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  1. Sounds good. Feel free, what ever floats your boat.
  2. How the hell would I get a caravan on a plane? The clue to our mode of travel was the reference to 'Portsmouth'
  3. Worry not Mr Sam. I am reliably informed the phone signal is flakey where we are headed and the site wi fi equally so. Should make for a tremendous 3 months.
  4. Doubt it, I'm on two points, three makes it permanent and besides they can instantly ban without points as some have found.
  5. Well you frequently call others for doing exactly what you do yourself, so glad you finally agree.
  6. Micheal, I still post on thunderboat, but I note you dare not venture there. More hypocrisy from you.
  7. Is it. I think you will find there is another meaning.
  8. Nice..... It's only twaddle if you have no idea about how it can work or if you have never actually done it I guess.
  9. Care to expand Michael? As I said I was actually doing it before 2011. Are you saying I am making it up or lying? The facts are that the potential for remote working, conference calling and internet networking haven't yet been fully exploited and expanded. We should be doing that.
  10. It's not twaddle. I was doing it years ago before I retired. Yes there are some things that need face to face or direct contact, like fixing a leaky tap. But lots of stuff can be done over the internet or via. a group conference call.
  11. It is cloughs as in Brian. And the term only refers to the ground paddles not the gate paddles afaik.
  12. Jan's grandad was an iron stone miner (we didn't mine coal around these parts) and he often talked about the pit pony's and how well cared for they were. Given the circumstances they were working in of course.
  13. The ship has been successfully refloated after being dragged off partly under it's own power and several Falmouth tugs (plus one from Fowey to give some additional grunt, in the words of HM coastguard)
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