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  1. No Forum

    That is my point. I don't visit 'many times a day' any more. I used to yes, but no longer do.
  2. No Forum

    Speak for yourself. I certainly no longer log on here 'multiple times in a day'.
  3. No Forum

    Who was complaining?? I was simply pointing out the problem with the forum was very easy to spot, it hit you full in the face as soon as you logged on.
  4. I wasn't expecting you to offer a comment, I was just making a general observation, but let's not pretend abuse doesn't happen. Like the guy I collared driving a PTS ambulance using his mobile phone and when challenged claimed he was allowed to because he was driving an emergency vehicle and besides it was 'empty anyway'. As I said, let's not pretend emergency workers are beyond reproach.
  5. Let's not pretend though that there are not officious knobs employed as emergency workers who won't abuse the privaledge afforded them by their vehicle livery or it's lights and sirens. I have seen police vehicles parked in blue badge spaces in our local supermarket by way of example.
  6. No Forum

    Spotting it? A blind man on a galloping horse couldn't have missed it.
  7. Rather nice canalsise property

    Looks a tad different to what it did when we passed it in Feb 2010.
  8. Boat Hire Legal Question

    If it's the company I think it is they just swapped us to a better boat at no extra cost. Though given the time of the year perhaps they didn't have another boat available.
  9. Boat Hire Legal Question

    I only know of one hire boat company on the Ashby who we found to be excellent. When we once hired from them around this time of year they swapped us to a better boat because there was a problem with the boat we had booked, at no cost to us. The op's reference to the Ashby implies it was a hire from the Ashby boat co., perhaps they could eliminate them from any speculation about the hire co. involved.
  10. Need a Pressure Washer - Not Karcher :(

    With my replacement I just dismantle it as much as I can, lance, connecting pipe etc. I remove all the water from the lance (that split apart too) by opening the trigger and draining that, and blow through the connecting pipe. With the unit itself I then give it a 5 second blast with everything disconnected and invert it return it to upright and then repeat, its a bit of a faff but seems to work so far.
  11. Need a Pressure Washer - Not Karcher :(

    They usually fail around this time of year because water has been left inside them and it freezes and splits plastic parts inside. If stored in a shed or garage during a cold spell this is a sure fire way of killing them. (Don't ask how I know this)
  12. overseas aid

  13. A narrowboat abandoned in France

    Intruiging, I would love to know the back story. Oh, names painted on cabin sides don't mean anything. Our boat had the previous owners names on it for the five years we owned it, and still does AFAIK.
  14. overseas aid

    Be advised that when Nick thinks he is right but unable to convince you that you are wrong he will resort to calling you thick. Not on here of course but trust me he has form
  15. Bilateral Worlds.

    Why has this thread seemingly gone a bit, well, strange? And a bit personal? Is there a joke coming? That some of us are not privy too perhaps?