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  1. Thank you for the replies. It's appreciated.
  2. Hello, When reading through adverts for used narrowboats, they often list the number of hours for an engine. Certainly a well maintained, older engine would have many more hours than a newer engine. Conversely, an older engine which has not had much use could have similar or fewer engine hours than a newer engine which has been used extensively. Am I interpreting engine hours correctly or is there some general rule of thumb one can use to evaluate an engine's use?Without knowing how old the engine is, how does one know how many hours would be "too much"? Or am I placing too much emphasis on the engine hours? Thanks for the help.
  3. Thank you for all of your replies. I especially appreciate Site Crew for being straight with me as now I am clear. Although our intentions are honest and innocuous, I fully understand the reason needed for caution. Feel free to cast aspersions on me, as my ex wife and ex mother in law did it all the time. For added information, we are Americans writing from the United States. As such, you'll probably see many more daft questions that I post. By the by, it is 5:30pm where I am, shouldn't you all be at pub quiz now???
  4. Hello all, I am trying to track down a narrowboat which was sold approximately seven years ago +/- a year at a marina in Northampton. Her name at the time was New Dawn. At the time, she also had the following: 45 foot Traditional stern Gasless boat Diesel stove cooker Barrus 30hp diesel engine with an alternator and generator 2hp portable generator Sterling battery charger/inverter I have more details I can provide, but I thought it best to start simple. If there is a better forum for this topic please inform me. Also, if there is another way of tracking down boats (registry information, or sale history) please inform me as well. We are only interested in knowing what became of her as she was a special boat. Kind regards, Paul
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