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  1. 1 minute ago, Mike the Boilerman said:


    Just googled it. Oh I see what you mean.


    Oh you utter SNOWFLAKE! Report me and get it taken down then. 


    I can see why you couldn't hack it on Thunderbox. :giggles:

    Micheal, I still post on thunderboat, but I note you dare not venture there.


    More hypocrisy from you.

  2. Just now, Mike the Boilerman said:






    1 minute ago, frahkn said:


    It's a complex and intellectually difficult issue requiring careful analysis.


    But on balance..... it's twaddle.

    It's only twaddle if you have no idea about how it can work or if you have never actually done it I guess.

  3. Just now, Mike the Boilerman said:





    Care to expand Michael? As I said I was actually doing it before 2011. Are you saying I am making it up or lying?


    The facts are that the potential for remote working, conference calling and internet networking haven't yet been fully exploited and expanded. We should be doing that.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Mike the Boilerman said:


    I too thought it was a capacity issue. Only the opponents of it focus of getting there quicker. 


    The twaddle about working on line instead of travelling is just that. Twaddle. How can one visit an exhibition to see, touch and feel new products in ones field for example, on line and £1m deals struck without meeting the other party? Answer? It doesn't. How can 10,000 tonnes of freight be moved to Brum on line? Or from Brum to London? How do you visit your sick mother in hospital in London when you live in Brum, on line? The examples of real life demad for travel are easy to imagine, if you have any imagination that is.


    It's not twaddle. I was doing it years ago before I retired. Yes there are some things that need face to face or direct contact, like fixing a leaky tap. But lots of stuff can be done over the internet or via. a group conference call.

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  5. 40 minutes ago, Mac of Cygnet said:


    Really? I've always pronounced 'clough' as in Brian, not as in cow, and never got any funny looks  from the cognoscenti.  Anywhere I could confirm my mistake, please? 

    It is cloughs as in Brian.


    And the term only refers to the ground paddles not the gate paddles afaik.

  6. 1 hour ago, Arthur Marshall said:

    I'm planning on having one last go at the Leeds Liverpool next summer, before I get too decrepit to handle Wigan.  I'm starting from Macclesfield and probably going up the T&M and Bridgewater and then as far as Bingley before turning round.  It's been nearly thirty years since I last went up there, so any advice as to stopping places, shopping etc anywhere north of Lymm would be much appreciated.

    Wait at the bottom, there will surely be another boat going up.


    When we did it we approached the bottom and another boat appeared from nowhere.

  7. 1 hour ago, Horace42 said:

    Mini disaster .... in starting to prepare an answer here last night,  I spent a couple of  hours going over old notes buried in the office (they go back 60 years) hoping to translate into everyday language masses of complex medical terms, that I find hard to remember because I do not move in medical circles (I'm and engineer) but regretfully all my comments in the 'reply' box have disappeared - and I have run out of spare time at the moment to start again.  I will try again if I can.

    Meanwhile comments have come in from others that largely give a fairly simple explanation of what happens in the body when we breathe CO - from which is is reasonable to conclude that we should avoid it where possible.

    If you re quote the post you followed up on or even just re-start the post you started you may find the forum software has saved your post as a draft from which you can start again. (Though note this doesn't always seem to work)

  8. Interesting that the regs. (what there is) is so much more relaxed for a boat than in a house.


    When our stove was fitted at home we couldn't have wood anywhere that close to it. ISTR the minimum separation was something like 40cm.


    The stove on the Dog House probably only had something like 20cm at the most,possibly less.



  9. 2 minutes ago, Dr Bob said:

    ....hence why it is better having a hire base in Rugby or Warwick  -will be a lot cheaper in taxi fares. Taxi from Warwick parkway or Rugby to Napton is expensive. Done it many times.

    Not sure where OP is travelling from and how many in the party but with train and taxi fares to and fro shops,  it may be cheaper to go to enterprise.

    And cheaper than car hire, hence I pointed out the taxi option.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Phil Ambrose said:

    As the title,  what happened to Winn?


    I fear he got into a 'tangle with someone who shall remain nameless and the resulting altercation did not end well for him.


    I could be wrong though but I belive some posts of his were removed the other night.


    His profile has been visited by two moderators in the last 24 hours which is not always a positive sign.

  11. 2 hours ago, Dr Bob said:

    I've never hired a boat but would worry about the logistics of getting there by train if there are no shops close to the hire base. Black Prince at Wigrams turn are very good and know what they are doing but the nearest big shop is miles away and likely 2 days cruising away ( viz Tescos, Lidl in Leamington/ Warwick). Great if you have a car to stock up but tricky if not. Rugby has a big Tesco close to the canal so you can stock up when you get the boat. Similarly Kate boats near Warwick would be good for trains and near shops.

    Alternatively, think about hiring a car for the day you travel and get it picked up from the hire base. That way you can get all your provisions sorted before getting on the boat.

    That's what Taxi's are for.


    Taxi from station to shop, do shopping, taxi from shop to hire base.



  12. 1 minute ago, Greyladyx said:

    Because I left because of bullying because I change my emails to escape from bullying and I change my passwords to try and stay away because of bullying.


    After a while I forget who I was on here.


    Try taking 600mg if quitiapine at night.


    Have a serious think no offence.



    Ah right...........


    Just so you know though, disagreeing with you is not bullying you.


    Just Sayin.

  13. 5 minutes ago, Greyladyx said:

    Ere no that was my first ever membership of this forum and the reply you gave me was quite arrogant and offensive.


    I have always stated who I am to the forum at all times after getting upset by not only your posts but bullying from other members on here.


    I have just returned after a year stating who I am to the forum mods who know my circumstances more clearly than yourself.


    Now if you wish to proceed to bully or post towards passive aggressive post towards me then I sujjest you put your concerns to the forum instead of trying to manipulate me into a rebellious posting.


    You've already upset a friend of mine tonight.


    I sujjest you contact the forum for direction.


    Have a think about this Martin.


    I loose nothing by leaving but I think I can add to this forum in a relaxed jovial manner.


    I won't be rude because I think that's us what you seek. Nice try though.........


    Seen it so many times on here........

    So why didn't you just use Brassedoff when you logged back in?


    Genuine question.


    You asked me to explain it BTW so let's not get all hissy fit if I do.

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