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  1. Be wary - my skin tank is closer to 30 litres. Overkill I think, but it is what it is. In your situation the first time around, I undid the top hose and used a Pela type pump, which worked but it was when I found out the hose and spigots were mismatched and the "seal" was a bodge by the reputable boatbuilder's "plumber". Took me ages to stop the repeated weeping leaks and I only sorted it properly when I eventually replaced all my hoses as preventative maintenance at 10 years and did a proper job. Antifreeze does have a corrosion inhibitor in it, but it's the degradation of this that means it needs changing, not the anti freeze properties. Trouble is, AF is also a bit nasty on paintwork, so I'd not be keen to drop it in the bilge. If you do get it in there, rinse and wet vac would be my course of action.
  2. I have Channelglaze windows. The only foam I have is external and is for the opening glass to sit on. I change mine every few years and it's a simple replacement of self adhesive closed cell foam strip. I'd guess the size at maybe 12mm X 3mm and it comes on rolls of several metres in length for not very much money. eBay is one source. Whether that is the same as you're looking for I'm not sure, but maybe it's of some help.
  3. However, in the case of Mastervolt, any faultfinding is severely hampered by an absence of information and outright denial of technical support (in my experience at least). Under those circumstances, a willy-nilly component change is perhaps not as willy-nilly an approach as it might otherwise be. My identical (defective) Mastervolt Combi unit is sitting in my garage at home awaiting inspiration or for me to get over the idea of simply throwing it away.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. My thoughts are that they don't do that. A friend was a big cheese at Vodaphone and he told me their customer satisfaction in the UK was one of their lowest in the world, but improving it wasn't financially viable as Brits mostly buy on low price.
  6. Well I for one won't be using the Anderton Lift again if that's how it works!
  7. A Nana engine sounds like it might run on tea and shortbread biscuits whilst crocheting wooly blankets. Perhaps it's the eco way ahead?
  8. Oh I agree entirely, hence my qualification: "The price ought to be very attractive to allow for the potential effects of such neglect to be mitigated". Those potential effects might not even occur, but it would be wise to have sufficient margin in the event that they do.
  9. Mine's the same as this. Each downlighter has a 1watt LED by Bedazzled - I'd suggest you wouldn't want a higher wattage lamp than that. I also have wall mounted reading spot lights in the saloon and bedroom, also 1 watt apiece which, again, is plenty.
  10. This would be my concern too. If the previous owner has neglected such an obvious requiremen, just what has he bothered with? The answer is very likely to be: "not a lot". The price ought to be very attractive to allow for the potential effects such neglect to be mitigated. If not, what steps should you take? Answer: "Bloomin' great big ones!"
  11. Can't help thinking it'd be easier to have 3" taken out of your shins. Of course, the waiting list might be an issue...
  12. I suspect there are quite a few brand new canalboat engine choices I'd prefer a well cared for 5000 hour Beta 43 to!
  13. We just used the NHS app and then went to a chemist local to where our boat was. Dead easy, and they did our flu jabs at the same time. If we still have a GP (who knows?) things might have been different if we'd been desperate enough to go through them, but we gave up being disappointed by their unavailability some time ago.
  14. Well, if you want to go all "real world" on us, I suppose you're correct, but where's the fun in imagining that instead of my version? ETA: That said, the scrote who visited the boat @ditchcrawler above refers to didn't, did he.
  15. And neither will a diesel thief before sucking on his syphon...
  16. Looking at this, I'm more pleased than I thought with my neat flat collar and slightly jaunty chimey angle!
  17. Also externally: swap the "diesel" and "pump out" labels...
  18. When I had a vat registered business, I found the vat man nothing but helpful. Having just helped someone who failed to register a property let with HMRC going back some 15 years (none of this "he can only go back 6 years" nonsense), I'd be more than inclined to talk to the tax man about any potential issues at the earliest indication that all may not be quite correct. Hoping that any sweepings under the carpet will stay there is a risky business.
  19. Is the above a recommendation or a diagnosis? Only it can't be "all ok" if your fuel will cause it to happen again and neither can having the fuel polished be just a recommendation if it's a necessity. I'd look more carefully into whether you actually have a fuel issue before spending good money on polishing what may potentially be perfectly good fuel.
  20. I may have lost my way in this thread. Are we trying to ascertain how to do this properly, i.e. safely and within BSS rules.... or something else?
  21. Sounds like stiffing the vat man any further is a no-no from the replies so far. Perhaps you should consider non-dom status, but you may need to be quick...
  22. Yeah, but.... Surely the extension lead, charger and croc clips can all go in the hedge for the duration of the inspection, along with the junk out of the gas locker, the generator and the petrol cans, etc?
  23. If I was the OP I'd be pretty impressed by the support here. I'm not, but I still am! This side of the forum is awesome and you lot are golden. Greenies all round!
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