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  1. Does anyone know if the new charging scheme for return trips on the Bridgewater Canal is actually taking place?
  2. We drove past the Wharf pub late this morning, on our way to Napton to our boat. Lots and lots of police and ambulance activity there, wondered what was going on and if it was canal-related........any comments?
  3. Thanks for info......sounds like we'll give it a miss!!
  4. We are on our way up the River Trent from Keadby, came out this afternoon, overnight tonight at Torksey, then on to Cromwell and Newark etc early (0600!!!!) tomorrow, all very peaceful and lovely. Just wondered if anyone had any opinions re stopping on the pontoons at Gainsborough, they look inviting, but we have never stopped there.
  5. Hi, does anyone have up to date info re the reopening of Vicars Hall Bridge on the Bridgewater? I think it was due to reopen today'?
  6. We have recently replaced tired, faded carpet in the living area of our narrowboat with wonderful-looking Karndean flooring. So far, so good. But the advice with the new flooring was to not use a doormat with rubber backing. We feel the need for a mat of some kind, even if we can now sweep up the mud more easily. Anything we have tried is very slippy on the new flooring. Any advice very welcome, thanks.
  7. We bought our first narrowboat from Mark Gordon in 1987, when he was about to hand the business on to Napton Narrowboats. It was indeed a Royal blue hull with a white fibreglass cabin. It was 55 foot long, called Worcester Navigator. We kept the top white, but did paint over it to smarten it up. The boat, having been through at least four more owners, is still afloat and back in the Napton area, now with the fibreglass painted a different colour. We loved the boat to bits, were very proud of it, and travelled extensively on the canal network, although we were not confident enough in the engine power to tackle the tidal Trent and Thames.
  8. Bridgewater canal

  9. Does anyone know the logic to the issuing of new licence numbers to boats? Is there a new sequence each year, or do they just go on chronologically?
  10. Just had a very nice meal at The Barley Mow, first time we have been in there, since taken over by Kelly and Simon in 2013. Lots of changes to the layout of the pub, all very friendly, welcoming and pleasant. Definitely on our list for next time we are passing.
  11. We have just cruised slowly down the Thames from Lechlade to Dukes Cut, where we have (reluctantly, as we SO loved the Thames) turned back on to the Oxford Canal. The upper Thames was so quiet, all the boaters we met so friendly, especially the cruiser-owners, we had lots of good chats while sharing locks. The lock-keepers were so friendly and helpful. Plenty of moorings available all along the river, much quieter than when we last cruised up there. It was a joy!!
  12. Am friends of friends of the boat owners, what a relief for you both. Great that CaRT are so vilgilent nowadays, without their checking, this could have gone in for far far longer. Well done to CaRT, good to be able to praise them unequivocally.
  13. We just squeezed under with minor damage to a flower tub. There are three very low bridges in that part of the canal. The boat has been through Standedge tunnel, so is not that high out of the water! More warning on the bridges would be welcome. A local volunteer told us that the level can vary by up to a foot, so maybe we were very unlucky, but advance warning would be welcome. Will feed that back to the canal centre when I take in my feedback comment sheet.
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