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  1. May I suggest that you apply for membership of the FES. I am sure they would be delighted to have the benefit of your clear thinking and uncanny ability to get hold of the wrong end of every stick that comes along.
  2. No I didn't . . . they did, when they were renting me an LT mooring at Holme Lock and subsequently after I began renting a mooring at Barton-in-Fabis. Licence Renewals are sent out with mooring and other details already filled in by C&RT.
  3. I haven't been trying to analyse anything, nor do I need to "rebut" anything in C&RT's printout, in which they list me with a home mooring at Barton-in-Fabis (with their Invoices/Charges for that mooring) at the same time they were Invoicing me for one of their moorings at Holme Lock. They actually included copy Invoices for the Holme Lock LT Mooring with the Barton-in-Fabis printout . . . helpful of them, wasn't it.
  4. I haven't entered any home mooring location into C&RT's records, they have, as only they can, for the last eleven years at Barton-in-Fabis on their computer records and since 2012 on Licence Renewals.
  5. I am not complaining . . . just the opposite really. I'm sorry if you are finding this confusing, but I am simply passing on information, given to me by a C&RT EO. If you are not at all concerned that C&RT may be recording inaccurate information about your boat,it's LIcence,it's moorings and movements, then that is entirely a matter for you, and all is well.
  6. I don't . . . but I am quoting what C&RT's EO Stuart Garner told me . . . their system does it. Why should we not believe him?
  7. It refers to what is said in the next few sentences, but perhaps I should have added that my current home mooring is at Barton-in-Fabis,as it has been since BW/C&RT stopped renting me a long term mooring at Holme Lock (some 10 miles away) at the end of September 2011. Now C&RT's records( printout) show my boat as not having a home mooring anywhere other than Barton-in-Fabis since 2003. It's incidental to this thread, but C&RT are at present refusing to renew my Licence because they don't believe Barton-in-Fabis is a genuine home mooring. Hardly surprising that C&RT disbelieve their own records though, after all who would be better placed than them to know how unreliable they are.
  8. It's not expectations that are not being matched, it's facts, because C&RT's system is changing previous entries to read the same as the most recent (current) entry.
  9. Yes you are correct, and thank you for the post. I was beginning to despair of anyone actually reading and understanding what I said in the OP.
  10. Have I mentioned Section 8, CC regs or C&RT's lack of satisfaction . . . no, I don't think so. Maybe you should join MtB in re-reading the OP.
  11. If you've looked at the OP again to see what I said about the Computer System doing the editing, then you might also spot the mention of a "print out".
  12. It isn't employees editing retrospectively, it's the Computer System doing it . . . as I said in the OP.
  13. It doesn't `keep no history` . . . it amends previously recorded information. Really useful if, for instance, you want show that a boat is still at the same location as when last sighted.
  14. re-enter name as Tony Dunkley

  15. Well, it would seem not, having recently produced a printout showing my boat's current Home Mooring as the same location since 2003. Not only is this some six years before I bought the boat, but it also omits the period up to the end of September 2011 when I was renting a Long Term Mooring from BW/C&RT at Holme Lock on the Trent. When questioned about this C&RT's local Enforcement superstar, Stuart Garner said . ." Oh it's that `thing` with our system". He obligingly went on to explain that when a new location for a boat is being entered how their system can erase the previous locations and re-enter them as the same as the new location. Keen to find out more I contacted a specialist IT company and from their appraisal of what had been said, their advice was to ask C&RT the following :- Since being made aware of the problems with your computer system by Stuart Garner during a telephone call on 14 July 2014, I have sought advice from a specialist IT company experienced in providing software systems for process management and record keeping for such as Government Departments and Police. They have indicated that the constant retrospective Location Record changes at the time of new entries against Customer or Contract numbers may well be due to the lack of a secure and valid audit trail, rendering the system unfit for purpose. Obviously more information is needed for full assessment of your system and the implications for boat owners, and C&RT, of your use of it. I am unsure whether we should ask for this information as an FOI Request or an SAR. Please advise. Signed A.K.Dunkley. Unsurprisingly there is, as yet, no reply.
  16. On C&RT's own figures it costs £2.18 million p.a. to run the Enforcement Team, the primary function of which is to combat Licence evasion. Not doing too well really . . . "piss-taking" perhaps?
  17. How many members agree that 4% is acceptable . . . it actually represents one unlicenced boat for approximately every one and a half miles of waterway under C&RT control . . . is that good?
  18. Cut and pasted from C&RT letter. In fact the 17(3)c(ii) anomaly was commented on by Nigel Moore previously.
  19. ". . . . we are not satisfied that the mooring at Barton-in-Fabis is a genuine home mooring that falls within the above stated section 17(3)©(ii) of the 1995 Act. Enclosed is your refused licence application and your cheque for the licence fee. Yours sincerely" They do think they can do that though . . . . from a C&RT letter dated 27 June 2014
  20. Yes we are, but C&RT claimed at one point to be taking action against me for overstaying on VM's . . . more info. on Post 352
  21. Why don't you read earlier posts before repeating previously made ill informed speculation? I have never moored on a VM with my present boat since buying it.
  22. They are public moorings ( land owned by Nottingham City or County Council) and nothing to do with C&RT . . . no time limits but you are likely to be in the company of some of the local Licence dodgers who are ignored by C&RT Enforcement in favour of easier targets like owners of more valuable boats which are potentially more profitable to seize and sell.
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