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  1. Yes, as well as doing repairs and maintenance work we have a hull in production and two bespoke fit-outs on Wilson hulls.
  2. Really... otherwise I wasted £3 on a fathers day card last week! 😆
  3. My Dad is still alive and kicking! As was Ian Kemp when I spoke to him last Christmas!
  4. If I were buying a boat I would be asking Vladimir at HMS SURVEYS - Quality marine surveys from qualified marine surveyor to undertake it for me. Great guy and incredibly thorough.
  5. I've not got much left, supply issues! I think all I have is one top plate, a few grates, protection plates, legs and oven shelves.
  6. And they are also absolutely lovely guys that really care about their product.
  7. You also have to consider that we are navigating a muddy ditch... Not that I am saying I'm not for progress at all, I'm all for it. I just favour tried, tested and good quality.
  8. Yes, it's something we do as standard. Also done traditionally as seen on my old Josher when we had her in the workshop...
  9. We're hanging in there, flying the flag for the trad hulls, this one is nearing completion at Glascote...
  10. Hi Sarah, David Mack suggested I contact you direct about finding someone to fabricate a new cabin cover. Is that something you can help with? Thanks.

    1. sarahavfc


      If you’re in Tamworth, can you bring the boat to the visitor moorings at Glascote Top Lock and we will look at the job for you? Our number is 01827 311317. Regards Sarah 

    2. Amh300


      Thank you Sarah. I'm moored at Fazeley marina and won't be able to get over for a while - boat about to have engine work done. But useful to know you are there. I meant hatch cover - see photo. It's a wooden base!

      hatch cover.jpg

  11. You’ll need to find yourself a friendly welder! It may be worth your while checking the smoke box when you have got the flue pipe off and also checking the top ring on the top plate as they are all prone to cracking.
  12. The 3mm part is the area that needs to be addressed in the works.
  13. They were still there when I was in the yard last week.
  14. This is my understanding too, and as Dave says, Dennis Cooper runs the moorings.
  15. Stafford Boat Club would be my first port of call.
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