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  1. Can someone please explain the best way to remove all three of my ejectors from my engine so that I can get them checked over due to one of them is leaking a little fuel thank you
  2. Nds123

    Boat safety

    May I thank everyone so far for there views and comments so far. Some have stated what I was asking in my original question of other boat owners who have the same set up as mine in what is the best solution I could use for the safety of my boat and others as in the pass other boat safety inspections have never picked up my boat for this important issue hence way I’m trying to understand for my safety as well as others so no one will get hurt am all for the BSS and I do know the rules after being on the water 23 yrs but if you don’t ask i will never know what is right or wrong
  3. Nds123

    Boat safety

    Recently had a BSS done i have a 50 Tug Narrowboat with gas lookers on both sides as you enter the boat from the bow i can store 2 x 13kg gas bottles one in each my questions are is there any other Tug Narrowboat with this set up and have you had any troubles with passing a boat safety test
  4. Have sent a message to martyn with ref buying one of these speeder springs
  5. It's a Governor spring ?
  6. Hi, need help please in finding a speed control spring ( not the correct name for item) for my JS3M engine the one i have at the moment I feel is not the correct one and has stretch
  7. Trying to find the best prices for SAE30 25L oil Please any help would be appreciated Thank you
  8. Can I ask please for advice for best Antifreeze for a lister JS3M
  9. This is the problem with rust going around my cooling system Have had the back cut out grit blasted and replaced looking a lot better
  10. Thank you all for the advice have sent the photos to Martyn of my engine How much anti freeze does the JS3M hold please just the engine ? Does any one have any photos pitctures of a cross section of the jp or js ? I have flushed the engine and yes byeck you was right a lot of small peace of Rush was around the tape area using a vac got some of it out
  11. Possible it's blocked The lower tap when turned on is showing a lot of black water showing the top of engine is clean anti freeze
  12. Hi to all As stated above I feel I have a little problem with over heating with my JS3M. I see there some bleed point well I assumed they are bleed points on the engine its self I have changed the antifreeze and tried to clear out some of the rust out of the expanction tank that possible may be some were around the engine its self Am due to change my oil soon as I have done now approx 500 hrs now However my main question is please what's the best way to get the air looks out. Regards
  13. Nds123

    Oil for JS3M

    Hi to all, From what advice I have been given I thank you all The question I have is when adjusting the pressure release value e in how many times do you turn it once you have undone the locking nut Thank you again to all.
  14. Nds123

    Oil for JS3M

    Am I worrying over something to much. My oil pressure when starting and fo a hour or so reads around 18/20 psi However slowly will go to around 5 psi after 3/4 hours cursing As stated my engine is a JS3M Help needed please Thank you
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