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  1. Having read f1sav's post I didn't find it particularly anti-boater or even particularly finger pointing, so I'm not sure why he/she got some quite aggressive replies. I have seen things bumped into by boats, pleasure boaters not excepted, and I have seen some clueless boaters too. It's not a huge leap to think there could be such a thing as a clueless pleasure boater who bumps into things occasionally! Is there a back story here some of us are missing?
  2. Whilst I can't comment authoritatively on your questions, I had reason to draw a similar conclusion about laptop charging. I now only plug on my laptop when cruising and disconnect it at all other times. I use it as long as the batteries last and think twice before recharging it from my domestic bank, depending on state of charge and next setting sail.
  3. Congratulations! I hope everything works out well and you're very happy together!
  4. Interesting subject you've raised here Giant. Regarding charge though, the link from Bimble says 16v is for equalisation and 14.6 is recommended for normal charging.
  5. Interesting subject you've raised here Giant. Regarding charge though, the link from Bimble says 16v is for equalisation and 14.6 is recommended for normal charging.
  6. Seeing those great photos makes me feel like burning a load of diesel in a northerly direction just so I can buy some more from you for the journey back. Come to think of it, maybe I should!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Yeah, point taken - I should have written 'SOME' before magazines! Maybe 'the odd magazine' would have been better still, as it would have swept up the Land Rover thing too!
  9. I think magazines still provide a service in sparking interest or bringing ideas and services to the reader's attention. It's hard to Google anything you haven't already thought of!
  10. Have you thought about asking Wilsons themselves if they can reupholster it? I know they'll do that for dinette, etc.
  11. Snake oil? More seriously, there are a number of additives which aim to reduce the occurrence of diesel bug and various other things. I use Exocet, but Google them and you'll see many others and their claims.
  12. None taken Grumpy My point is a general one, if we look for the worst in people, we'll find it and it brings us down - so many threads here are like that. The reverse is also true though, and I prefer to view the canal as a really a happy place with just the odd curmudgeon or criminal. Eta missing word.
  13. Well I must say I hadn't realised quite how much I should be despising fishermen until this thread. I clearly need to review my attitude and stop getting on with most people I meet. I've had a quick look and the sh#t list appears to include: fishermen (obviously), anyone with a bicycle, all CRT employees, shiny boats, ramblers, moorers of any type, people in hats..... Oh dear, I've just realised how long it's going to take to type this list on a phone! Too much like hard work - I know it's lazy of me, but I'm just going to continue deluding myself that most folks are ok and it's only a small minority in every group that spoil things.
  14. Nice to hear! Adjustable spanner: a tool that fits a wide range of nuts and bolts equally badly.
  15. Do they do grease in HMP then? I though it was just porridge! Now now, Mr Barraclough, no need to mention the vaseline! Edited to remove auto correct of vaseline to valentine, although there may be a link I suppose.
  16. Sudden jolts? Surely not! Thanks for the info and the link Rob!
  17. Really? That's worth knowing!
  18. I think you could just as easily say men, as in humans in general. As in all walks of life, boaters and anglers - mostly nice folks, some not realising that they're doing anything to upset others, others not caring if they do. Once you get dragged in, which is so easy to do, it ruins your day. Smile, wave, move on and stay on the sunny side with the nice folks where it's a much nicer place to be.
  19. It is. It's also what you've paid handsomely for, so it's sad when a company doing something right stands out, but seeing good service highlighted might just encourage more of it.
  20. A good point Patty Ann, and nicely put too. The OP could well be feeling a bit of a silly Billy now someone's pointed out how easy it is.... when you know how. Move on.
  21. I think "conductible" needs to go into that other thread Dean!
  22. I agree that there are rules and advice and guidelines, but they're not universally understood hence the occasional conflicts. My point is that every angling club and boating guide should say the same thing and this is CRT territory. Angling clubs wouldn't be pegging matches in silly places and individual anglers wouldn't be under the impression that boaters were being vindictive in using lock landings where they were fishing if everyone had the same song sheet. The situation isn't helped if boaters and anglers have shouting matches about it, but it's seems to be an inevitability at the moment, so something isn't aligned properly.
  23. They're not "The" rules, they're WW rules. Other club's rules may be very similar, but not necessarily the same. I only raise this so that noone gets the impression that these are necessarily universally understood by all anglers. I agree they ought to be though in order to prevent misunderstanding, which is where I would offer CRT come in. If they believe they have engaged with all parties, they've not done so effectively or we wouldn't be debating this subject or arguing with anglers. Well, maybe not so often!
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  25. Oh heck! Yes! What we're you thinking of doing with it? We have a macerator (so nothing but easily macerated toilet tissue), but drop through is the same.
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