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  1. MJG

    World Cup football.

    Yes Rog. I know France won. I didnt actually say otherwise. You can win a football game by not really actually deserving to win it. The team that deserved to win it is the one that as you managed to point out was the better team. The statement I made is clearly too complex for you.
  2. MJG

    Leaving the Boat in Skipton

  3. MJG

    World Cup football.

    Actually if you are going to be nitpicky about it Croatia actually scored 3, they actually scored one for France. The point being made was that they won completely against the run of play, possession percentage , and chances created. And without the help of a blind referee who gave one of the worst penalty decisions in world cup history France would have struggled.
  4. MJG

    World Cup football.

    Well done France (but you didn't deserve it!)
  5. MJG

    World Cup football.

    I think though that France are pretty ok with flying their flag at times other than football competitions, it's often seen in town squares or flown from the local town hall. For whatever reason we don't see England's flag flown in the same way out of the time of big football competitions. Unfortunately the cross of st George has been misappropriated by the far right of late so we see it less commonly day to day for fear of being associated with the likes of EDL if you fly it. I think it comes out at the times of the footy almost by way of a statement of not being associated with that, just supporting the team, so lots do it.
  6. MJG

    World Cup football.

    Just for the record they don't get paid for playing for their country. Well actually yes they do but it's an unwritten agreement that their fee is donated to a footballing related charity. The opportunity to represent their country is sufficient, and of course they don't really need the money.
  7. Did I mention I got my divorce absolute from Apple through some time ago? I always understood these apps. are quite clever and detect if you are trying to send video to a tv and disable themselves if you try to do it but shouldnt?
  8. MJG

    World Cup football.

    'Football coming home' is rooted in the (disputed) fact that football as it's known now originated in England. So for it to come home means if we had won 'it' was coming back to the country where it first started.
  9. MJG


    I wasn't aware that either was a prime objective of the president of the US. Bringing amusement and fun is the role of a clown..............oh hang on a sec.
  10. MJG


    Sadly, I believe you are correct.
  11. MJG

    World Cup football.

    Particularly so with the current England squad. Some of the back stories are very interesting
  12. MJG


    Boris Johnson would make a great PM, really? And this idiot is in charge of a nuclear arsenel.
  13. MJG

    World Cup football.

    Yes, we can now get back to listening to politicians fighting over Brexit, and reports of Trump insulting his allies and upsetting his enemies. Deep joy.
  14. MJG

    World Cup football.

    Heroes they indeed are not (if using the correct definition) but for those of us that took an interest and followed it (and will continue to do so to the final) it gave a welcome lift from the doom and gloom of the B word and a welcome distraction to give the media something else to report for a short while.
  15. MJG


    The reports I saw spoke about energy in total. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44794688 But even with the new pipeline, the use of gas in Germany will not increase by nearly enough to mean 60% to 70% of energy will be coming from Russia.

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