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  1. Good Lord, I look a bit grumpy in that shot. Glad you got the "registered Panama" ensign in. No one gets that, and I went 3000 miles for it.
  2. I imagine this type of thing isn't exclusive to IT.
  3. Righty-ho. The planner should now work. Alas, I only had the stage points to work from at time of going to press, so the mileage and bonus calculations needed to be re-jigged. There's no green bonus as we don't seem to be doing that anymore ("f*** the turtles" as an ex-crew mate of mine would say), and pairs get a bonus every 15 miles if over 70'. You can also score points up and down Oldbury locks. Every year I've done this a new rule is introduced which forces a major re-write, this year's was "Paired boats with 5 or more crew will receive one basic point for each lock worked by both boats plus one bonus basic point for each full lock flight worked." There's no variable in the code to distinguish a lock flight, so if you're mob handed on a working pair, you'll have to work out your own bonus. This is the first time in my IT career I've been given an incomplete spec, followed by complaints that it don't work right.* *No it isn't.
  4. I have removed the pesky webring thing that used to fanny with the address bar causing annoyances like the above. I cannot remember why I included it in the first place, possibly because I thought it was the thing to do. It's all so out of date now that I should maybe get rid of everything bar the planner! Cheers, folks.
  5. Yes. How did that happen? We had all the heavy stuff.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. What an excellent get-out-of-jail-free card for a short arse (like me). Thanks for all the responses. I feel all informed.
  9. Anyway know about the safety of leaving cars overnight in Star City? Any experiences? Looked fairly quiet when I was last there prior to BCN, but thought I'd ask.
  10. Ah, nothing rounds off a lovely weekend more than getting safely home and pumping out your shit tank... Hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Apologies for fenegueing* at the end, went back to the Cat, had something to eat, watched the Grand Prix and then the Old Swan did its magic. Hope nobody complained about an engine running after 8pm. We'll be in this next year (Nicki and John in the top one). *a word of the Mate's invention, having "lightweight" connotations.
  11. Yes, sorry about that for all those who've missed it. I did make a start at incorporating new rules, but I've had a bit of a busy year. I did start (road to hell, etc) but... Anyone familiar with the protracted nature of my fit out will not be surprised...
  12. This is correct, and as Alan says, highly inadvisable. Enrol on an RYA course, they're on offer all around the country (google is your friend!). They're tend to be cheaper off season, too, when to my mind the experience is better because you get less predictable weather conditions. They tailor courses to sail or power, so take your pick. An added advantage to me was that the course I went on was mixed ability, so I got to see what was expected at more advanced levels.
  13. No worries. I've been a bit dilatory with my application this year, so I'll get sent off for my copy of this year's points and git 'er done.
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