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  1. Felling axe, hatchet, two bow saws, hand saw, coping saw, secateurs, billhook, chainsaw and bolt cutters.
  2. He's gone to rescue Rosie and Jim from those Somalian pirates!
  3. Adding my thanks too. If we ever cross paths, I'll have to buy you a beer or three.
  4. Lit mine this morning. Purely for the porpoises of 'sweating out' man flu of course ......
  5. Tesco offerings are the worst I've had. Never tried the asda version ..... don't think I'll bother now.
  6. Co op do nice glazed ring doughnuts ..... slightly apple flavoured.
  7. As part of the parade team, I've met a lot of HB owners at Braunston Rally over the last two year and there have been only a few who have seemed standoffish. The vast majority though, are friendly and will chat to us mere mortals. :-D
  8. I don't own a historic boat. I've never steered one either but even I, in my limited experience, know they're deeper draughted. Therefore they need more water under their back end irresspective of whether they're loaded or not. Just don't slow right down to pass them, or pull right over. I aim to pass them at no more than a foot apart at a sensible speed. It's worked for me so far anyway.
  9. Sorry for late reply. It slows to a trickle when I switch the water pump off but when it's on it's like an extra tap. Water pump is a shurflo 3901. Its only just started doing it this week. There's an accumulator next to the water pump. Not noticed it when engine not running .... will have to check.
  10. Advice needed please. Having just filled my water tank, I noticed a constant flow coming from a skin fitting linked to the calorifier. If I turn a tap on, it stops, when the tap is off it starts again. Any ideas welcome.
  11. These were out in the 80s. I do own the 'cure for tourettes' t shirt amongst others. Can't post links or pics from phone buts it's available through Amazon.
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