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  1. I repacked the oft pump that’s all I know and I never had the problem again
  2. Benno 1688

    Water pump 1800

    Hi are the water pumps on a keel cooled 1800 a standard size, if so where’s the best place to get a new one.
  3. I had the same after renewing the fuel line clean out the diesel tank and overhauling the diesel pump. I found out it was a worn lift pump when it was running it was not giving the engine enough fuel. Every few hours it would need bleeding took me months to figure it out.
  4. No I didn’t. I will fit another thanks.
  5. Benno 1688

    Core plug leaking

    Hi I have had a core plug fail on the cylinder head. I have replaced it but it still has a slight leak, can anyone recommend something I can seal it with.
  6. I do cruise at other times, but I’m limited due to work commitments and obviously the CRC are also limiting my options.
  7. R get stuck in a pothole.
  8. Benno 1688

    I wish

    about this time of year I book some leave from work and go on a trip by myself. Two years ago I did the Cheshire ring, when I got to Bosley locks there was a problem and there was no water in the canal it got sorted that day and I continued my trip. 12 months later I decide to do the four counties. When I get to Bosley locks same problem. This year I check that everything is ok Bosley locks have an issue again but should be good for March 6th. So I booked some leave and get the boat ready for the off, the weather is against me this time, but I’m only planning on doing the Caulden so I should have enough time. I’m moored on the Macclesfield canal. Yesterday I chug off to Bosley lock 1 and guess what the lock has no water in it. That’s at least 3 years that there has been a issue with this flight of locks. Going the other way Marple locks are closed. I have just paid my mooring and license fees and tho only place I can cruise is up to Bugsworth, about a day there and a day back something I’ve done many times. I’ve wasted 2 weeks leave make me want to give up and buy a caravan.
  9. I have owned my own boat for a number of years and done many miles on the cut. Last week a friend of mine wanted to hire a day boat for his 50th birthday and he asked me to come along to help steer the boat. I have passed many day boats in my time and always say hello. Of course some of them are just learning how to control the boat. Like I say I have done many miles in my own boat, and I cannot believe the comments and dam right nastiness of some boat owners. There are one that appear to deliberately go out of the way to force me into the side. The ones that scowl at you on the amount of people who told me to slow down when I was on tick over, leads me to believe that some of the boating community are nothing but unsociable. Some of these people need to look at themselves first. Like the one who made a comment, and his liecence on his boat had expired six months ago. Some strange people on the cut.
  10. Out for a little cruise from Macclesfiel to Frogall and I had to go through the Harcastle tunnel. I moored up for the night at the kidsgrove overnight with the other boats that were in the que. My boat has an old 1800 bmc engine I have done a lot of work on the engine however it does tend to smoke for the first five minutes from cold. The tunnel keeper came round with the normal instructions and checks. Imagine my surprise when he informed me that I would not be allowed through the tunnel due to my smokey engine. I tried to explain that it would stop once warmed up, but the jobsworth ignored me and carried on with the other boats. I ask him what I should do and he suggested that I turn around. I then asked him to show me the rule that says boats with smoking engines are not allowed into the tunnel, he said that he would ring someone for a second opinion. I rang the Canal and river trust to ask about the smoking engine rule and they informed me that there isn't, one. I told the keeper and said he was waiting for a second opinion. The second opinion was to let me go through first and then let the other boats through ten minutes later. By then my engine had stopped smoking as it always does. I went through the tunnel and carried on my journey when I was passed by a CRT tug called Grayling it smoked so bad it made mine look like it was electric. Moral of the story "people in glass houses should not throw stones"
  11. Benno 1688

    Still no joy

    Well pumps back from the diesel shop ,I've fitted it this morning and with a great deal of tampering I'm glad to say that it's running well. In fact it's running great, touch wood. Again thanks for everyone help it was much appreciated .
  12. Benno 1688

    Still no joy

    I have drained the fuel and cleaned the tank. It's full of fresh fuel. I'm just waiting for the pump to come back from the diesel specialist.when I refit it how will I time it up.
  13. Benno 1688

    Still no joy

    I've been looking at some images on the net, some bmc engines appear to be plumbed into the fuel tank straight from the leak rail without going to the filter head. Is that what you are suggesting Tony.
  14. Benno 1688

    Still no joy

    Hi it's not what it looks like I have not just pushed the hose onto cooper pipe, it is in fact bss standard hose with cooper pipe running all the way through it with the copper fittings on the end. It's a bit over the top but it is protection should the pipe ever rub against metal.
  15. Benno 1688

    Still no joy

    Where woul l fit the return. I guessing it comes off the banjo that the spill rail connects to, do I need a longer banjo bolt and a barb fitting.
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