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  1. Very resourceful! Thanks! When my home shower was on the blink awaiting fixage, I had a daily swim & shower at my local gym before work. I was the picture of health as a consequence. Worth consideration I'm really ok with this. Locals may object. Do I need planning permission??!! May be my only option. So be it!
  2. Sounds like a plan! Thank you so much, Phil. I'll look into this Good to know. Does weeing in the canal during an unplanned swim count as illegal activity??!!!
  3. True. Relying solely on public loos could be difficult and restrictive. Just thinking out loud. I need to find out more about the availability and location of the sanitary stations mentioned by Neil and explore this as a option that I could try out. This would be an ideal solution, Bettie. I'll look into this to see if it is possible and if it would conform to BSC regulations. Thanks!
  4. Hi Again, Neil I had no knowledge about the CRT sanitary station showers that you mention. Are these widely available / chargeable? To be fair, I could convert my toilet into a shower as I do not use my loo. I use marina or public loos. The wardrobe has been knocked into the loo to provide a vanity unit which we never use = total waste of space. If I needed to convert my loo to a somewhat cramped shower area does anyone here have the skills to do so that could give me a rough estimate for a basic unit? This facility would enable me to continually cruise much quicker than I had anticipated. Thank you so much for your feedback, Neil. It may have totally changed my plans for the better
  5. Good thinking Batman (boilerman)! As it looks like we may be cruising in time for the spring (fingers crossed) I think continual cruising may be the best option in the spring and summer months. We can research a winter mooring while we are on the go. Just one question about that (I'm finding in this boating lark each solution tends to throw up a new quandry!) If you are continually cruising with no shower facilities on board what do you do for washing facilities? Apologies for what may seem a silly question. I'm new to all of these practicalities. I can live without most luxuries, but a good wash isn't one. Maybe I will need a leisure mooring as a back up?
  6. Thanks for your feedback, Carl. I tend to keep my curtains and long term / essential fixtures and fittings very neutral so that any colour scheme changes can be made with throws, colourful cushions, candles & flowers. Neutral / natural curtains will also allow natural light in and make my boat look more streamlined as patterns can detract from the space. I was looking at a cotton linen blend fabric. Your cotton curtains have done very well so I may go ahead with this fabric Hi Madcat (beautiful cat by the way. Is he/she yours?) I don't have any materials in the quantity needed to make curtains to fit out my boat so will have to start from scratch. Hi Catrin I was thinking of lining in 3 pass blackout fabric for the summer for this reason. I may end up making 2 sets. One for summer & one for winter with a non blackout thermal lining. I miss the lack of natural light in the winter when the days are short and like to let as much in as possible. If I have 2 sets this should lengthen the life of each set too. Thanks for your feedback
  7. Nottingham Castle Marina have got back to me. They only moor cruisers purchased through their brokerage. Back to the drawing board on the marina front!
  8. Hi All, What is the best fabric to use to make boat curtains? I have heard that natural fabrics are not durable enough to withstand any condensation. All feedback welcome. Thanks!
  9. Hi Wullie, I knew that I wanted to live on a boat when I first stayed on one in 2001. I have stayed on boats at intervals throughout the intervening years, mostly in winter for some reason, but that set me in good stead to know what to expect. I subscribed to boating magazines and got to know a few people who owned and lived on boats and picked their brains. I looked around boatyards and talked to brokers but ended up buying my first boat last year in a private sale. This forum is a mine of information and can speed the process up quite a bit. It all depends on your personal circumstances and when you are in a position personally & financially to take the jump. I decided firmly last April that it was the right time for me. By the beginning of May I was the owner of my first boat, which I love! You learn much more by actually owning your own boat than you ever can by reading up on things. The main things that I would advise before you buy your boat is: -Make a realistic budget for all expenses once you have your boat (including non boat things like house, car etc). It is a very exciting process buying your boat, but stressful in equal measures. You don't need the additional stress of financial pressures. -Try to put a bit aside for when things crop up as they inevitably do! -Secure a mooring first -Research your mooring and the surrounding area to check that suits your needs and comittments (eg transport links, leisure facilities, health care provision). -Get a survey and use the outcome of the survey as a bargaining tool. -Expect a period of adjustment that will throw up things you hadn't thought of and don't stress. I've found that boating brings out the resourcefulness in us all. -Most importantly, Enjoy! It is the best move I ever made. The quality of life I have now is much richer in so many ways. I love the freedom, being surrounded by nature and such a friendly community found on here. I wish you every happiness in taking the plunge Let us know how you get on. Catherine
  10. Hi Jelunga, Mercia has a waiting list (for cruisers) at present. The train service from Nottingham is much more direct for the cities that I need to access, so Castle Marina looks ideal for now. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Very much appreciated! All the best, Catherine
  11. This is a great site as it is A member map would be very useful. (Makes stalking so much easier)
  12. I'm a big fan of bartering. Did a specific thread / section get set up?
  13. Hi Again Bruce Thanks for the links. I'll take a look. I have some awareness that CC guidelines have not been enforced consistently in the past and residential moorings can be scarce / costly / located outside of the areas where cruisers are settled. This topic is bound to cause heated debate as it effects so many aspects of peoples lives. It is good to have a working knowledge of waterways legislation and social policy in general as well as experiences of those vulnerable to enforcement. It seems like a very unfair, heavy handed and unnecessary enforcement of law (from my little knowledge to date). Especially in view of the current economic climate and state of poor housing on dry land. In cases of potential eviction on 'dry land' social policy and legislation was often a good defense to overturn potential eviction eg. In the case of a family with children, the outcome of eviction would be costly to the mental health and well being of the children and adults and would be costly to the state in terms of short term emergency accommodation and permanent rehousing (and potential loss off employment in the case of CC'ers). This defense applies to the case of CC'ers. There is also and argument of continuous cruising being a cultural way of life and arguments could be made in favour of this point too. Fascinating topic. Not to mention complex. Thanks for the information, Bruce! Got it! Thank you.
  14. Your cunning plan worked, Mike! Joking aside, your offer was very much appreciated. I'll keep you posted on progress. In any case, you are always welcome and will be well fed & watered if you visit. Sincere thanks again!
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