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  1. Depends, if everyone were in Volkswagens possibly not
  2. Funniest moments for me which has happened a couple of times now is when Vettel gets overtaken he's on the radio screaming about dangerous driving by the other driver. Perhaps Ecclestone ought to think about allowing Mercedes to only race in half the races to spice things up a bit, would certainly mean the constructers championship wouldn't be over by May
  3. With you on Adele. Think she's Subos secret love child. You can add Madonna to most overrated as well
  4. Thanks, interesting he said ( lying through his teeth) so I still stand by my original statement :-)
  5. Life, the universe, pretty much everything really
  6. Well, at least you can put lines through words which I've never found out how to do :-). Have a good one
  7. YamYam

    Nessie found!

    Well thanks for confirming he/she is not on the BCN so still nothing to see here folks, sorry
  8. YamYam

    What if...

    I went more in the Neil rather than Rick direction I'm afraid which might explain it better, but without the lentils I hasten to add :-)
  9. YamYam

    Nessie found!

    Good point, would rather you have the grockles up there. One thing for certain is he or she does not live anywhere near the BCN, so pointless spoiling the peace and tranquillity around here just to make sure
  10. I admire your dedication. Shows me up as the philistine I am by waiting for the big jars of Nescafe to be on offer for 4 quid at Asda and then stocking up :-)
  11. They look smart I must admit. I'm so sad I still have the ones given away at petrol stations many many years ago (slight colour tinge in the glass) and recently bought 3 plain glass ones for a £1 from Home Bargains or one of the related chains. Can't remember which but a bargain nonetheless :-)
  12. The big mistake I've seen from the photos so far is as usual I haven't seen a glass cup. It's the only way coffee should be taken. Those mug things are useful, granted, but only for half filling with turps to clean a paintbrush
  13. YamYam

    What if...

    Ha ha, greenie for that one
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