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  1. Well, Lodden's comment about slipping reversing bands hit the nail on the head (thank you!) - the issue thus solved itself when the old engine and box were removed. With the new PRM500 and a 24" x 15" turbine (55% DAR) 3 blade prop from Clements the first impressions are very favourable. A little fine in pitch perhaps, but I didn't have the 5kW generator online so to be expected and calculated for. Most relevant for other boaters - she now stops beautifully! The stern tube extension and re-profiling of the deadwood etc will be done but has dropped down the list of priorities for now. There are water circulation issues with the present installation so this summer will no doubt be lost re-plumbing. And after we'll see; an 11ft well deck under canvas is under contemplation too...
  2. I wish I could tell you, sadly I haven't a clue - amazing that you'd know and I don't doubt you for a moment! For us that's the breakfast pipe - for listening to the engine warming up over morning coffee - "titch" has a pleasing terrier yap once underway ?(The other two pipes that were on board have gone to live with Sarah - everything's safe with Sarah!)
  3. Good evening all! The spring seems to be upon us so thoughts have returned afloat. Do we have news on this pump conversion kit? Ta muchly
  4. A huge thank you for your kind help and immense support for my design projects, for your endless patience with my ignorance and your generosity for sharing your brilliant mind. I am so so sad that we will never get to stand at the helm of Canopus together.

    Rest in peace my dear friend and pass by whenever; you're always welcome. Heartbroken for your loving son Johan and all those you've left behind. Forgive my tears; I cherished your friendship and you'll always be in my thoughts as the prop churns slowly along the cut. I pray for your peace at rest ?

     — with Jan Karlsson.

  5. Unfortunately not Mike - we've returned to Italy where it's grey and miserable and humid! If you'd like a nosey at the installation just ask Sarah with our blessing (best access through the front doors as the floorboards are up and the steps are dangerous in the aft cabin...)
  6. Just for the record, I have a PRM500 (2:1) mated to the Samofa. My first stab at a prop spec from the various calculators yielded a 24" x 15" 3B LH. 55% "turbine blade" at that's what's fitted at the moment, supplied by Clements (excellent people to deal with). Sadly we only managed a quick paddle up and down the cut given the present over heating issues, but the prop seems well suited - my instinct is that the pitch is a touch too fine, just a tad, but I won't tweak anything until we've spent many more hours underway, particularly with both alternators online. Stopping is certainly no longer an issue, from cruise to still in less than a couple of boat lengths - it'd be quicker but the meaty flywheel has to catch up... The newly fitted morse lever with the integrated bow thruster control allowed our 10yo to take the helm after only 5 minutes of explanation and she handled the boat well; it's really quite intuitive to use. I appreciate it's not to everyone's tastes, but well worth consideration if you intend to share the helm with guests etc. http://www.force4.co.uk/teleflex-morse-ch2800-side-mount-control.html#.WBx1TeErKHo
  7. Ahhh - forgot to mention that the magazine seems to have folded, can't find any trace of it online, including the www.canalsandrivers.co.uk site from the footnote.
  8. Afternoon all - I don't suppose anyone has a copy of the above issue - I'm after a colour scan of the article/review about "Canopus", pages (x4) 075 - 078 inc. I have a B&W version of the piece but the original archive isn't available online Many thanks - fingers crossed!
  9. It's a rather pleasant puddle to be hanging around isn't it the Moka pot's always on... I do hope you didn't notice me lusting after your Gleniffer... was the roof hole big enough?
  10. Well I'll put my original pump to one side for you so at least you'll have something to plug the hole... though it'll need the 4mm pressure relief hole and the valves looking over... and by that time hopefully I'll have reported back re the new conversion
  11. Just curious Mike - How's your Samofa coming along and what are your intentions re water pumps? Did yours arrive without one - rings a bell somewhere in the grey matter archive... I like the idea of being able to watch the bubbles
  12. Thanks, that's understood - the boat will be moored up until your kit is available so as soon as you've got something, I've no intention of risking the head gasket again on a "don't know, could be, try this" sorta basis.
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