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  1. At the moment we are static in a marina but I am vacuuming out about a pint of water from my hull floor every few days. The water pump is making a noise every 15 seconds, which I am told is caused by a pressure drop in the water system. The leaking water increases significantly when we are cruising. I have looked at the pump, the pipes and the calorifier ( I was sure the problem was there because it was completely boxed in and I had to remove a a built in cupboard to find it) Alas, there was no sign of leaking and I am none the wiser. Has anyone got any idea where the water is coming from ba
  2. Thanks to everyone The vactan has white flecks, this is not an idea. The flecks are not tacky. If I re-do it should I wire brush the area first. If I just put more vactan on top it will not penetrate to the metal. Perhaps the white flecks were caused by water droplets caused by condensation which stopped the vactan getting throughat these points. thanks
  3. Thanks for input on vactan. I did know it was supposed to go black and the white flecks aren't an idea; they are just there Mike If I were to do it again do i need to wire brush the vactan whereThe white bits are (if I just paint vactan on it will not penetrate through the white flecks) Oh yes, the flecks are not tacky Odana. Perhaps there was some water droplets stopping the vactan at these points.
  4. Hi I painted my quite rusty weed hatch floor with vactan. This was after wire brushing and removing all loose and semi loose rust and drying off the floor as much as possible. Unfortunately, the result is not entirely successful because the area turned mostly black as it was supposed to it is dotted with white flecks. This suggests the area is not entirely rust proofed. Does anyone know what should be done to correct the sitation.
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