in petty squbbles over laughable things and it just gets beyond a bloody joke on here. how many times do we have keep saying this and that is bad? hmmmmmmmmm? its been said. we all get your points people.. how many times do we have to agree or dis agree on stuff? im done with this post i have to say... unbeliveable!.
  3. WOAH!!!!!!!stop right there..... Im not being arrogant... Frankly I dont give a stuff wheter you liked it or not!!!!...I was trying to lighten peoples responses... cos im sick of the nit picking going on and petty argument as to whether joss stone was great or not! who cares that bloody much pal?????????????? Jesus... This is what gets my goat on here.... no one has a lighthearted look at things, its like you life depends on being right all the bloody time! I come and go one these boards,(been on and off several years now), & every time I come back I hope that things will change but you get rid of one set of maungy tosspots only to have them replaced by another set of maungy tosspots.. sorry but some of you need to get a life.
  4. i can't comment the roller shutters are down....
  5. wasn't Paganism our origonal religion of sort here in this country? i stand corrected... if not..
  6. same happened in ireland at road blocks..........everyone was stopped over there... i suppose its bound to happen.... if you think about it... whatever they do, someone is gonna be bemoaning its not right...
  7. I wonder why our politicians are so afraid to do somehing like this?(surely it can't be all over losing votes?)..... or even tighten up like the USA have on people coming into the country whether its visitors or whatever. My Mum recently went the the USA and had to que a couple of hours and have her iris and finger prints taken.... Why oh why do we always lag behind???? I know we want a bloody good kick up the 'behind' over all of this... I can't belive for a second they don't care about whats going on.... I just think that (hopefully) theres more going on behind the scene than we know.....
  8. dont worry about it chris man, ive long been of the opinion that theres folk out there who deliberately try to goad/wind up and generally be ****!!! and %$$£"*&!!!! and also *&&*&^%$£!!!! as well as %$$£^&***""!!!! you have to rollershutter them out and pray they take thier medication sometime soon my dear... ha! (that's bloody told em)..... he he he....
  9. minerva

    Nearly Sank

    phew, fair brings your heart into your mouth ! buddyhell!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Indeed... and good for Australia I say! ... I wish Maffi was on here more often, as he has lived in Saudi and had endeavoured to read the koran(sp) and study its preachings etc... and took time out to familiarise himself with the carry on...and then inform us of what we (possibly) have coming to us!...(for those who don't know maffs, be it a Brit who worked in the airforce)....and was in Saudi for quite a while..
  11. someone sent me this today on my mobile and im purely conveying this to you lot seeing as people have started telling jokes... The baggage handlers at Glasgow airport are really pi**sed off, cos they ordered an Indian and it arrived burned...
  12. god is this convo still going on....its soooooooooooooo last night darlings! traaaaaaaaaaaa!
  13. aye and all its gonna take now is one of the hardened bomb makers to come over here now...and they are in business..
  14. One major thing your all missing, is the fact that that concert was raising money for her charities... I suppose some of you nay sayers are the same nay sayers who doubt Jane Tomlinson has terminal cancer? as she has had swipes at her recently suggesting that she hasn't got cancer!(for those who don't know she has raised a LOT of money for cancer charities doing all sorts of sporting events world wide).... not everyone with terminal cancer dies quickly....some cancers are faster spreading and do kill in weeks/months and some, it takes years.... but do carry on good people of this board...
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