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  1. Comming up Llangollen the difference between the CRT lockies and the volunteers was most noticable.CRT people asked if I was ready for them to open the paddles,and chatted as we waited for them to fiil;the volunteers totally ignored me and got on with the job in silience.I know which I prefer.
  2. Is it possible to operate the swing bridges on the L&L singlehanded?
  3. Never done the K&A,judging from a lot of the background shots it looks like mostly continuous linear moorings...are there any open views left?
  4. What is the correct service interval for a 1.5 please
  5. Has anyone tried adding meths to their diesel to remove water?I used it several years ago on a petrol engine to good effect.The meths forms a solution with the water which then burns as normal in the engine,I just wondered if it would work in the same way in a diesel engine.
  6. What are the opinions on here? Is it bad luck yo change the name of a boat?
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