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  1. dpaws

    Samofa 2-S-108

    2S108 Overheating update: After many delays due to Covid etc I'm glad to declare the issue solved. The problem was with the installation of the cooling system which had been adapted after removing a JP3. Almost immediately downstream of the small bore thermostat outlet was a T-junction to a single entry expansion tank (a separate compartment of the day tank), with the other branch of the tee feeding the calorifier circuit. The water pump (apparently famed for weak performance) was pressuring the expansion tank, which was open to atmosphere via both the filler cap and the overflow overboard. Following the path of least resistance the water level in the expansion tank quickly rose up beyond the sight gauge until it reached the overflow, after which the system proceeded to slowly empty itself via the overflow... I'd wrongly assumed that the water level was initially rising due to expansion, and, once the water level had exceeded the glass sight gauge's range I then couldn't tell if the expansion tank was full or had emptied since I'd last looked. Thankfully the high temperature alarm had always saved the head gasket as we'd shut down pretty quick and then punt to the nearest bank. We've now disconnected the (day tank) expansion tank and instead have installed an opaque double entry expansion tank that's pressurised against a relief cap. Now it's also much easier to bleed the cooling system and it makes adding additives a breeze. I've since heard on Brinklow's grapevine that another Samofa owner was encountering the exact same issue with their installation. Expansion tanks should always be fitted as far from the pump as possible, preferably just before the coolant re-enters the heat source (engine/boiler). Eberspacher (292100017742) 5l twin outlet header tank, highly recommended for both engine cooling and domestic heating circuits, as are flow meters and bluetooth thermo-probes!
  2. He's a Springer - looks like a dog but they're different... and most deserving of smelly snuggles I'm sure!
  3. Indeed - our little Faversham now burns crackle-wick candles - still enough heat to keep a cuppa warm
  4. Bingo! I found some brass tubes that were threaded at both ends on the chandlery site - the penny's dropped! Bless - thank you!!! So, when there's movement of the prop itself it's because the inner bore of this brass tube has become worn, so you replace the tube. Thank you guys!!
  5. Oh hell - I knew that I didn't quite have my head around this! So, there's a brass tube that fits inside the steel boss tube with screw threads that it locates on. OK, so what lies between the walls of this brass tube and my spinning prop shaft - and what supports the other end of the brass stern tube in relation to the outer steel boss tube? I think the word bearing is confusing me, because in my head a bearing has balls in it! Ahhhh.... OK, thanks Paul - so the steel tube on the end is the same steel tube that's welded to my hull
  6. Good evening all A very basic question which I can't find the answer to! I have a steel tube (boss) sticking out of the back of my hull. I understand that the inside is threaded to accept a bronze bush, and through the centre of this bush passes my 2" dia prop shaft. (threads visible on the attached example photo). I have found the steel boss available at Midland Chandlers and it too has threads on the inside so I assume that the bronze bush is screwed into place from the outside. Please, does anyone have a link to or a photo of these bronze bushes with the appropriate screw threads on the outside surface? Much obliged
  7. Well, Lodden's comment about slipping reversing bands hit the nail on the head (thank you!) - the issue thus solved itself when the old engine and box were removed. With the new PRM500 and a 24" x 15" turbine (55% DAR) 3 blade prop from Clements the first impressions are very favourable. A little fine in pitch perhaps, but I didn't have the 5kW generator online so to be expected and calculated for. Most relevant for other boaters - she now stops beautifully! The stern tube extension and re-profiling of the deadwood etc will be done but has dropped down the list of priorities for now. There are water circulation issues with the present installation so this summer will no doubt be lost re-plumbing. And after we'll see; an 11ft well deck under canvas is under contemplation too...
  8. I wish I could tell you, sadly I haven't a clue - amazing that you'd know and I don't doubt you for a moment! For us that's the breakfast pipe - for listening to the engine warming up over morning coffee - "titch" has a pleasing terrier yap once underway ?(The other two pipes that were on board have gone to live with Sarah - everything's safe with Sarah!)
  9. dpaws

    Samofa 2-S-108

    Good evening all! The spring seems to be upon us so thoughts have returned afloat. Do we have news on this pump conversion kit? Ta muchly
  10. A huge thank you for your kind help and immense support for my design projects, for your endless patience with my ignorance and your generosity for sharing your brilliant mind. I am so so sad that we will never get to stand at the helm of Canopus together.

    Rest in peace my dear friend and pass by whenever; you're always welcome. Heartbroken for your loving son Johan and all those you've left behind. Forgive my tears; I cherished your friendship and you'll always be in my thoughts as the prop churns slowly along the cut. I pray for your peace at rest ?

     — with Jan Karlsson.

  11. dpaws

    Samofa 2-S-108

    Unfortunately not Mike - we've returned to Italy where it's grey and miserable and humid! If you'd like a nosey at the installation just ask Sarah with our blessing (best access through the front doors as the floorboards are up and the steps are dangerous in the aft cabin...)
  12. dpaws

    Samofa 2-S-108

    Just for the record, I have a PRM500 (2:1) mated to the Samofa. My first stab at a prop spec from the various calculators yielded a 24" x 15" 3B LH. 55% "turbine blade" at that's what's fitted at the moment, supplied by Clements (excellent people to deal with). Sadly we only managed a quick paddle up and down the cut given the present over heating issues, but the prop seems well suited - my instinct is that the pitch is a touch too fine, just a tad, but I won't tweak anything until we've spent many more hours underway, particularly with both alternators online. Stopping is certainly no longer an issue, from cruise to still in less than a couple of boat lengths - it'd be quicker but the meaty flywheel has to catch up... The newly fitted morse lever with the integrated bow thruster control allowed our 10yo to take the helm after only 5 minutes of explanation and she handled the boat well; it's really quite intuitive to use. I appreciate it's not to everyone's tastes, but well worth consideration if you intend to share the helm with guests etc. http://www.force4.co.uk/teleflex-morse-ch2800-side-mount-control.html#.WBx1TeErKHo
  13. Ahhh - forgot to mention that the magazine seems to have folded, can't find any trace of it online, including the www.canalsandrivers.co.uk site from the footnote.
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