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  1. https://library.sciencemadness.org/library/books/ignition.pdf
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Although it was raining hard at the time ...
  4. Feed it with hot water via a thermostatic mixer valve set to the wash temperature you desire. The motor only uses a few hundred Watts, nearly all the power goes into heating the water.
  5. I quite agree, it just struck me as funny. The real limit for solar on boats - as you are well aware - is available roof space for them. Wallet depth is another consideration, but that can be spread out over time if needed, the roof size tends to stay fixed.
  6. Well no, I don't tend to use the B2B much in summer ... Most non-electric boaters get a couple of panels and then say "Diesel do for me"
  7. Just watch out that Renogy quote the output power of their B2B and Sterling quote the input power. The Sterling 60A takes 60A from the charge source and delivers around 45A to the battery. The Renogy 60A delivers 60A to the battery so takes 80-90A from the source. It makes quite a difference if you're trying not to kill an alternator! Both can be switched to half-power mode though, but if it's going to be used permanently, buy the smaller B2B! I ended up going for a clearance Sterling - works fine but has a scratched case. Also Renogy emailed me this morning to say they're having a sale this week. It's of no interest to me, but if you have already decided on their product ...
  8. More important than mentioning boats is that it's formulated for constant immersion in water. Some aren't made for this, just for getting wet occasionally.
  9. That's a letter N ... I was thinking more like a Z!
  10. Bolt the hinges together like a letter Z, with the hinged movement at each corner. Attach the top to the panel and the bottom to the roof. Then use the bottom hinge to tilt left or the top hinge to tilt right.
  11. Lorry transport is quite cheap, but cranes at either end can be very expensive. Where are you looking at as a start and finish location? This will affect the price for road transport & crane costs or hiring a professional boatmover or cruising the boat yourself.
  12. Point the vents towards your feet for winter cruising, they are lovely. Not very efficient, but toasty warm!
  13. If you buy less battery monitors than @Tony1 you'll be able to afford more batteries!
  14. Bolting two of them together "top & tail" would allow tilting two ways.
  15. That's what the watermaker is for, to avoid having to go to a tap!
  16. Eh? My water maker doesn't need solar power, it's fuelled by beer ...
  17. They only sell hearing aid batteries so no use for the boat ...
  18. As an afterthought, if you really don't like the idea of zeroing all the badge scores, at least consider altering the thresholds for each level - perhaps multiply the defaults by 10 or even by 100 to spread out the badges more. If nearly everyone has the same highest possible level it's meaningless.
  19. Not sure why you'd think that - none of us had any badges last week, so it's not like we've worked hard for them - and having 90% of the regular posters on the highest rank makes a mockery of the system. It may also be off-putting to new members, although this could also happen further down the line if you reset them all to zero. Good call, thanks. I'd still prefer to see all badges zeroed and it only calculate going forward not looking backwards. Mind you, I'd also like to see "greenies" not be available at all or not be counted in the virtual pub or the political sections. It does seem counterproductive that someone who sticks to good, informative posts on a boating topic can not possibly "win" the day. It is nearly always political pointscoring from one faction or another - in a section that many members never even visit - that decides the leaderboard, so again this feature seems pointless to me if it's not scored only from the main forum.
  20. "I've come to fix your plumbing!" by Mike the Boilerman?
  21. Er, don't you mean three months every half year? It adds up to the same number of days in a year but means you can't spend the whole summer there ...
  22. HNBC deliberately chose "pre-springer" as a cutoff date! There's quite a few boats I'm aware of that are on the Historic Ships Register but don't count as historic narrowboats. There's one I'm aware of that was built in the early 70's as a replica of an older boat that's now a historic craft in it's own right, being over 50 years old. Admittedly she's not currently in the water, but she's getting fettled slowly with a view to relaunching soonish.
  23. Rising again - rapidly - after older boats become historic boats, obviously. Boats up to about 50 or 60 years old tend to lose value, and the odd few deemed worthy of preserving then increase in value again.
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