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  1. sarahavfc

    M.B. Aries

    Yes, that is certainly Trevor in post 56 and Dad is pictured in post 51, in the last picture winching the boat out of the water. When I was at school I did a project which involved designing and making a lamp, Trevor helped me with my project and I got in trouble for it being too good! I’m now very pleased to own a boat built by Dad and fitted out (over about 4 years...) by Trevor.
  2. sarahavfc

    Recommend a boat painter?

    Just to confirm, we weren’t painting Boats at Norton Canes in 2014.
  3. sarahavfc

    Rank these boat builders!

    I’ve not had to touch the ceiling. The original varnish is still in excellent condition. The only bit I have re done is where I took out cupboards between the galley and saloon. Its not quite finished, but I’m pleased with how the modernising is going.
  4. sarahavfc

    Rank these boat builders!

    I may be a little biased but I would agree with this. 6 months ago I purchased a 70ft Norton Canes built in 1991 for what I thought to be a sensible amount of money. The fitout is in solid Brazilian mahogany, it has a vintage (ish) engine and back cabin and a great liveaboard layout. I’ve done a bit of modernising inside and the boat is now looking great. We’ve just had her out of the water for gritblasting and 2K epoxy blacking. Hull is in sound condition for its age, a little pitting but nothing scary, which the 2K epoxy has now put to bed. Do your homework and go for a pedigree builder would be my advice. Sarah
  5. sarahavfc

    Crane / launch location suggestions, Midlands.

    If you’re really lucky Mick will answer 😉
  6. sarahavfc

    Crane / launch location suggestions, Midlands.

    I will have a crane at Glascote Basin around that date. Give me a call on Monday if interested 01827311317. Sarah
  7. sarahavfc

    wyrley essington

    The bottom appears to have got a lot closer to the top. That’s a hell of a lot of water to have lost.
  8. sarahavfc

    wyrley essington

    We’re in Pelsall and I’ve just been outside to have a look, it’s a bit dark but the levels seem to be extremely low, I’ll have a better look in the morning.
  9. sarahavfc

    Historic Boat Insurance

    Try GJW, they are actively encouraging historic boat owners to insure with them.
  10. sarahavfc

    Chimney chain

    Looks like a Lesters can to me.
  11. sarahavfc

    Surveyor Recommendation Please

    Iain Jones is my preference.
  12. sarahavfc

    Dry dock stop planks - advice requested

    The first thing we did was burn the old stop planks for ours and fabricate a new steel guilottine gate. Not cheap even done in house, but saves a hell of a lot of time, doesn't leak and keeps the dock far cleaner.
  13. sarahavfc

    Glascote top lock

    The collar on the top gate had snapped and the gate couldn't be opened. I reported it to CRT, told them exactly what it was and they were out within half an hour with all the right kit and spares, all sorted and open after an hour and a half: Great job.
  14. sarahavfc

    Who is the painter?

    Ron Hough.
  15. sarahavfc

    Tamworth engineering supplies...

    Good to see you and I'm pleased we could help.

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