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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. There plenty of mass debaters in there though ...
  3. Are you suggesting that the plastic and paper cartridge type are better than the oil baths for the blowlamp treatment?
  4. That's usually preceded by a loud splash when an irate neighbour kicks it in the water ...
  5. I often do. Just don't tell Ian about the geese on your return trip
  6. Where? There's nowhere I can think of to eat at Riley Green. Calypso Caribbean restaurant on Eanam Wharf however is a strong recommendation.
  7. What, like the fat punk? 😁 I bet you've been comparing lithium's with him ...
  8. I'll give you five weeks before you start fettling it ... A week up and down the Lanky and you'll have it back at your workshop!
  9. Other way round. Most accurate tries to use local WiFi networks to refine the position, less accurate only uses GPS. It used to drive me mad until I figured this out, as I'm very often close to the same portable hotspot, but rarely in the same location.
  10. If the OP still has a narrow boat, moving out for a month or more shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  11. Boat mail, so that address will be being investigated for fraud as it's had hundreds of claims!
  12. Shut again, has been for months. Waiting for a new mug to sign a lease. The Kirkless Hall Inn reopened last year though - second to the top lock on Wigan Flight, so quite tempting to stop but not advisable! We once got told off for leaving a trip boat in the lock and going for a meal, despite being the only boat moving on the flight heading for the dry dock. Anchor Inn at Gargrave is right on the lock, sadly it's a pretend pub attached to a Premier Inn. The last time we went in we looked at the beer selection and ordered a jug of Pimms ...
  13. Hard disagree! If you make your own electric from sunshine/wind/magic pixies as opposed to hookup or otherwise wasted diesel while cruising you are far more likely to want to save every precious kWh.... In summer it's less of an issue, so can someone arrange summer to happen please. Soon would be good!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. I've done this over a previous, no longer available 2-pack. It does need to be thoroughly cleaned before and after grinding/ abrading and I've only lost bits of it where bits of canal infrastructure got in the way I've used it, and this technique of several other boats too and have always been pleased with the results. Usually get it from King's Lock chandlery, and will use it again next time.
  16. Add the new images as a CAPTCHA on the politics forum .... Have to identify one before being allowed to post
  17. I used to wonder how boaters that think they need a twelve foot gap ever manage to get into narrow locks and bridges. Then I looked more closely at the stones and bricks and stopped wondering!
  18. John K isn't in the UK. His laws are different to ours ...
  19. Three beers and a sack of coal for 600 quid sounds like London prices to me ...
  20. Put them the correct way round and they shouldn't bind. Still need watching though, and I'm aware you nearly came unstuck once when one of your crew was given that advice by the aforementioned idiot. I wouldn't do in a lock without leaving more slack than the maximum possible rise though!
  21. I'm predicting an increase of at least £600 on CCer's licences - CRT said they'd let us know by "summer" and it's nearly September now ... I'm waiting for the cries of "not fair" from those who didn't have a licence at all between February and May!
  22. It always irritates me when I see people stood next to a perfectly good bollard or ring struggling to hold their boat on a line. Pick a windy day near a lock and you'll see nearly all boaters do this. I get odd looks when I stick a turn round a bollard and stand there holding the line with my thumb and one finger for long enough to prove the point before tying up and wandering up to the lock to sort out the chaos help the other boaters.
  23. Depends how you look at it. Didn't all second/holiday homes which had an electricity supply contract get the money on the original scheme from last October? I think it was deemed cheaper to hand over the £400 than to set up a system to check who got what. Boats may legally be lived on on the canals if they have either a full residential mooring or if they are declared as CCers/ no home mooring. After a year of scratching their heads, this is what the government have come up with. It sounds harsh, but those who live "under the radar" on leisure moorings are not currently recognised as a group by officialdom. If they become recognised they may get thrown off the mooring and/or have to pay backdated Band A council tax ...
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