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  1. 27-28"' below normal, same as yesterday, but hey it could be Ocean Lock, what do I know?
  2. We have dropped a foot in the last 24 hours.
  3. No, in fact the "repair" is failing and the CRT have lowered the levels on that stretch even more. We in Goole are isolated from the canal by the defective emergency stop gates. Taken from a Facebook Barge Group.
  4. Thorne side at Cowick, near the breach. Opposite bank.
  5. My link was to a Facebook group. It is a group of local Drone pilots. Anything of interest, if conforming to their rules and regulations in our area, they go and film with their drones. They don't do it for money. There are probably millions of interesting groups on Facebook. I for one am a great fan.
  6. Just a picture, not as good as the video on facey.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/groups/595174504436231/permalink/748013155819031/
  8. I have heard that they have returned to the breach today to continue the repair. The canal is still down. Goole is still isolated by the defective emergency stop gates and levels are still low. More pumps have been added to try and overcome the leakage and get the level up in Goole. The Docks are still out of action I believe until the emergency gates are open as they can't replace water lost through the tidal locks.
  9. Yes they can shut off the aqueduct.
  10. Emergency gates outside Goole.
  11. I would say we are down at least a foot at the moment. We have had issues with boats drifting under jetties in the past and when the levels come back up they're fast.
  12. The fields are flooded apperently
  13. There is a breach on the Aire & Calder Navigation near the New Bridge in the West Cowick area. Goole is now isolated by the emergency gates to safeguard the Docks. I don't know what the situation is in the Rawcliffe Bridge or Pollington Lock areas.
  14. Yes it seems to be, for now anyway.
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