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  1. Unfortunately I normally would call my last examiner, but I’m several hundred miles away from there, ‘out on the network’ cruising.
  2. Hello, I’m looking for a Boat Safety Examiner in the Banbury/Oxford area. The type that is understanding, helpful and practical rather than the pedantic make-your-life-misererable type, if folk know what I mean! Any recommendations would be great, thank you
  3. Hi All, I've got a Pete Nicholls boat built in 1982. She's in really good nick and I've generally had her base plate backed at my local marina. I know many folk do not do this, but I can tell you that the bitumen has always been on there when she's been re-blacked, so it's not always the case of 'don't bother, it will come off on the bottom of the canal'! I am by Braunston, heading south on the Oxford Canal. can anyone recommend any boat yards where they will also black the baseplate? Thank you
  4. Thanks so much. Given that the top bearings are only about £23, I think that’s certainly going to be the first plan. I think that I’ll also get in the water when it’s a bit warmer (yep... in my wetsuit) and also check out the rudder in more detail as suggested.
  5. There is no play at all when pushing up/pressing down on the tiller arm, as well as with the tiller arm full left and full right.
  6. I’ve had the Boat three and a half years, & I’ve not greased it during that time (I’ll do the walk of shame) - simply because I didn’t know that this should be on the ‘servicing list’. In fact, it came with the grease nipple well painted-over... what is the best type of grease to use? Would stern gland grease suffice, or does it need to be white lithium? No damage to the prop that I can see - it seems to spin freely and true on the prop shaft.
  7. Hi Bizzard, I have a ball race type top bearing, with a nipple grease gland.
  8. My steering has been developing a sound over the last few months, which seems to be coming from the rudder area - hard to locate. When I pull up on the tiller arm - this stops the sound. I do not have any impingement in movement from the rudder; there is no clunking, and moving the tiller arm is smooth in all directions. There is some very slight shudder, but that’s it/ I’m trying to establish what the sound could be, and whether it’s a possible bearing issue. I’ve checked the prop - no play in this, so that’s been discounted. Any ideas? I’m concerned that it could be the rudde bearings just starting to go. If so, what are the symptoms, and how easy is it to replace them, with the Boat in the water? Thanks All.
  9. Hi there, I've just bought a 1983 Pete Nicholls boat, and the nut on the swan neck has come loose on turning the boat round meaning we lost steering. We've re-tightened using a wrench, but again on turning round today it's worked it's away loose again. Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do about it? Maggie
  10. thanks Athy & SueB! I will be a constant cruiser in London and on the Thames, and that's good advice about the picture doors. I will be handling the boat solo - but I plan to convert the lounge into a second bedroom - so that I can get a boatmate. I figure that a 60ft boat will be a whole lot easier to heat/sail with two sets of hands. There's been a sudden twist to the story though - the first boat apparently is NOT for sale, but is constantly being listed by a disgruntled boyfriend of the owner!!! So we need to take that one out of the equation. One other question I'll throw into the mix: I'm viewing a boat tonight that has been re-plated and requires extensive work. I have a good fund set aside for repairs - what does everyone think? http://www.apolloduck.com/feature.phtml?id=322506 Thanks, Maggie
  11. Hi All, Firstly I wanted to say a hello to forum members. As a complete boating newbie, I need all the help I can get - & there is so much offered from experienced boaters on this forum! I'm in the process of finding/buying my first boat. It's exciting but overwhelming! I'm looking to buy a 60ft boat, so that I can have two bedrooms. I'm not looking for a mooring, and it will be a lives board. I have a total budget of up to £30k, but would prefer it if my boat was up & running at £25k - am I being unrealistic?? I have a reliable carpenter who can do fit out/trim inside, but tbh I'm more interested in the hull being in good nick. I realise that for the money I'm looking at, it's probably going to be an older boat.... So I'm completely sure that the survey will be the key item for me to be obtaining. There's a couple of boats that I'm interested in- I think that I can get extra work done on top in terms if lay-out, trim etc, but I'd really appreciate people's views on them... http://apolloduck.net/225999 http://apolloduck.net/321562 What think you all??? The worst thing about buying a boat is the feeling that I don't really know what I should be looking for, and would value opinions / pairs of eyes!!! Thanks Maggie
  12. Hello All, I'm brand new to boating - this is a fabulous forum - so much helpful information!!!!
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