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  1. Probably the best article I have read on whats going to happen in the future. Of course Politicians wouldn't dare to talk about this. https://theconversation.com/covid-19-will-probably-become-endemic-heres-what-that-means-146435 Malaria kills about 3 million people a year mostly children. Even though a cure is available.
  2. http://www.beginningfromthismorning.com/house-batteries-part-2/ Each battery module is 7.4v at 66ah.
  3. Most electric car batteries are around 400v but they can be easily split and reconfigured to give you 48v say to run an inverter/charger. An electric car battery is just hundreds if not thousands of 4.2v li-ion cells. BMS circuits are available, many people are doing this for their off grid houses. Search Navitron Forum.
  4. Your only hope is to have only ONE electric socket on board with a 0.5 amp breaker next to it. This will limit the power to charging laptops, phones etc. You need a small full sine wave inverter with standby function so it only comes on when there is a demand and buy a 24v fridge. Those batteries are useless change them for Forklift batteries. You need 12 large forklift batteries to give you a 24v system. Forklift batteries do not die like "deep cycle" batteries, they are much mor forgiving. I used to install and maintain off-grid rental properties on the Greek islands where the battery banks would weigh 8 tons and be charged by enormous truck engined diesel generators along with over 100 solar panels on each property. Villas with swimming pools.
  5. Your perfect Concept Battery system would be a Li-Ion battery bank from an electric car. These hold around 50kwh+ of power, enough to run a narrowboat for a week. This could be charged by a 50kw generator coupled to the engine in an hour. Just imagine only running the engine one hour once a week. Of couse most engines could only run a 10kw generator but this would still only need to be run for an hour or two every 3 or 4 days. 14hp is about 10kw. Of course a proper generator would need to be coupled to the engine with a clutch system at a 1 to 1 ratio running at 1500 rpm. Batteries from crashed electric cars are available for a couple of thousand and generators are cheap. Lets see who will be first to build it???
  6. I see what you mean. I meant the amp/hour rating of the battery is not fixed, it can fluctuate from the manufacturers specification.
  7. Yes, because the battery is only 100Ah at a discharge rate of 5 amps. At a discharge rate of 50 amps it becomes about a 40Ah battery and going the other way at a discharge rate of 1 amp it will be come a 150Ah battery. https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/tools/calculator-sizing-a-battery-to-a-load.html If you enter 50 amps for 1 hour you will see you need a 236Ah battery. Tick the box if your battery is more than six months old.
  8. Everyone is forgetting that a 100Ah battery is only rated 100Ah at what they call a C20 Discharge Rate. In other words the power held by the battery when it discharges over 20 hours or at 5 amps. When you discharge a battery quickly or at any rate over the C20 rating the battery loses power much quicker and the amp/hour rate drops dramatically.. 200 amps from 4 batteries means 50 amps per battery which would probably only last 10 minutes. https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/
  9. You can download Sidify Music Converter. This will allow you to download Spotify playlists and save the mp3 files to your computer.
  10. If you are starting from scratch you should seriously think about a 24v system using forklift batteries and 24v inverter. Uses half the amps. Can be easily charged using a truck or bus alternator.
  11. They are very similar probably wouldn't make any noticable difference, whats more important is what controller are you using? Will it take panels in parrallel, double the amps.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. The most ridiculous thing to all this is 1 horsepower is 740 electrical watts. Thats 53 amps charging your 12v battery. Running a 30 odd horsepower engine at only half a horsepower is madness. Why cant someone invent a simple diesel to 12v electricity machine, they would be a millionaire overnight.
  15. rogeriko


    You need a Pure Sine Wave inverter. Most fridges dont like modified sine wave. Even though you bought it from a store and payed more inside it is the same as all the others.
  16. An alternator has 3 static windings inside and uses 6 diodes to turn the AC into DC. If some of the diodes have burnt out you will get lower output. The only way to test this is to open up the alternator.
  17. http://store.virginmedia.com/virgin-media-mobile/sim-only/pay-monthly-sim.html
  18. rogeriko


    I would buy 6 Large 1000ah forklift batteries they will last for years and deliver the current you require. Better still I would buy 12 and use a 24 volt inverter.
  19. As for updating your car insurance automatically you must be super rich or just dont care. Every year they send me my renewal with an updated quote, we have 4 cars/vans, and of course it has gone UP. I get on the telephone and ask for the best price etc etc and without fail they come up with some excuse to make it CHEAPER. Last year after taking the advice of the telephone sales person I changed the insurance on my 10 year old Sprinter van from 3rd party to compehensive and our multi car policy dropped by 50 pounds. That was 150 pounds less than the bill I had just been sent. We pay about 750 pounds for a GL420, VW Golf, Sprinter LWB and Vivaro
  20. Sounds like a Mycoplasma infection. I breed turkeys and they get it and have the same symptoms you describe. I have to use a syringe to remove the fluids from the swollen sinuses and then inject 1cc of Tylan 50. In the UK this is a prescription antibiotic used almost universally on all farm livestock. With a course of antibiotics they will be fine.
  21. Parrafin is the same as 28 sec heating oil currently available for around 32p a litre before vat 5%. There must be a way to get some delivered for heating. It is also the same as Jet A1 so any local airport could sell you some.
  22. Read the small print. Please note that before every outing, the appliance must be run on mains operation to operating temperature. Once this is done, you can operate the fridge off your 12v battery for the duration of your journey. This will maintain the pre-achieved temperature until you arrive at your destination when you need to revert to a 220/240v supply to maintain temperature. It is NOT a 12v fridge. its a standard 240v fridge with a little 12v cooler that will not work well enough on its own.
  23. If the fridge is using 2 amps at 240v thats around 500 watts which is what you mentioned previously, that sort of power from a 12v battery is in the order of 40 amps plus at least another 10 or more amps lost in the inverter. Your poor batteries have only 200 useful amps no wonder they are dying/dead. You need real forklift batteries and 2 alternators if you want to live like that.
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