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  1. Thank you both! Think all is ok, it switched to absorption once the smart gague showed 95%. It normally goes to absorption before that but then again the solar panels are normally keeping me topped up. Maybe the smart gague isn't an exact science and maybe the batteries were emptier than I thought. Thanks again
  2. Hello! Electrics question... When running my engine, my mppt solar charge controller alway shows 'float' today it shows 'bulk' although my smart gauge is measuring that the batteries are charging. Is this a sign of something to worry about? Batteries on the way out or alternator problem maybe? Thanks in advance
  3. Thankyou! will investigate mains battery chargers...
  4. Hello! Having lived off grid for 3 years, using only the 12v system I find myself in a marina with the opportunity to connect to shoreline and I was wondering: 1. Can I use 12v devices whilst connected to the mains? 2. Does the mains hook up charge my batteries? Thanks in advance.... Diana
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I think its too much of a safety issue for me to be trying to fix this myself. Will be going up to the local boat yard in a couple of weeks to get it sorted professionally. Thank god for this forum or I would be none the wiser and would probably have tried to use it as is!
  6. Evening all! Thank you so much for the advice, I am really grateful for it as I was clearly about to CO poison myself with the current set up! Yet again day light is not on my side so can't take pictures. Basically it's a wood/coal burning stove with a straight chimney which comes out through a mushroom vent- By this I mean an air vent with mushroom cap. Now, Ive read the advice in the link posted by tom richmond- thanks so now I have a couple more questions (sorry!) If I were to install an outside chimney then would this become a safe system? (Assuming all other safety points
  7. Thank you all so much for your comments, I really appreciate it. The boat does have a BSS cert- not sure how though! Will have a look on the roof when its daylight re: possible 'summer' attachment, would be great if it turns out to be that. Thanks again.
  8. Thankyou both!! Hmmm, I thought that might be the case! Does anyone happen to know of anyone in london who might undertake that kind of work (fit a flue and make sure everything is safe with the stove). Thanks a million
  9. Hello! It'll be my first winter as a liveaboard boater I was looking for some advice re: my narrowboat stove- if anyone would be so kind as to help me out please? I currently have a stove installed but there is no outside flue. The smoke would exit via a mushroom vent. I was wondering if this is a common feature of narrowboats? Also if it is safe? Thankyou....
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