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  1. The one thing that's confusing me is that the cable attached to the blade fuse holder is very thin is there a different kind I can use?I used the fridge plugged into the cigarette socket in my van while in Europe and it kicks in for a few minutes every half hour,it's very good and I only need it for milk and a couple of other bits so the size is great.
  2. Use 6mm2 or 8mm2 cable. Thanks for that, Ive looked it up but cant find this, any idea what amp cable it is? Thanks
  3. Its this one http://www.waecofridges.co.uk/freezer/cdf25.htmI think you are right. What cheap fridge can I get that runs on 12v please?
  4. Thanks,its Weacom fridge box with a 30w danfloss compressor its not like a camping fridge box·I think I will probaby need about 5 meters of cable.
  5. My solar panels come with 2 regulators, is it ok to use them both? They are cheap ones, dont want to take any chances?
  6. I have a 12 volt fridge box, with cigarette connecter on the end, the fridge is rated at 30 watts, what amp cable and fuse should I use to connect direct to battery? Many thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies, turns out there is a clamp meter on the boat, so what settings will i need to use? Appreciate all yr comments
  8. Thanks, im using a 30watt 12volt tv for about 4 hours each night, 3watt led lighting, and intermittent pump use, mobile phone charging, no fridge at moment still using outdoor coolbox. Ideally, what should the battery volts be going up to when full charged? Im considering purchasing more solar Thanks
  9. Great ideas thanks,how do you get the bed to stay up in day mode?
  10. I've bought n installed my solar panels, the reading says 12.1 before bed then next morning reads 13.2 volts. So does this mean I've used 1 amp during day?
  11. What is the time that boats should stop running engines/ generators? Trying to watch tim n pru on their peaceful canal journey, n there is a widebeam in front running diesel generator n boat behind that running petrol generator!! Its the third time we've ended up mooring nxt to boats that run engines until 10pm, is it different times on Grand Union?? Just noticed time on this forum is incorrect too! Its 8.30pm!
  12. Just a question, is turning yr TV off whilst adverts on saving more battery power or does turning it back on again use up more power???
  13. Im wanting to convert my bed space into a lift up bed so can use floor space during the day. Any tips or advice for doing this please? Thanks
  14. Having moved from narrow canals to wide, I have found alot more boat movement when moored up using mooring pins, therefore having to readjust pins n rope daily. I try to moor up on piling when possible. Any tips on how to secure the boat better (positioning of mooring pins?), I have a 62 foot, and also use middle rope. Thanks
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